Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seeing Through the Obesity Lies

I know people may find it harder to understand a woman that automatically can't be pidgeon holed into the right and left paradigms they now bombard us with from the boob tube. Surely the long term readers of this blog, have figured out I am neither a Republican nor Democrat nor do I fit I suppose what is the *average" way of thinking out there. Why would I think like an average person? I am not an average person by no means, even with the weight gain, I became instantly a misfit  not by choice, I would find acceptance in some circles, but that is not a life experience that leads one to shut off their brain.  Once someone is thrown outside the box, you get to look in it, and notice what is screwed up big picture wise!

I have questioned for at least a couple years, what we are being told about obesity. It seems while there are some researchers like Lustig and others trying to get the truth out there about obesity where they are telling the truth about it NOT being a failure of will-power and how the very basics of our food and life have been changed over the last thirty years to create a toxic environment, it is so hard to get the crowbar out and wrench people away from the false automatic viewpoints that lead them to ignore what HAS changed.

Even in the fat world, we got the two sides just like we have the two fake parties advancing globalism and the dismantling of the America economy when it comes to obesity we have "the good cop" side of extreme "size acceptance"--"learn to love your fat, accept your new fat reality and be happy about it" vs. the "bad cop" Diet industrial complex: "You obese people are lazy sloths and gluttons and responsible for your horrible bodies gone amuck!".

Yes, I do feel like the lone voice out there though there are some supporters and those who think the way I do, our point of view isn't getting the dominant air play. I guess well because there's no one to profit from it. And while there are some sincere researchers who make an occasional appearance who want to get to the root of the obesity problem and actually HELP people, I dare say there are many who will NEVER ALLOW this to happen. Some can cry 'conspiracy theory", but I always found that the most silliest of terms, as if conspiracies are not exposed nightly on our news, where corruption and greed rule?

What is there for someone like me to gain from either side?

NOTHING but my own demise and as I have stated NO TRUTH.

I was even thinking about the whole W.H.O. obesity thing and the way they use the obesity epidemic for other agendas and while I believe obesity rates are increasing, why do people keep turning to more answers that do not work? What do they plan to do with us fat people? I dare say things will get tougher as the indoctrinated types scream about those who do not share "their resources" properly. [see comments on this article ] Fat people will be seen as the new "anti-greens". Images of Animal Farm coupled with scenes of 1984 and LOL one commenter's phrase "Ration Czar" go streaming through my head.

I hate fat shaming as much as anyone, but then I read Marilyn Wann's response to the Weight of the Nation video, which went along side the HAES response and thought to myself -- Unbelieveable!:

"Weight of the Nation Serves Up More Fat Shame"

I attended the first, government-sponsored Weight of the Nation conference in 2009. I didn't pay or anything self-defeating like that. I just walked in (with a brave friend or two) and delivered plastic-wrapped fortune cookies to the fancy luncheon tables where major stakeholders were about to chew on the alleged "obesity" problem. If the professional food scolds took a cookie, they got messages like these:
The war on "obesity" is a war on PEOPLE!
The No. 1 threat to fat people? Your unexamined prejudice.
What's the word for science that serves bigotry? Hint: It starts with "you."
If you can't imagine fat people being healthy...that's YOUR pathology!
Tell people to lose weight if you want to endanger public health AND civil rights!
How many fat people must you starve, poison, slice up? Celebrate weight diversity now! 

As this world goes more nuts, I look at the two sides of the obesity world and think they have all lost their minds. We got the people committed to repeating previous failure over and over and then we got the Fat doesn't affect health size acceptance nuts.  I am dying from obesity, but supposedly a "war" on the adipose tissue is a war on PEOPLE. Funny that. I find it ironic how Wann brings up Orwellian anything as she states in her article

One thing about Orwell's world, is in 1984, the Ministry of Truth dealt with anything but, it was an agency to produce lies. Orwell himself, reworked the "newspeak" for the sake of Big Brother. I personally am a fan of Orwell having even read his books Down and Out in Paris and London and Shooting an Elephant. So what do I think when I see the above? Like Marilyn Wann is the obesity "minister of truth-1984 style? After all my truth isn't allowed in her worldview. Weight does affect health and anyone who claims otherwise is simply being absurd.Not all of those who want to help fat people HATE THEM.

As for things like Weight of the Nation, do not think I defend those who push the same diet industrial corporate answers that haven't worked for 40 years.

But when Marilyn Wann, asks these questions, I guess I'd take a crack at them myself...

This list doesn't include the plentiful state and local efforts to eradicate fat people. Clearly, for at least the past 60 years, fat people have not been welcome in America.

I always hate language that is manipulative.

"Eradicate fat people"?....that is a bit of hyperbole. This is how Marilyn Wann advances her agenda,  to defend the FAT rather then the people themselves. Because even if people lost weight and there was a non-maiming actual obesity cure or help that worked without harm, fat people would not be eradicated, they would still be here, but just smaller. Sheesh.

Officially. The weight blame goes either to fat people personally, to the environment, or both. Either way, two-thirds of us (and at least a fifth of our children) aren't welcome here. Though unwelcome, we're sure useful as easy targets.

