Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Emptiness of Today's Left: No Principles and No Truth

 I still despise the right wing. Don't get me wrong here. The dividing line now is between the authoritarians and the anti-authoritarians. Which side are you on? You know it's scary to be on Facebook, seeing "friends" post things about how people like me should be denied medical care, a job [if I was someone that was able to work] and should not be allowed anywhere in public life. The vaxxes don't stop transmission and don't make anyone immune. I now know a third person diagnosed with Covid who was fully vaccinated. I'm not sure if this is a PCR cold case or not. However look at the totalitarian left now. Why should this be accepted? I wanted to share this writing off reddit by "Remarkable Winter7"

"This covid hysteria has exposed how malleable so-called progressive beliefs are, as if they were marketing slogans for companies that can be changed with new management.

"My body my choice", except when it comes to medical treatments that are promoted in the mass media marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

"Black lives matter", except when Black Americans are to face de facto segregation via vaccine mandates because of their distrust of vaccines due to being experimented upon historically.

"ACAB", except when a totalitarian surveillance system would be required to enforce mandates.

"Believe all women", except when women are reporting unexplained disruptions of their cycle after taking the vaccines. In this case, they are just hysterical women, which is the characterization progressives had criticized in the past when women's medical issues were downplayed.

"The revolution will not be televised", except when the media is promoting a consistent message for a year and a half, in that case, actually trust everything that is televised.

"Mental health awareness", except when you are socialized to see other human beings as disease vectors, and instead of promoting rich community ties that can benefit mental life, all interactions should be mediated via corporate technology

I can go on, but it is quite easy to see that either these beliefs were never core principles, or that they were always the window-dressing to a neoliberal outlook on life that uses 'woke' language in order to secure and expand to other markets. As I have mentioned before, this is either a reflection of the aspirations to class climbing when it counts, a principle-less political outlook, a tendency towards fear and neuroticism and peer pressure that is susceptible to mass media marketing."

Monday, August 16, 2021

Family Abolition: A New Concept

Someone on a message board recently introduced me to the concept known as


I never knew such a thing existed. So I went to look it up.

This article was interesting to me.

Family Abolition isn't about ending love and care but extending it to everyone

"The idea of family abolition may invoke visions of violent interventions into the loving and caring homes that some of us are lucky enough to have. Where its proponents are really coming from, however, is to argue for a society where mutual nurturance and support are not dependent on a genetic lottery. This is not merely about pointing out that a disconcerting number of homes are not actually safe places but hold acute threats of violence particularly to the women who live there. Instead, if we can learn anything from the experiences that Covid-19 has unleashed, it is that the linked ideologies of the home, the nuclear family and neoliberal individual responsibility are ill-equipped to provide the care that we are all dependent on."

Here is a college class on it:

What is Family Abolition?

"The abolition of the family has long been a demand of Marxist and socialist agitation. Marx and Engels called for family abolition in the Communist Manifesto (“this infamous proposal”); and French utopians had done the same, some decades earlier. Then as now, the foremost popular reaction to the proposal “abolish the family” is one of gut-deep, pre-conscious shock and horror. Even after that initial aversion has passed, sometimes the objection remains: but I love my family, I don’t want to abolish them! In fact, there is little in the history of family abolitionism to imply a ban on living with the people one loves. Rather, the demand, when it has been raised, has been for universal welfare; communal luxury; queer self-determination; a classless society; and transgenerational freedom from emotional scarcity and blackmail. But, what does the concept of family abolition itself mean? And, how does it figure within a larger logic of emancipation—from labor exploitation, racism, sexism, and sexual oppression?"

Six Steps to Abolish the Family

"The family is a lifeboat for those abandoned by capital, but fails and thwarts far too many. We need other ways to organize care and organize ourselves."

I don't have blanket support, there's definitely dangers that can come with societal experiments. I read too many books about broken up families in Maoist China and about Utopian cults gone bad like the Shakers who forbade sex, marriage and nuclear families. Other cults also changed family dynamics who had too many humans seize power anyway. How do you keep the malicious malignant narcissist in your cult, tribal pod, or commune from becoming "Big Daddy" or "Queen Mother?"  Children often faced the worse abuses too when traditional structures were dismantled. Some tribal societies definitely have ways to work around that of course. Those are some hard questions and concerns. 

The family set up definitely ostracizes many people in America society who don't have a family. Sadly so much of our society is set up to exclude those with no family. It seems they want people to have their social lives totally dependent on family now even more since Covid. Single people without families, must still be experiencing unprecedented loneliness. 