Hmm Marilyn Wann makes a nod to the environment. Know that she is talking about the latest discussion and research related to the Obesogenic "environment". Discussed multiple times on this blog and in those articles about the latest obesity research. Guess that one surprised me.  Well it would seem that the newer research about the toxins in our food and world and how these things have come to work together to upset the metabolic system, that Marilyn Wann would actually be able with some logic to say "I care about fat people and want them the healthiest they can be, and if people are having their metabolisms altered by adulterated food, and toxins in the environment that is something that should be stopped". I guess I am a dreamer aren't I?  These community activist rabble rouster types do seem to lose sight of what should be their focus.
When the initial frenzy of Weight of the Nation has calmed down -- after everyone has enjoyed this round of hating fat people and there's been a healthy boost to budgets, profits, viewership, and ad revenue -- I predict we'll hit the same wall that every dieter encounters: the return to reality.
I suggest that reality is not so bad. To keep a grip, ask yourself:
Would you question the motives behind any other national PR campaign designed "for your own good" by major media, corporations, and the government?
1. I guestion the motives of PR campaigns in general. I know the diet industry wants their profits, but then I question the motives of the OTHER SIDE. Why do some seem so focused on honoring FAT itself so much above the people who are carrying it around? And that is supposed to be  the spokeswomen FOR fat people?

 I actually wonder where did Marilyn Wann COME FROM? Why did she garnish so much attention with a simplistic unchanging message? I know she went to Stanford but little else. I read her zine Fat?So! in the 90s and it seemed to be an independent enterprise, but why do so many of her thoughts seem to fit so drastically to a rigid ideological line? Why has she not grown since the 1990s and keeps repeating the same lines over and over, even ones that have been disproven?

I am the type of person who does even examine myself as to my own views. I think applying new information to your viewpoints is imperative to being a well-informed person, so how does Marilyn Wann just wipe away all the new studies about the "environment" and says "Not important"? Doesn't she realizes that such a view SERVES the very corporations she questions? After all there isn't going to anyone asking about any endocrine disrupters now is there? How about being able to purchase food at cheaper prices that isn't laden with extreme amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup? How about letting people demand better products? A populace that woke up about what they were buying food wise would be a healthier group of people.

if it were any topic other than weight (where you might feel vulnerable), would you be so quick to believe the numbers they cite to justify a "War on [Whatever]"? (Most egregious exaggerations: "Fat people cost 'us' billions!" "Everyone's going to be really fat!" "Our children won't live as long!")

2. One just has to look around and know that obesity rates growing. In the 1980s, finding a size 22 anything was rare, I remember, because I hit that size in high school!  There are so many people above that size now, it's not funny.  I see children who are far fatter then I was even at their age. There is usually one or two people who reach my size even now when I go out in public I come across and viewing others my size in the 1990s was far rarer but now more common. How does Marilyn Wann except me to believe that America is becoming THINNER? Are we to suspend belief even when it comes to OUR OWN EYES?

Would you rather trust your own judgment about what's good for you or get swept along by the latest fruitless panic?

3. Yes, I would rather trust my own judgment when it comes to either false side, I refuse to be joined with the fat haters and refuse to join the other "refuse to deal with reality" side. As for "panic", people know for a fact that obesity can HURT them. I am not talking mild midsized stable weights but when one gets to my size or even the 300s and 400s, there is a price to be paid. As for the obesity epidemic, their looking to the past solutions, that have failed thus far is a waste of everyone's time. Why is Marilyn Wann so busy shoving this under the carpet, basically saying, "nothing to see here"? She is crazy if she thinks anyone outside of her unthinking size acceptance fans are going to buy the obesity hasn't increased line. All people have to do is look to their own memories.

Oh when you get on the article link, check out the comments, some interesting stuff on there.....

My A1C dropped one whole point

I was actually shocked by this,

it fell from 7.0 to 6.0

For those who do not know what an A1C is, it is a test they give diabetics, that gives them your average blood sugar over a set of weeks.

I got the lowest one ever. I was eating a LOT of vegetables and fruits and spending a more money on food and eating health food for things that were added on. I went off all regular processed bread and will at only bread now made from whole ingredients and was eating more Ezkeiel bread. I also was eating a boat load of Asparagus too. LOL maybe it can be my new diabetes drug. A friend of mine has relatives who have a small farm and was bringing me some. Thanks to that friend! :)

Well it was nice to hear some good news among the bad medical wise.

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 3): Hunger and Hormones- A Vicious Cycle

This one is interesting going into Leptin Resistance. Lustig asks: "How come leptin used to work thirty years ago, and doesn't work today?"

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/skinny-on-obesity/) Sugar impacts the brain just as much as the waistline. In this episode, Dr. Robert Lustig explains the biochemical shifts that sugar causes, making us store fat and feel hungry at the same time. Series: "UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 23592] Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/prime

Lustig states: "Insulin makes fat, insulin drives weight gain"...

He talks about how people gain more weight via the biochemical problems and the higher levels of insulin.

He talks about those being "pumped full of insulin" and talks about the connection to the industrial global diet.

Basically, the higher your insulin, the more energy you store, and the more weight you gain off fewer or the same calories. Hey this make sense to me.

I found this interesting on the very personal level, as I was found to have severely high insulin as part of my PCOS diagnosis. A doctor when they diagnosed me back then as pre-diabetic, did a blood insulin test. I was near the tail-end of my weight gain, and had just had the hypothyroidism diagnosed.

Please watch these videos as they explain a lot about obesity in a very simple to understand format. I am glad this doctor is speaking out for fat people who are being blamed as being "gluttons" and "sloths" and is looking at the bigger picture.

Frankly it is the bigger picture I deal with everyday I write on this blog, the REAL CAUSES of the obesity epidemic.....

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 2): Sickeningly Sweet

Continuing the Skinny on the Obesity Series:

"Dr. Robert Lustig illustrates the overabundance of sugar in today's processed convenience foods and explains how our bodies metabolize these sugars in the same way as alcohol or other toxins, causing damage to the liver and other organs. Series: "UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 23591]"

Sugar consumption is way up. High fructose corn syrup is a problem. Avoiding it is getting tougher. The types of food we are eating have changed. They are right about how sugars are far more potent in describing diabetes. I actually do try to avoid sugar and HFCS myself. I do think minimal intake is OK, but there is a problem when so much of our food has had sugar added to it. Watch in the video how fructose affects us. It shocked me. I know they are adding so many added sugars to our food. Lustig is right about this being a toxic environment. I think about how so many kids get fed those cereals that are almost nothing but sugar.

The Limitations of Love Your Body

I  definitely agree with this:

Why “Love Your Body” Is A Problematic Dictate

I am so glad someone else said that the Love Your Body stuff has limitations and reduces people to their "body" or as she wrote our "aesthetics."

I definitely can!

There’s a lot of good intention behind the “love your body” rhetoric. It’s very much coming from a place where people want to feel good about themselves and to help other people feel good about themselves, too.

But it homogenizes bodily experience and feeling - basically it dictates the One True Way people are “supposed” to feel about their bodies. And that skeeves me. Because there are lots of reasons people have complicated relationships with their bodies - from trans identity to disability to body dysmorphia in general and so on.

I don’t think the goal of fat acceptance is for everyone to be super double rainbow in love with their bodies - I think the goal is for EVERY body to be treated with dignity and respect. And, yeah, that CAN go hand in hand with loving your body, but it doesn’t have to. Whether I love my body or not, my doctor better provide me with competent medical care that goes beyond “you’re fat”, you know?

“Love your body” also often accompanies the idea that we are required to love the way we look. That perpetuates the idea that, really, we are still reduced to our aesthetics.

Our bodies are so much. And our relationships are so complex. I hate to see those relationships forcibly reduced and dictated to us.

See what I wrote here...

The Body Isn't Everything!

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Everything is You Fat American's Fault!"

WHO Declares American Weight Problem Draining World’s Resources

American's can't win. Ever notice how all the globalists of the world always blame Americans for all the world's problems? They want us to imagine the entire world as being nothing but starving people in huts, while all Americans are supposedly wealthy with a giant gas guzzling Cadillacs and palacial McMansions. Maybe some of these eat lobster while the street urchin starve types actually should visit America and come out of stereotype land. Dallas was a TV show, not reality!

Over and over we are told we supposedly eat all the food, and use up all the resources. Note to those who have been programmed by this nonsense, our population is something like only 1/8ths of China's and even less when it comes to India. Do not believe everything you are told. Africa does have modern cities. China actually looks like they entered the 21st century. as America infrastructure crumbles and got even a "D" by our own engineers.  Does Shanghai look like it is going without food, flush toilets, elevators and the use of gasoline? Why do Americans still buy all the lies about the rest of the world as if every billion of people in China were all "green" and living in a hut, and that we are the only modern nation on planet earth?

Americans are being lied to on so many fronts. That way they can sell things like Agenda 21, and give more power to the mega-corporations and elites.

As the Activist article points out, yes now they are complaining about the fat people putting too much weight on planet earth. No I am not kidding! AND the FOCUS IS ON AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Read HERE. What next telling us that "all you lazy fat Americans" are going to throw the planet's orbit off it's axis? Do you all know how much the world weighs? Remember my warnings about pseudo science, and how it is used to manipulate and influence!

Why do people even listen to these globalist psychopaths in their desire to have everyone reduce their lifestyles to "save the planet"? Is this to help the populace fully embrace their new downgraded lifestyles of living in pods and eating Soylent Green? Does anyone see the greater agendas here? These folks desire control over the world's resources, and given the fat people in America, how they ignore what is causing all the obesity. As I have said PROFIT lies in fattening us up.

Does anyone seriously think the mega-monolith corporations care about poisoned air and water? Does anyone seriously think the WHO cares about our health when they float this type of garbage? I sure don't.

To me its just more making the fat people the scapegoats again.

This commenter got it right:

As a sociologist who has researched fat stigma for decades, I find this laughable! I have been saying for years that obesity is being scapegoated for every conceivable problem while the rich pillage, plunder and rob us blind

I found this guy's comment of interest too.

i ate double in Europe what i eat here and LOST weight without trying ot desiring to do so- while not exercising.

Hey I am not surprised growth hormones in the meat is illegal in Europe.

Of course the World Health Organization ignores things like that. Their focus is on DIET and EXERCISE. I don't want to link to them but seriously GOOGLE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and obesity and GO RIGHT TO THEIR WEBSITE. It's funny when these absurd globalists who eat their lobster and foix gras, at their endless sustainable development conferences, point out NORTH KOREA, as one of the BEST NATIONS, because everyone is THIN. Note NORTH KOREANS ARE STARVING and have lived under a dictator for decades.