Those who believe in family abolition though do have many good positions that make sense, nuclear families are failing in society, the same closeness and more is not there. Family for many people has become an abusive memory or people they must wear a mask around or a competition club that adds plan and strife to their lives. Families in some ways are too small now, who is around extended relatives anymore even as a child, to serve the same purpose they once did. Tribes operated better then families but as modernity took over, tribes for most peoples went by the way side. Human beings are social creatures and families don't serve the same social needs anymore and in American society have grown more toxic. 

Questioning the Nuclear Family

Left Bringing Apartheid in America


Add in ableism too for all the immuno-compromised/people with severe disabilities and autoimmune disorders too who didn't want to put their health more at risk. The racism and classism is appalling. It's sad that the rich sold out professional class thinks every person out there owns a smart phone to show their compliance "score". African-Americans distrust government experiments for good reason. Think of Tuskegee. None of this makes any sense as the vs do not give immunity and does not stop transmission.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

My Comments on the Video: "MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL"

 Things are getting scary out there. This video warns about totalitarianism in general but you can see the applications to what is going on right now. The trauma programming on society as a whole is bearing horrific fruit. It's not easy to go on your own Facebook and watch friends write that people without the v should be rounded up, harmed, denied jobs, sent to camps or even beaten up. What can someone say to that? In real life, I am looking for allies who believe and question all this and those who don't, while I will be friendly to them, I have nothing in common with them. The Covid stuff is like a religious cult, "the heretics" are to be slated for destruction and burning at the stake. People simply aren't thinking rationally anymore. Why should we trust the people who let this virus be released [on purpose or accidentally] with the "solution" they have in store?

What am I to think as almost my entire UU church supports this stuff? UUs oddly prided themselves on being against totalitarianism and authoritarianism but there's a giant blind spot here.

Yes I worry about my future there, when I had 5 happy years there, I find myself distancing myself. Part of me thinks "Let it blow over and then you can go back to normal" but now will anything ever be normal again?  I try to be forgiving of people's errors and have empathy for people being afraid and working with whatever knowledge they have, but can you imagine being in a group, afraid to be who you are? Afraid to speak out? There's no authenticity there.

 I recently told someone, the fundamentalist world became a hell pit to me, but the liberal world is just as dogmatic just in a different way. I am one of those people probably slated for a hard life in following my own path and desiring to know what is true. Religion in general is often used as a control matrix for the powers that and sadly it can be every religion. 

 I see signs the ADE and weakened immune systems of the ones who did get the v are kicking in. I'm staying quiet. While I speak out for freedom where I can, safety concerns are real to me, and I regret telling 4  people who got the v, my present status, two had gotten side effects and I was trying to warn them. Two more were pushy and kept asking, and I gave in but then a non-answer would have been an answer too.

 One thing I am noticing is the news constantly contradicts, like they told people that the v would stop transmission and now are reporting it does not after millions signed up. Honestly what's the point if a vaccine won't stop transmission or infection? It's not a vaccine anyhow.  It's failing but no one is admitting the obvious.

They rewrote the definitions and even a few years earlier they would not have met basics standards. Think too about how when anything is new in the technology or medical world, it takes some years to work the kinks out, usually 5-10 years is the norm, and they expect everyone to line up sight unseen. The extreme bribery and pressure makes all of this suspect as hell. It's also proving itself to be ineffective. Add to that the confusion of "What are the real numbers?" when the PCR tests pick up every lousy cold and flu. I try to get to the real numbers, my local hospital only has 1 Covid person in ICU and there's 5 cases of hospitalized people. 

I believe the virus is real, but the social engineering, the propaganda, the low quality "vs", the contradictory "approved state news", confusion, fear, extreme financial pressures, break down of society and forced cutting of social connections has driven people to mental illness. I write about things here, but to survive, I have cut all mainstream news from my life-- the poison has been cast out of my life. I am compartmentalizing for survival, feeling driven to be someone who will speak out online but in real life, I am focusing on going to veggie stands, cooking, gardening, art projects and more. There's no groups I feel safe going to, from the v pressures, and my own worries about not wanting to wrongly be blamed if people get sick but there's part of the feeling I can't be me anyhow around them. I've lost friends simply from my hesitancy to rejoin society. I've stuck with Zoom groups for the few that still offer them or were to remain remote for the long term in the first place. 

 As society and supply chains collapse, vulnerable disabled people probably won't last very long, so let there be some enjoyable memories for whatever time is left. My social life is completely dead, though I've made efforts to meet local people who see through the nonsense, which has succeeded a little. People in general are disengaged, lonely, stressed out and depressed. It's weird to be a person who struggled with depression and anxiety though most of my life among mostly happy normal people to see everyone so much despair among the populace.