I do believe there is an obesity epidemic even worldwide, but they are not dealing with the true causes or those who wish to profit it from it or use it for another agenda. The world is getting fat from the GMO food, MSG and garbage and toxins. Of course they will not deal with those issues. 

Fat people, the new scapegoats, supposedly we are ruining the environment too. Hey forget those pouring the chemicals into the water supply, blame the fat guy! That is exactly what they are doing.

Americans are being so duped.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bus Monitor Abused By Teens Over Her Weight And More

This has made the rounds online...

A bus monitor is abused by high school students for her weight, her age and everything nasty these kids can think of. They reduce her to tears while they show themselves to be devoid of normal human compassion and or conscience. This is very troubling. The fat hatred is horrible, so am going to warn anyone who may be triggered by that.


Middle schoolers bully bus monitor, 68, with stream of profanity, jeers

School bus monitor, 68, who was mercilessly bullied by pupils in internet video says she won't press charges... as donations from well-wishers reach $330,000

This one affected me personally...I do not want to make this post all about me, but I was so horrified by the above. It hit me right where it hurts based on 16 year old memories. Even if one stays professional, and does everything "correctly", words take a toll. This is one facet of obesity no one talks about. How it affects those who work in certain fields, especially in education and working with young people.

I underwent severe abuse, when I had my weight gain and even earlier at times when I was in the mid sized category. Back in the 1990s, I had worked as an art teacher at a juvenile home, that job went well most of the time, where the young people treated me with respect the majority of the time and even thanked me years later. The only time that didn't happen was dealing with nasty coworkers, such as the one who called me a "big blueberry" for wearing blue clothes in front of my students trying to undermine my authority. I remember what I did that day, I wiped my arm across the table and art supplies went flying at him at the table he was sitting at alone. We had childcare workers in every classroom because these were incarcerated youth, some who had been guilty of things even as drastic as armed robberies and assault. I got written up but I can't say I regret it. Some of my co-workers understood. Working with the kind of clients I worked with, they did not hire people of timid personalities to do that kind of work.

At the same time, this job would end due to a grant ending, acouple years after that incident and I would move on to residential care after a year of underemployment piecing together jobs like factory work, fast food work, and substitute teaching.

At this new job, our clients were troubled female youth with a history of severe violence. When I had my weight gain while at this job and got heavier and heavier, things got very bad for me. Co-workers even that weighed in the 200s themselves would mock me in front of the students. I had one boss say something so horrible to me, that to this day, I regret not suing over it. One thing that was started against me, that was beyond horrible, was being told "I smelled". Later I would learn this can happen to very fat women. I showered every day, and always wore freshly laundered clothes but that did not matter.

One horrible thing I remember is being called "baldy head" by two co-workers in front of at least three clients. I was losing my hair you see from the thyroid disease that was not being dealt with. I had the majority of my 400lb weight gain while I was at that job. I think of the day, one of the 300lb clients smashed down a locked! door to get at the kitchen knives. We kept the kitchen knives locked in the office between cooking times. For those who doubt the sometimes super-human displays of strength, that splintered and torn apart wooden door told me everything I needed to know. Thank God I had called the cops as she started spazzing out and going out of control, and gotten the other teens upstairs, so no harm came of it. Later she would run away for good to prostitute on the inner city streets, and I can't say I didn't feel some relief along with sadness over the whole mess.

Some may ask why didn't you quit? I almost quit that day and wish I had, but I had taken this job after a year of unemployment and almost hitting the streets. I had suffered the lowest poverty and moved to this giant metro city to even take this job in the first place to avoid being homeless. I already lived in poverty, on the low pay but knew there was far farther to fall. I weighed so much by then into at least the 500s and I had no chance of getting another job and had already tried over and over to no avail. Later on, I would be disabled after endless visits to the hospital and other aspects of my health failing. The day I quit, I basically walked out, no notice, I could not go back. Soon I will share what that job entailed in more detail.

Some clients when I was disciplining them would go for the kill based on my weight. It was hard, I am not always hard nosed, but things would be done, like the clients stealing food out of the snack closet, and then blaming it on me, and co-workers going along with it, based on my weight.

With the verbal abuse, I heard the SAME things this lady did. Except in my case, I was dealing with violent clients where I had to keep my cool , the work I did was dangerous. I do believe it impacted my health in a very negative way. I saw co-workers jumped and beaten or heard about them being jumped and beaten. One day I had to call the police to save a residential counselor at the group home next door who got pushed into and locked in a closet but thankfully with his cell phone.

Turn over was very high. It occured to me once the three years were up, I was the only worker who had never gotten jumped for a beat down. [just things thrown badly at me]. To illustrate how bad this job was, I was threatened by gangbangers at least once, in helping their "girlfriends" run away from the group home, when I had taken them on an approved shopping trip to the mall. That was just ONE thing. Well I will tell you more later.

I do understand why Mrs. Klein did just sit their quietly as much as she could, in moving vehicles, the game plan changes, you can't escape if there is a physical altercation nor summon any help. The chances for injuries is far higher. It is how I would have responded, later instituting punishments. One thing today things are different, teachers do get attacked and beaten and hurt. You have to be wise about things, and make sure you keep your head together.

At her age, she can't fight those kids and knows with a group that large they can jump her and hit her and at her age they can do serious damage. The bus driver is busy driving. I do think the bus driver should have pulled over and ended what was happening but it is possible the noise volumes were high enough she or he did not hear.

So I heard the same sort of fat insults, and they would go to town, and the heavier I got, the worse they got. Looking back I was far too sick to even be there. But I did my best. For the kids who were abusive, I made sure there were consequences but with some that was to no avail. Some of the girls I won over by getting to know them but in the house I worked in, some of our clients were actually psychologically diagnosed sociopaths. I kept thinking about that as these kids went on and on, how many little psychopaths do we have running around now, where they can abuse a lady that looks like a little grandmother, and think nothing of it?

Even substitute teaching was not free of this stuff, in the earlier years. I would hear things like "I don't have to listen to you, you're faaattt". Usually the middle school kids were the worse so I used to choose older kids or far younger ones. IF a school was run well, where the kids had discipline and the principal's office upheld your authority, this problem was rare, but there was too many of the other kind. Long term assignments would help too no matter the school, because you got to know the students on a more personal level.

I vowed to never cry in front of any student and never did, but inside it took a toll. I would have to forgive later, but understand that the me of today would not tolerate such toxic situations, even to keep employment. I would not return to education today, at all. I saw too much. Maybe it was not meant for me. I was good at the art teaching and enthusiastic, but with my health and other problems it was just too much. Being a shyer person too and more of the bookworm variety, teaching had too many social demands as well. Later I would attempt to become a paralegal before I was disabled, so my foot was already out of the door by age 23.

If I ever had children I would seriously even consider homeschooling them or a very small private school rather then leave them to the wolves and the evil social programming of their so called "peer groups". I saw changes in young people even over my 10 year sojourn in the field that were not good. I do not want to know how bad things are 16 years hence. This does not mean every kid was a monster, I had the kids who told me I changed their life, had kids win national art awards during the art teacher job, had kids who acted as allies, who showed care for others but I knew from the work I did something was changing drastically in society and in the heads of young people bought up on violent video games and in a more and more soul-less and amoral culture. These kids abusing this women definitely are the outcome of many of those things.

Forget a vacation, she should use the $330,000 to quit! If she lived frugally and at same level she does on the job's income, she probably wouldn't have to work again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Skinny Girl Tells Us She is Fat!

I don't mind thinner friends who tell me they'd rather lose an extra 30 plus pounds. I am realistic enough to know that means better mobility and them noting the small losses in average size land. There is a difference with life at 130lbs compared to 180lbs.  I have warned even my smaller size friends, know life changes when you enter from the high100s into 200s land and for the more midsized into the 300s or the 400s. That is just reality. But when you see a normal thin sized woman, write something like this, and well it's so common, they are coming from the self flagellation that is so promoted by this society. It's very SAD to watch. You think about the young girls wasting their lives and having their happiness ruined by this stuff.

This reminds me of the women who exlaim "I am faaaat!" usually with an audience. Yeah we all dealt with them especially when we were younger. Girl with barely a pound of extra flesh, tells us, she is FAT and starts on a soliquoy of self-loathing.Ironically, what is sad, is usually these types such as many perky cheerleader types in my high school always made sure to always exclaim this around a group of larger women and out and out fat people. Sometimes it can be about drawing attention to one's self, sometimes really they are caught up in the "I'm too fat" nightmare. What else fuels all the serious eating disorders out there?

I got this article from the cowcake blog..."I'm Fat and I'm Not Okay With It"

She calls her arms fat when they are muscular. Not everyone is meant to have stick arms.
What is sad, is she is a product of this society, one that constantly hammers the weight quotient, for control over women. I mean after all if you have most women caught up in personal vanity, they make better consumers to profit off of. They will sell more failed diets, make-up, special foods, etc. It definitely is part of the poison of this society.

Reading over her story it sounds like she had a mother who was very over-focused on appearances, giving your children nothing but pureed broccoli to eat for a week is NOT OK, and that this has sadly included mocking and worse. Sadly that does happen out there. Fat hatred is the norm for our society, I have friends who have weighed only 140lbs{I wish!} and had programmed parents comment on their "fat butts", "thunder thighs" and the rest. I talked about on this blog, how I was in shock, HOW NORMAL I was at the age of 14, being told at 6 feet tall simply how "horribly obese" I was, and seeing some photo albums and thinking "oh my goodness, I wasn't that far from normal! How could they! I was beautiful!"

Honey, you are NOT FAT!

I'm fat! Not you. When you don't have to worry about your legs rubbing in the middle, you have not entered fat land. You are a normal sized person.

Do yourself a favor, and question what they are telling you. Your family has hang ups about weight that are massive don't get sucked into their abyss! They have women way too focused on their appearance. There are other things in life that are far more important. Free yourself from this stuff.