Things are setting up in a very scary way right now. Mass psychosis has taken over. In New York City now and Los Angeles they are banned un-v ed people from going into public spaces like restaurants and museums. In other countries like France, they are banning people from needed things like the grocery stores and hospitals. No one cares about medical exemptions, religious exemptions or any freedom anymore in America. I told my husband, if this happens to me locally maybe I could file a lawsuit under ADA because if I am not medically exempt then no one is but in the discussion, he said, "Would it even work?". Sadly the rule of law is breaking down, corruption has taken over. 

I believe the virus is real, but is a virus worth destroying our lives, our economy, and bringing things to the edge of collapse? And what of the long term problems with the vs? No one is thinking this out. I woke up watching blatant censorship online, of anyone who had adverse effects. Now I see people who I know in daily life, believing those with my viewpoints should be silenced, vilified and even destroyed. This is the pattern in history you see, it's happened before as the Mass Psychosis video illustrates. 

Things are going to get serious really quick. Read up on the numbers of who are on the edge of eviction. The labor shortage for low paid jobs, I think rests in the fact unemployment is still going but it's slated to end in a month. People are bowing out not wanting to risk being told they have to get the v, for their crappy low paid job without health insurance, or to be surrounded by the risks from the latest variants, or to get a job only to lose it, as yet another business fails. If you read up on the supply chains, those are essentially failing. 

Human rights for medical totalitarianism are being obliterated. Democracy is done in America. I warned for years on this blog even about the NDAA when they focused on "foreign terrorists" now the drive will be to focus on "domestic terrorists". I believe the day will come when they will criminalize speaking out against the Covid narrative at all. Even doing posts like this bring some risk. My life is such, that it occurs to me how it is unsafe to speak out. Other people who believe like me locally, we discuss our views only in privacy and we discuss how we have to be "careful" around people, when has this ever been true in America before? Many in those circles admit the virus is real too, though its hard to know the real numbers with the problems with PCR tests, and that some precautions are understandable. However this insanity is something else.  The mainstream "left" in America has abandoned every ideal they claimed to uphold. No one cares if you wear masks, or believe the virus is real, too, just like any cult, you must subscribe to everything.

Rulers and celebrities in America have been given a god-like status. The Dr. Fauci worship makes me want to puke, since when did a 80 something sociopath deserve such adulation? People post memes like the one I posted about the other day, bowing down before experts who have screwed up all our lives. 

One important sentence in this main video, is "The social transformation that unfolds in totalitarianism is built upon and sustained by delusions." I've written several times about the social engineering here, where "normal" is so far away as they dismantle the very foundations that sustain our lives on multiple levels as if every other illness has disappeared. Watching people hand their lives over and now even their children to the politicians and powers that be with nary a questions fills me with disgust but it's happened plenty of other times in history. We are on the edge of "mass suffering and social ruin" as the regressed and beaten down population hands their lives over to the billionaire class who profits and grows in power from all this.

One thing I have noted is how the "repressed population", won't talk about anything off the ranch, one is to remain positive at all times in the Covid cult, and not even dare to complain about what has been done to our lives. This is one main issue that may even separate me from my fellow UUs and others, there's no true discussions when they are controlled by totalitarian thought. Have there been times I've considered laying it all out? One wants to succeed when they "fight back" and one has to think of safety. What will work and what will make you just a target?

I've read enough books about WWII, about those who escaped and how they did so. I believe social ruin is coming, all the pieces are there. The economy is teetering on the edge. When I was in conspiracy I studied the warnings about planned depopulation and more, and to watch things unfold that I used to warn about in those circles, has brought me indescribable feelings, I have a hard time articulating.

One doesn't grow up with would be malignant narcissists and sociopaths without learning on the micro-cosm level how totalitarianism works, where everyone obeys and never questions. The ending of the exchange of free ideas, opinions, thoughts, concerns and the rest applied at home and now is the norm in America. It's interesting to me how gaslighting and double binds--[where contradictory information is shared for confusion] has been used for this whole mess. They want you confused, and scared. It is better to stand as a witness to the side analyzing it rather then getting caught up in the whirlwind. Fear is the eternal tool of the toxic as well as direct LYING. The people who believe the mainstream media think there's no way they ever could be lied to, and that's sad, such people are clueless about how the world works.

Menticide is an interesting word I never knew before, it sums this up too, a "killing of one's mind". For years, some academics warned about the use of propaganda in America, algorithims and more to control people's minds. Manipulation comes from both sides, the good cop/bad cop games, the Hegelian Dialectic games with the truth falling through the middle. The person on the right wing who believes it is all a hoax [there is some real virus out there causing problems] is manipulated as much as people on the left wing who think Fauci is their savior. They definitely worked on people especially since 9-11 and the war on terror.