All I got to say in conclusion, the evil stuff when it comes to obesity and fatness, it goes across the board in suffering even for thin women. There is little reason out there anymore when it comes to fatness or obesity.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fat Art Show #2

Some more "fat" art. The top one I did in the 1990s, and the one of woman in purple dress, that is a self portrait of me cooking a few years ago. Both are on the cartoony side, but this is when I was doing a lot of cartooning at the time too which continues to this day. The first one to me, represents at the time, being at my peak weight gain and seeking to keep my dignity and surviving. The second one, I think I was goofing around and in an art class where they told us to draw ourselves doing a daily routine. Maybe last place I should have shown a fat lady is in the kitchen but it's what I ended up with. Looks like I'm making stir fry or something.

A Collage I made on FOOD

Some people would be surprised at a fat woman, who supports the Farm Food Freedom Coalition and has read actively on the Slow Food Movement. All I know is how different I feel when I eat the good food vs. the "bad stuff". This may not solve all problems but will at least give one a fighting chance. One new thing I do almost everyday,  is drink lime and lemon water, it does kill a cold when you feel one coming on too. Just squeeze a lime and a lemon together, juice them, water it down. Yes an acquired taste, but it is good for you.

I made this collage the other month....[we were supposed to do a variety at this art class I was taking and I made ones with turtles and other themes but made this one too]


This one I wrote in reaction to this video Regarding HAES and a new HBO documentary Weight of the Nation

Why do fat people today have only 2 choices?

1. Accept their fat, which can be ok at smaller sizes as long as one's weight remains stable, but means a shorter life span for those of us in the huge weights?

2. JOIN the harmful DIET INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and accept all their lies and hatred knowing they are there to profit off you and your long term failures.?

Shouldn't there be a place of reason between fat promotion and delusion and fat discrimination and "be thin" at all costs messages?

I know on this blog I have covered many of the studies behind obesity, the chemical toxins, the scientists asking what is going on and far more. Why are those topics neglected in size acceptance and HAES? Because to deal with asking the question about fatter animals and human babies and food adulteration, PCPs and endocrine disrupters, means that their basic premise which is that obesity is to be advanced and promoted JUST FALLS APART.

Ever have thin friends? I have plenty of them. I also have been every size this world has to offer. People know that going from even 150lbs to 190lbs means there are losses. At 150lbs you may be able to walk acouple miles and not feel detrimental effects, at 190lbs, you are getting a little bit tired. Yes there are other factors, health, stamina, fitness, constitution. Even among the 500lb set that varies, I saw a man around my size able to traverse a large grocery store without a scooter, but then I know many are bedbound, but no one at 500lbs is running a marathon.

People know these truths, this is not to put down fat people or say that they should be discriminated against it is the truth. Between 200lbs and 280lbs, I knew at 200lbs or so I could spend hours at an amusement park and think nothing of it, on my feet for 8 hours a day, at 280lbs, I could walk downtown and back a distance of 3-4 miles but would be tired and wiped out for the day once I got home.When I hit 380lbs, the swelling began, I could barely get through the day. When I hit the 400s, walking for recreation got majorly chipped away and ebbed away. The near 700lb world was a frightening morass of being short of breathe constantly even to get across the room, not even being able to lay down without the breathing feeling compromised and other horrors.

Are those things supposed to be ignored?

Even if they are right about the failures of the industrial diet complex...see  #2

Let's think this out....

Even if there are NO ANSWERS that work for obesity TODAY, at this present moment, doesn't anyone wish for better for future generations? Even if I die young, why don't I want my obese nephews to have a better chance of survival to NOT suffer the way I have? How about my 20 something 350lb plus cousin, who is facing not being able to get a job, do I want him to have a miserable middle age? How about the friends I have lost?

Maybe the HAES and size acceptance people need to educate themselves on some of these side issues too, the human endocrine and metabolic system is getting in trouble in our present world, and it's not PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY running the show. These issues need to be looked at and addressed.

If the world sees a group of fat people saying, "hey we will just accept being fat, and we don't need any 'help'!", hey that may good for a certain segment of the population who are active and doing well, but for many of us obesity IS an ILLNESS or a SYMPTON OF ONE. It seems to be WHITE FLAG TIME. "Ok, you fat haters win, we don't want a real cure or real help, we will "accept" our fat and go whistle by the graveyard."

Yes the fat haters and discriminators work against fat people, trying to shove everyone into a thin mold, but what about reality? What about that life spans are dropping, diabetes is increasing, and other affects are REAL?

For years I have tried to get certain parties to pay attention to these issues. It is hard when you realize the people meant to stand up for your "fat rights", a lot of them are not willing to face reality. I would be ok, with HAES admitting, "LOOK our SYSTEM has LIMITATIONS." It is good for the midsized fat who have tired of the failed diet treadmill. We realize for those facing severe obesity, that there are serious limitations here." The healthy and wealthy fat, who are able to work, and function do not even live in the same world like someone like myself. Being told, you must accept this, and by the way "do your best" is no longer an answer. People are going to be having shorter lives. That is not be a fat hater or down on fat people, it is a FACT.

I will never understand the rejection of any non harmful FAT CURE.

I feel like they are flying the WHITE FLAG. You only got two options they tell us. Ok, maybe TODAY there is FEW OPTIONS, but what about TOMMOROW?


I know I have many times in a variety of different ways.

I never want anyone to go through what I have. I want a future where there is HONESTY.

How many 500lb people are in HAES? A few exceptionally healthy ones? I dare say the first time, you can't breath or sit by the pool in 90 degrees at one of the conference hotels, that social foray would be over.