Here is second sentence in the Mass Psychosis video that is very important: "Confusion, in other words, heightens the susceptibility of a descent into the delusions of totalitarianism, or as Meerloo explains: “Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot—it confuses those who think straight."

They are right that the propaganda where some news is "fake" and other problems did mess people's minds up. To approach all this logically, you do have to examine all things and be open to "new information", and know and admit that lies are a given. They are selling things to the masses but they are also using unease and confusion to keep it all humming. This is a way they can shut down any dissenters. They call the information given out by warning decent doctors and scientists misinformation. I was  told as I tried to warn people, that everything I said was fake. There was no breaking through to some of these people. The bible warned of great delusion in the last days, they will be handed over to delusion, I keep thinking about that verse. 

None of this would be possible without social media, I'm old enough to remember when there was more time to rest and reflect and when there was real conversation and more connection. Even stating this is a problem gets a strange reaction from people, they are totally enveloped into the internet world, the "matrix" being built for us, and no longer see reality, their very thoughts are influenced and manipulated. I obviously use technology but maintain a thought life outside of it, without that, maybe I would have been more easily sucked in. With this level of technology, even Goebbels could never have dreamed of this amount of control. 

The video goes on to talk about how normal social interactions are disrupted and people are made socially isolated. I've spent two years only seeing my husband for any real in person conversation outside of drop-offs by people wearing masks. That's taken a toll. With no word on the street to tell us reality beyond the controlled media, it's hard to even know what's going on. This serves our overlords to the max.

Prisoners and cult members were always put under silence and separated from each other so they could not converse. Remember freedom of assembly as a notable American freedom? Well Covid cancelled that one, for a long time in many heavy lock down states there were limits on the numbers of people who could even meet.  People are separated from each other. 

I wanted to warn others, and felt silenced in doing so, meeting on Zoom there was not one on one private conversation to bring up things to get people to think, they got swept away, the powerful and higher status people went with the status quo, and that's who people listened to.  If anything the people who see through this have been silenced and isolated in a way never seen before. Isolation allows for more conditioning. 

People then demand order and want those who don't conform punished and then line up to give more power to the ruling elite. The powers that be pile up the cash and demand even your own body and children's bodies be handed to an experiment now showing evidence of being ineffective and dangerous, and people follow. They want things to be returned to normal not realizing the carrot on the stick will now be swiped away and they will be asked for a 3rd, 4th and 5th boosters. Some shrug their shoulders saying it's no big deal that concerts and conferences are barred from their attendance, not realizing we have entered Revelation 13 territory where even the very obtainment of food will be in danger. Jobs are taken away all over for non-compliance. 

I agree with the video we have to free our own minds, and live in a way separate from all this as possible. I am asking myself how do I still find a life among the barrage that can have some joy, pleasure and truth in it. Spreading information that tells the truth and tries to break through some of the lies is important as well. I like the message about using ridicule and humor too. The mention of parallel societies and structures is also of interest to me. We may now be in the days where anything formal is compromised, and need our own social and other outreaches. I often have said we are far overdue for a new counter culture that will provide other ways of life and being as an option aside from a controlling and toxic society. We need to speak out against tyranny.

Monday, August 2, 2021

"Trust the Experts"~! I don't think so! A Horrible Meme

One of the many Covid disciples on my Facebook posted this. I almost wrote a response and thought let it go, they are indoctrinated, you are wasting your time. My husband advised me to lay low for safety's sake. Even my limited history minor, tells me that people who think like this helped the worse atrocities happen. 

So I decided to write about it here instead. What kind of people trust the "experts"? There is class divide between the obedient affluent types and lower income people being more questioning about what is going on. For all the virtue signaling with BLM,  many African Americans don't trust the government and their experiments and neo-liberals don't care to listen to their warnings.

One guy on a message board pointed out to me, that George Orwell wrote in 1984, it was "the proles" who were the last hope in ending tyranny.  The working class and lower via our own experiences, know the system does not care about us and does not have our best interests at heart. We have already been victims of it. Do you think the Covid v, is the first time anyone has wanted to experiment on me? This one quack wanted to put me on speed and a drug that was a black box drug later taken off the market, I refused. 

So what kind of person "trusts" the experts? Someone with privilege who never has dealt with a crooked auto mechanic, going without or having a doctor "get it wrong" during the course of their life? They have money to fix their problems and they get them fixed. Money smooths many avenues. 

 As people here know and I wrote about this, an entire team of doctors in 1990 at an Advanced Center for Medicine, got everything wrong, fat bigotry blinded them and yes I could have lost my life in 4 Lipedema related bouts of sepsis and other conditions. Why would I trust the experts? If I did, I would be dead at least 4-5 times already. Should a woman who had misdiagnosis impact her life for over 30 years, trust the experts blindly?

These types say be a good citizen, keep your mouth shut and do what you are told. Everyone from abusive families know how that goes. Is China's social credit system already applicable ijn the USA now where the good citizens who trust the experts, are to receive more benefits in life?

The proper "middle class" and above are the people in Germany who ignored the dangers of Hitler and those funny smells coming out of the smokestacks on the edge of town. Those are the people who never questioned authority. Medical experimentation in Nuremburg supposedly was outlawed. If the "v" was a traditional v that worked and didn't threaten clots, brain thrombi, and other endless side effects, do you think I'd have a problem with it? All the good vaccines took 5-10 years to finish. They didn't shut down and destroy society for polio and it definitely had bad effects, didn't it? Is that because it affected kids and not a bunch of selfish rich old farts who want to burn down the world as they exit this mortal coil?

I'm creeped out by the people who "don't want to question the experts". Dr Mengele in session and they'd be clicking their boots quick. None of them give a damn that if I signed up, it's 50/50 percent death day from the risk of anaphylaxis alone. There's nothing in common with me when it comes to people who don't question the status quo. Hiding my inner feelings of utter disgust is getting harder and harder. I want to live in peace with people but trust me I am noticing who would call the v police to drag me to the Fema camp first. 

 These are the type of people who line up for the v, see some guy fall to the ground in convulsions and still don't step out of line. Obedience is their great virtue and social status their leading light. Some ask how did the Germans and multitude of others turn their backs on goodness and truth and descend to such evil? It's easy to see. Trust the experts indeed.

Notice here the use of the epitaph--"average citizen"--which basically equates to, "Don't think too much loser." In the Hunger Games society, status is all that counts, and status is attained via conformity and submission. Notice too, the line "discredited doctors", who ever wrote this garbage ignored the contradiction there where they cherry pick the "experts" according to those who are system submissive.

 This is how they wiped away the warning voices of scientists and doctors like Hoffe and Yeadon. If you want to see the utter destruction of science, here you go, where no dissent is allowed, and science dies. The "corporate" controlled owned pseudo science, will not lead to any progress but only regression. Their main motive was profit. Were there any studies about the vaccines that weren't run by the pharmaceuticals themselves? Think about that one.  Many warned variants or health problems from the vs themselves and a new lock-down would come this fall. 

Some years ago, I posted an article by someone who talked about the decline in higher ed. They talked about how academia had become a corporate funded echo chamber of those who were born to rich families, being passed along with certificates and diplomas and via their connections. This was not due to creative or actual critical thinking or achievement. It worried me years ago, how in academia certain voices were ignored and villified. We see this in the "liberal" world today, where to dissent is to become a non-person and labeled with every insult in the book. When a society shuts down freedom of speech and enters the arena of "cancel culture", basically shutting up anyone they don't like, something has been lost. What has this done to the professional world? Are we seeing the results today?

Are there scientists and doctors who are decent and want to help people, sure, but look what is happening out there.  Also know that many who have tried to warn about the vs, have lost their jobs or their positions or faced other censure. Regular Doctor Joes, are probably being scared for their jobs if they open their mouths too much. You wonder why there are so many nurses who don't want the v who got fired from hospitals? They have seen it's effects. 

I depend on experts all the time. There's a guy or gal keeping the electric power running here, I have no idea how to do it. My medical problems have moved into complexity beyond some of my knowledge, I never heard of red blood cells getting too small, and couldn't even tell you what too much calcium in the blood means though I know a few causes of it. The best doctors educate me and tell me what is going on and we work then together. Some may be shocked at this but I am "patient compliant" and take all my meds and never miss a treatment. because I want to stay alive.

I have depended on doctors before to "know" things. They knew of drugs I didn't know about several times. They had other suggestions. I can't fix an alternator on a car, or install a HVAC system, or do brain surgery. That said.....

What am I to think of these people who never question authority? Has their privilege and lives by the script blinded them to the tragedies and horrors of history? They expect everything to "work out". Even if the vs were totally safe, why don't they care about how all our lives are impacted, or how the social engineering has affected lives. The eviction moratoriums end very soon if not this week, and unemployment ends in September for most states. How do you think that's going to work out when the 6 million or so are faced with evictions?

All we have to do is look around, to know the experts have totally screwed up. They have pressed on the gas pedal at high speed to send the world over the cliff. Have the epidemiologists done a good job? What's the last almost two years looked like? What if the experts have gone mad, like the ones who want to give children who have little to no risk from Covid a v that will give them things like heart inflammation and life long health problems?