To me being as "healthy as possible" means ANSWERS not cop-outs. It's the reason I survived 15 years after being near 700lbs. It is the reason I write this blog. Whatever happens to me, I am glad I spoke out. Fat people deserve better.

I think some of the HAES people mean well but they need to look at the BIG PICTURE.

See: Health At Every Size? And Healthism in the Size Acceptance Movement

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No One Chooses Obesity: Obesity Chooses Them; The Skinny on Fat: Part 1

If only it had not chosen me! LOL

No one chooses obesity; obesity chooses them notes Robert Lustig, MD

I plan to watch all the episodes of this but will be dealing with them, one by one.

Lustig asks "Did everyone just become a bunch of gluttons and sloths?"

Good question. No they DID NOT! Until the powers that be figure that out, then nothing will be done that will work.

He then adds

"If it was just glutton and sloths how do you explain obesity in 6 month olds?

Would you call them glutton and sloths?

This goes far beyond personal responsibility!"

Remember this article I posted?  

"Animals and 6-Month-Old Infants Are Getting Fatter … Which Mean that It’s Something In the Environment"

He talks about how this statement "a calorie is a calorie" has become a dogma that ignores endless things

They cover the things I've talked about on this blog, about what is causing all the obesity, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, fast food, etc.

He talks about the worse things about American modern life. He adds in information about the cheap global fast food diet. It is designed to taste good and keep people eating. This has spread everywhere. Every new nation that these fast food restaurants end up in, the people start getting fat.

One lady adds, we have had the perfect storm with restricted activity, chemicals we don't know what we have been exposed to and it's all working together. They talk about how the fat free stuff impacted people and led for more eating of sugar.

 They are right about the bad food being more easily accessible.

Lustig talks about metabolic syndrome that includes several diseases, and says they have it wrong about those things being caused by obesity instead of obesity being a marker for those things and talks about how widespread these things are, now in 60% of the United States. His statistic about how these diseases are hitting the NEWLY developing world is astonishing, and that these things now beat the rates from infectious diseases.

"Something is going wrong here" he adds.

That's for sure!

Debate The Weight of the Nation

Well they mean well being against discrimination of fat people, but many here know where I stand regarding weight and health. Most of the women in this video look more midsized at the size where they are still healthy and active. Hey I do not begrudge them that, but there are those who lay outside this system. In other words, I think it probably is best for a young or middle-aged mid-sized woman, to try and follow such advice that HAES provides. Of course I would warn them to watch out for any weight gain, so they do not end up in my category.

What if you aren't healthy?


Health At Every Size? And Healthism in the Size Acceptance Movement

Fat Kids Are Bad at Math?

I found this kind of funny, since my midsized overweight father, was a computer-math-physics whiz and probably would have more then qualified for Mensa membership. My bad health has affected many areas of my functioning for today, but when I was in school, and into my 20s, I used to hit the top 1-5% on various IQ and academic tracking tests.

Childhood Obesity Affects Math Performance

"Obesity that persists across the elementary school years has the potential to compromise several areas of children's development, including their social and emotional well-being and academic performance," said Sara Gable, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at University of Missouri and lead author of the study.
In addition to the math performance findings, obese children reportedly felt sadder, lonelier and more anxious than kids of healthier weights. Researchers said this emotional well being also could contribute to their poorer performances in math.

Math was never my favorite subject, though new math of the 1970s didn't help.

What next saying fat kids get bad grades? Fat people are less intelligent? [I fear the last one is where they want to push people]. I mean this seems another 'study" meant to help cement those views that fat people are less intelligent. Take it from me, when you are supersized people expect lower intelligence. It's one of those other subtle prejudices out there.

How's that supposed to make the kids do better?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Enjoying Life

I was able to bolster myself up from the other day, I went and just had some "fun", I bought myself some comics--I enjoy various comics--think American Splendor not super-heros, visited a relative, this relative is good about keeping contact with me, sat outside, visited a new library, went to lunch with a friend, visited with another friend. I prayed too, and God always helps me as well in terms of getting a new perspective. My good friends help too.  I told one friend, "Well let's just try and enjoy life and see what we can make of it while here." I do not want to let the fat/medical/ blah blah stuff wear me down so I am depressed. What is the use of it all? What will that gain but give me more stress worsening my health?  It's better to accept what one can control and can't control. I take psychology self-help books with a grain of salt but this one helped me some years ago, in that he was realistic about weight issues. and it gave a fair minded assessment of it all. What do I have to "prove" to anyone? God will know what I eat, didn't do or not, or how hungry or not I felt. One wants to enjoy life while they are here, and make something of it.

I have decided there is a project I want to work on and get finished, it involves art, cartooning and my life as a superfat woman, done from a humorous side. Perhaps I will share some of my comics on this blog too. I have a character based on myself I've been drawing for 12 years. It helped me survive mentally even drawing this character, think of it as "self" art-therapy. Years ago, I did art therapy for part of a job, it is a field I really enjoyed.

I have realized I need to let some of the "drudge" stuff go and not always feel stressed out by responsiblity and trying to "fix" everything. With the medical stuff, I am  dealing with what I can. Also there are other people to help. I did get my letter done to a local store asking them to help access for the disabled. I will tell you of the results there. There are poems to be written and typed out too for my next poetry event.