The smartest people admit they do not know everything and there is much to learn but when one knows of the profit motive in many areas of life, and other corruptions that have entered in, it gives a different picture.  Real science allows dissent, and testing of ideas. This isn't science running the show but something else. People like me, do ask, "What if we are wrong?" all the time. I and husband got into a discussion, "What if we are wrong?"  We are open to examining all new information. By the way, I hope I am wrong about the worse expectations when it comes to the vs.

I believe in examining the "other side" on every issue and with this one, there's far too many lies, and too much gaslighting. As Judge Judy used to say, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

Don't trust anyone who tells you to trust the experts. They already shut their brain off long ago! Listen to experts, but don't shut your brain off. Some experts are decent and have real warnings. Some experts, well if they contradict themselves or make no sense or appear to be compromised, take another look. Society is going to a very scary place, when people are basically being told too much thinking and questioning are bad things. 

Covinfo Data Dump: Study and Research For Yourself.

I got this list off a message I did not put it together, but it's worthwhile to read and study these links to think about what is going on.

Covinfo Data Dump:-

The following is a collection of useful/interesting data on the the Covid19 vaccines and potential alternative treatments:

Academic Articles:

Research results of past vaccines for sars-cov1 that used the spike protein:-

Journal article from 2004 on autoimmune disorders from Sars-cov1 vaccine that also focused on the spike protein:

Journal article from 2005 on autoimmune disorders from Sars-cov1 vaccine that also focused on the spike protein:

Journal article from 2012 on autoimmune disorders from Sars-cov1 vaccine that also focused on the spike protein:

Journal article from 2020 on autoimmune disorders from Sars-cov vaccine (can't figure out if they're talking about cov1 or 2):

Journal article from 2020 explains why immune disorders happen with covid vax, because human and Covid19 proteins are similar:

Antibody Dependent Enhancement:-

Journal article from 2005 shows evidence that sars-cov1 vaccine, that also focused on the spike protein, caused ADE when subjects were challenged with different strain:

Article explaining how ADE works in Sar-cov1:

Article explaining the potential for ADE in Covid19:

Another article that speculates on the potential for ADE in Covid19:

Article from 2021 explains that there is evidence that covid19 is able to kill macrophages by using antibody dependent mechanisms:

Studies about the spike protein:-

How the virus uses the spike protein to enter human cells:

Article on how the Covid19 spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier:

Japanese article on how the Pfizer vax is associated with brain hemorrhaging (lending credence to the hypothesis that the spike proteins are crossing the blood brain barrier in some people):

Article on how AstraZeneca is associated with blood clots in the brain (lending more credence to the hypothesis that the spike proteins are crossing the blood brain barrier in some people):

Article with evidence that spike proteins do end up circulating in the blood, when they're not supposed to, they're supposed to be anchored on the cell membranes:

More evidence that spike proteins do not stay on the cell membranes but end up circulating in the blood. This study aims to explain the blood clots caused by the J&J and AstraZeneca adenovector vaccines, they claim that the DNA isn't properly spliced and the spike protiens end up in the blood causing thrombosis when the spikes attach to the ACE2 receptors of the endothelial cells:

Article on how the spike protein can cause neurodegeneration:

Journal article with evidence that the spike protein by itself can damage cells by binding to ACE2, causing the cells mitochondria to lose their shape and break apart:

Article on how the spike protein in vaccines can cause cell damage:

Biodistribution data:-

Pfizer animal testing document that was obtained by Dr. Byram Bridle through a FOI request to the Japanese government which shows the biodistribution of the lipid-nano particles throughout the bodies and organs of the test subjects. This is evidence that the lipid nanoparticles do not stay in the injecton site, but instead travel all throughout the body (go to pg 16/23 for the charts showing biodistribution over the course of 48hrs):

Addendum to the above link. This blog post provides easy to understand information (with pictures) on the make-up of the lipid nanoparticles used in the Covid19 vaccines. It shows that the pharmaceutical companies could have designed them to have targeting ligands on the outside, so that the nanoparticles would only transfect the muscle cells. But instead the vax was designed with PEG polymers on the outside, so that the immune system will not be able to pick them up and put them in the trash. The PEG is what Byram Bridle says is the reason the vaccine travels throughout the body and since it does not have targeting ligands, it can transfect any type of cell:

Vaccine Enhanced Immune Escape:-

Evidence of cov2 immune escape:

Article from 2015 that explains how imperfect vaccination (like the Pfizer and moderna that require at least two shots to be effective) can create immune escape variants:

Article from 2021 explains that unless vaccination is done quickly, there will be a high probability of escape mutants:

Studies on covid recovered:-

No benefit from vaccination of previously infected individuals:

Covid19 infection produces long lasting immunity:

Second article that covid19 infection produces life long immunity:

More evidence that covid19 infection produces long term immunity:

Vaccine efficacy:-

Article explains how vaccine manufacturers have used relative risk reduction to determine that vaccine efficacy is ~90+%, however they should have used absolute risk reduction which would tell us that the vaccines will only reduce total covid cases by ~1%:

Article from 2005 explains that antibodies to the S-protein and the M-protein are effective in neutralizing the sars-cov1 virus. However, the sars-cov2 vaccines only target the S-protein. This evidence that the vaccine manufacturers could have chosen to make a superior mrna vax that produced two types of antibodies, but chose to focus narrowly on just the S-protein:

Antibodies from vaccines start to drop within 6 months, get ready for endless boosters:


Meta-analysis on the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid19:

Ivermectin stops replication of covid:

Ivermectin has anti-viral properties:

Ivermectin has anti-viral properties against covid:

Evidence that Ivermectin can be effective as a prophylaxis, Mexican frontline healthcare workers were given Ivermectin as a preventative and zero got sick with covid, whereas 58.2% of the control group who did not take Ivermectin got covid:

Ivermectin safe to give 12mg per day for 5 days:

Ivermectin safely administered 60mg per day for 6 months:


Fluvoxamine helps in covid treatment:

Covid leads to long term inflammation, useful for long haul Covid19 treatment:

Fluvoxamine has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat covid:

Fluvoxamine targets sigma-1 to stop covid replication:


Analysis on the VAERS death data shows that in 86% of reports the vaccine cannot be ruled out as a causal factor in the death of the patient:

Addendum to the above link. OpenVAERS is a site that allows you to easily read VAERS reports and breaks down the numbers. The reports seem to be a lot of people who have comorbidities or are old, but there are also some really eye opening cases where young people experience horrible side effects. Read for yourself and make up your own mind about what the vax is doing to your fellow Americans:


Bret Weinstein with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche on potential for immune escape variants: Or https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/rmUPOVWuL86w/

Geert Vanden Bossche has a series of videos where he lays out in great detail the evolutionary argument for why vaccination during a pandemic will lead to highly contagious escape mutants:

Censored video with the inventor of MRNA vaccine technology Robert Malone (split into 3 parts, unfortunately it can only be found on bit shoot due to youtube censorship): Part 1: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/xkEElw1YYC3X/ Part 2: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/a31keVJOeBO6/ Part 3: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/8VVc9X38H4ey/

Bret Weinstein with Dr. Kory on Ivermectin (unfortunately it can only be found on bit shoot due to youtube censorship): https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/qHjNQIynVb5O/

Benjamin Boyce and guest Alexandros Marinos talk about trying to falsify the claims in Bret Weinstein's podcasts:

Interview with Byram Bridle on censorship of his discovery that the vax travels throughout the body:

Dr. Byram Bridle continues to speak out on censorship:

Canadian doctors speaking out about censorship: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/NGTmdKRmNM2O/

Canadian Dr. Francis Christian speaks out about getting fired for asking for informed consent before vaccinating children:

Inventor of MRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone talking about the lack of data surrounding the vaccines and how he's being scrubbed from history on things like Wikipedia now that he's come out against using mrna vax:

Addendum to above video on Dr. Malone being scrubbed from history. See this page for the words removed from the Wikipedia page of MRNA vaccines in red and the words added in green:

Dr. Malone talks about evidence of ADE from vaccination: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/5SNQdy2Pu7rb/

Joe rogan podcast with Dr. Kory and Dr. Weinstein on Ivermectin censorship:

Vax trial participants speak out about their adverse reactions being ignored:

Jimmy Dore, liberal comedian, speaks out about his vaccine side effects:

Eric Clapton, musician, speaks about his vaccine side effects:

Dr. Charles Hoffe speaks about potential damage from covid vaccines and his experience treating moderna patients: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/TOWKArSb6b0M/

Dr. McCullough issues warning on vaccine safety: https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/XcORGIZgSV2O/

Interview with Dr. McCullough on how the illogical government response makes him believe they wanted to make things worse so they could use the situation to push vaccines to acquire more power and control (honestly the video makes him sound like a bit of a nut, but the world has gone so nutty in the past few years that maybe the one-eyed man is king and the guy is extremely well credentialed and he makes sense, so I think the video is worth a listen): https://www.bit youknowwhat dot com/video/dJDl0QUDbiLA/

Peter mccullough speaks about the vaccines:

Another interview with Dr. Mccullough:

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi on Covid19 immunity:

Jim Jordan breaks down Fauci's emails indicating that Fauci knew the virus was engineered to have gain of function in the wuhan lab and covered it up:

Experts testify that the virus was clearly engineered in the lab:

Addendum to the above link. Rare genome sequencing almost certainly proves Covid WAS deliberately made in a Chinese lab before it leaked to the world:

History repeats itself, this video covers the failures of the 1976 swine flu vaccine:

Non-Academic Articles:

Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance:-

FLCCC Alliance I-MASK+ Protocol for Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19:

FLCCC Alliance I-MASS Protocol for Prevention & At Home Treatment Mass Distribution for COVID-19:

FLCCC Alliance MATH+ Protocol for Hospital Treatment for COVID-19, for use by professionals:

FLCCC Alliance iRecover Protocol for treatment of Long Haul Covid-19:

FLCCC Alliance list of Ivermectin friendly physicians:

Legal information:-

Know your rights, you have a Right to Try off-label or experimental medications (remind them if your doctor is reluctant to prescribe you Ivermectin or Fluvoxamine):

Know the law, the compromised U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that employers CAN require vaccination as a condition of employment (this ruling will have to be challenged in a court of law, so do not approach your employer with the false attitude of having the higher legal ground, they will likely dismiss you since the EEOC is backing tyranny):

Know the law, the compromised Department of Justice has said that vaccine mandates are legal:

Legal information about vaccine exemption status state by state (know your rights in your state before you approach an employer):

Can't sue vaccine producers:

Even the blood sucking lawyers are saying they won't take your case if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers for a vaccine injury, they're completely protected:

PCR test:-

It seems that the PCR test that we've all been using cannot discriminate between a covid infection and a flu infection. It has therefore had its EUA revoked by the CDC:

History/news about mrna vaccine manufacturers:-

Pfizer are criminals who plead guilty to misinforming the public about side effects to their drugs and bribing doctors. They paid 2.3 billion in fines:

“In the Army I was expected to protect people at all costs,” Kopchinski said in a statement. “At Pfizer I was expected to increase profits at all costs, even when sales meant endangering lives.”:

Nigeria sues Pfizer for $7bn over 'illegal' tests on children:

US Supreme Court rejects Pfizer Nigeria lawsuit appeal:

Pfizer in $486 million settlement of Celebrex, Bextra litigation:

Pfizer settles foreign bribery case with U.S. government:

J&J are criminals who knew for decades that they had asbestos in their baby powder, but did nothing. Had to pay 4.69 billion in fines:

And of course, J&J is trying to use shady tactics to avoid paying those fines for their baby powder:

Moderna has never been able to get a drug or vaccine approved by the FDA, they were chosen by Trump because the CEO said they could get their experimental gene therapy vaccine made in the fastest time, no animal trials were done:

Moderna executives sold tens of millions of dollars in stock in Sept, a couple months before deploying the vax to the public. Why would they sell off right before their big success? Did they know the product was garbage?:

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel explains that they designed the vaccine in just two days:

Pfizer makes billions in revenue and profit:

Pfizer makes even more money because of boosters:

Vax companies making billions:


One third of new FDA approved meds had safety problems, the system is broken:

A second source confirming that one third of new FDA approved meds had safety problems:

Rushed vaccines have consequences:-

Learn from the past the Thalidomide tragedy occured because doctors pushed an unsafe drug:

Even CNN agrees the rushed vaccine is a stupid idea (but only while Trump was president):

Vaccinated individuals can still get and spread the virus:-

Fauci himself stated that the goal of the vaccines was never to prevent transmission but to reduce symptoms:

CDC finally admit that vaxxed people are still shedding high levels of virus when they get infected and therefore must wear masks again:

Vaxxed people are spreading the delta variant:

Higher COVID Rate Found In Counties With Higher Vaccination Rate:

Double vaxxed politicians getting and spreading covid:

Piers Morgan gets covid after double jab:

Iceland covid data shows majority of covid cases are fully vaccinated:

In the UK, the Health Minister stated that 60% of the people admitted to the hospital for Covid19 are double vaxxed, after some concerns were raised, the Health Minister later corrected himself to say it is 40% instead:

Thousands of vaccine failures in Massachusetts:

CDC admits that 74% of positive cases in Barnstable County Massachusetts were fully vaxxed:

Vaccine failures resulting in hundreds of hospitalizations in Illinois, who knows how many thousands of vaccine failures were required to reach this many hospitalizations in Illinois:

CDC started pursuing asymmetric reporting of covid cases in may 2021, they will not investigate mild cases of covid in vaccinated individuals. This creates the narrative that this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed:

CDC warns COVID-19 may be a few mutations away from evading vaccines:

Hope for freedom:-

There is hope for freedom yet, New Hampshire governor signs bill that makes it illegal to mandate vaccines for access to public services:

South Carolina won't let the CDC force masks on children: South Carolina says its schools can't follow CDC mask advice