A Hint Of What I Look Like

I want to keep some privacy on this blog, but decided I would put an altered photo up here, with no facial picture attached. This way you all can tell I am a REAL person. LOL, an outraged size activist once claimed I was a fake. In the pictures, you will see my size 13 Birkenstocks, and my always worn dress.

I seem to be losing some weight as pictures have shown but I am still above 500lbs, as one scale disappointingly told me the other week. Here is a picture of the legs. It is weird to have one near NORMAL leg, and one that is not. Yes this is lymphedema, but I've gone an entire year and a month without a leg infection, that is a big deal for me when it used to be 5 or 6 a year.

Why aren't there MORE treatment centers for the very obese?

See some obesity rehab centers here...[some are nursing home based and others are not]
See here,

Here is another list: [check out this physical therapist's website--he specializes in helping the very overweight, it is a good one]

What is that NINE or TEN for the entire nation? And even then they are limited to a few states. What if you do not live near any of these places?

I think about how there are endless centers for those who are drug addicts and alcoholics, but there is a smattering of obesity rehabs, where one can count them nationwide on your fingers. My particular state doesn't even have an obesity rehab. That said, they really will only take people who are total nursing home material. I am close, but can still shower myself, cook a meal and all that. Who wants to be in a nursing home unless forced to be? But then I wonder why there is so much treatment for other illnesses and so little for obesity? Maybe there would have been more advances with MORE treatment.

If all the politiicans and others really cared about the obesity epidemic, there would be special gyms, and centers for fat people to go to state wide. There would be specialists to deal with it all. Maybe because they have failed in the treatment? Hey getting help out there is very hard. I even called the local bariatric guy who takes no insurance to take me pro-bono acouple years ago offering him, some writing and good advertisement if he had some success with me. He turned me down flat.

While obesity has many different causes, wouldn't it serve fat people to have a place to go and for them to have their medical and other issues dealt with? They could analyze who has the endocrine problems, who has psychological eating issues/saiety- insulin resistant issues or even those who have other physiological issues impacting their weight.

I've offered myself up to researchers and more, remember I had help getting the PCOS diagnosed by a medical writer and journalist who was known nation-wide that I befriended.

For years I have wondered why I wonder why are there literally 10s of thousands of centers for those dealing with difficulty with drugs and alcohol [hundreds state by state] and a pittance of obesity centers in this nation? I don't begrudge people who need the substance abuse centers, I am glad help is out there for them, but what about those struggling with severe obesity?

Anyone else got any ideas about this?

Banning Soda

New York City seeks to ban big sodas from restaurants, food carts

Can they ban the crummy food too? Hey don't give them any ideas. Soon they'll ban fat people from buying any extra food.

Actually I see this as more "nanny government" taking away all the pop and soda from the bad "fatties", even though I have seen lots of skinny people who drink that stuff too.

I gave up soda except for a couple glasses a week, if that, because I started worrying about all the chemicals and I realized it made me more thirsty. I thought why am I wasting my time drinking this stuff? Of course I drank diet, trying to avoid sugar fits, but then Aspartame is some scary stuff.

Does the government actually plan to SOLVE the obesity problems by outlawing foods, as if adults were children?

Of course they will never deal with the issue of all our adulterated food or the modern American life which leads to bad health in itself.

I hope the market at least forces more good choices. Let the local and slow food movements expand! This whole industrial food system where everything is trucked in from a million miles away, is bound for failure and ill health.

Man Loses 270lbs

Man refuses surgery, drops 270 pounds

Hey think about the implications of successful dieting hitting the national news. I guess because success comes so rare?

I am happy for this fellow he got the weight off, but one thing I have noticed is for the supersized who do lose large amounts of weight successfully, most often they are people who had psychological eating addiction problems who could return to normal eating patterns and leave extreme ones, and who also can still exercise to a certain point. The problem with an article like this is some of the readers will assume everyone is the same.

Small steps are what began Bryan's weight loss journey. After leaving the hospital, he began to move -- at first pushing a shopping cart around the grocery store like a toddler learning to walk. Then he ventured to the mailbox at the end of his driveway. Soon, he was conquering several miles at a time.

He lost 130 pounds in the first six months, then dropped another 140 pounds over the course of the next year. At 5-foot-8, Bryan now weighs just under 300 pounds.

"It turns out it really is true," Bryan wrote in his iReport submission. "If you use more energy than you take in, you will lose weight."

Bryan switched to a day shift at work to conquer his bad eating habits. He's very particular about what he puts in his mouth, refusing to stray from self-prepared lean meats, vegetables and fruits. He eats five to six meals a day, every two to three hours. He measures his portions so that his total calorie count for the day hits 2,500.

I read this and thought they make it sound so easy. I wonder how he advanced from the small walks so quickly to the miles of walking. I did the small walking but remained STUCK as my body swelled up more the more exercise I did. Also if he can lose weight on 2500 a day that is pretty good. Some of us stay supersized on less calories then that. I am happy this guy was able to save himself from the horrors of severe obesity. Let's hope it lasts for him. The other day, I saw some controversy of some women in size acceptance being mistreated for losing from 700 down to 400lbs, such things are silly to me. For those who can escape all the more power to them!