Tuesday, October 9, 2012

South Park and Super Fat People on Scooters

I saw part of this show the other day when channel surfing but did not watch the whole thing. I consider South Park a raunchy show but catching a glance of this show mocking fat people on scooters was troubling. I often have thought about how superfat people are viewed in our culture and the blame and more is always there, as if someone would chose to be in a scooter and fat.

Who would choose not being able to walk? I found this article too commenting on the superfat in scooters:


"If I wanted to be politically correct, I’d call the fat asses cruising on their “free” rascal scooters, the weight challenged disabled on their powered mobility enhancement vehicles. You know a trend has become a massive scam, when South Park dedicates an entire show to the shame of obesity and the scooter brigade. The majority of the scooter squad jamming up the boardwalk was less than 50 years old. They weren’t disabled. They were just too obese and lazy to wobble down the boardwalk to the next junk food joint. They were certainly in the right place. The Wildwood boardwalk is home to pizza topped with cheese fries, chocolate covered bacon, fried Oreos, funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, and 64 ounce sugar laced lemonade. The place would make Nanny Bloomberg’s head explode." 
This author is right about many aspects of our declining society, but sadly he goes along with the "lazy" fat people meme eating everything in sight. You know the one the diet industrial complex shoves down our throats every minute? Aren't the thin people too eating while on vacation at the board walk? At least he admits given America's obesity rates that something SINISTER is going on, and I left a comment and agreed I know using a scooter myself, only in large grocery stores in my case which provide them since both husband and I are too weak to lift a over 100lb scooter into the back of our van now and cannot afford a lift, that having shows like this only make my life more difficult where judgments abound. If only that "lazy" fat person would walk, people think. When I was even heavier and used my scooter, the scooter meant MORE ACTIVITY then sitting at home but such a thing is lost on most. I also got off my scooter using it to go from POINT A and B, to walk around shorter distances. If I tried to walk in a store the size of Wal-mart, I'd collapse, I could not buy things. At least now I know I could walk slowly from the back and not die, if the scooter broke down which has happened before. I use a walker, in my case making up for vertigo and balance issues that are Meniere's related. It looks like this but wider.  
The sad thing even with this mobility device, one where I still have to walk and burn up all the calories these people think I should be burning, I can see some of these guardians of what is proper snarkily wondering why someone my age is using a device usually used by the advanced geriactric set.

The world already makes fun of those who have to use scooters. Check this site out "Fat People Riding Scooters" Here they especially focus on fat people getting fast food in drive-throughs. Don't they realize most of these people aren't driving and the scooter is serving as their "car"? I would say stay as far as possible from the poison called fast food but why is it a crime for fat person to eat lunch? What about all the thin people eating there?

What do these shows say about fat people? Fat people are presented as lazy blobs who eat everything in sight. To be frank with my readership, there is nothing more frightening then losing the ability to walk. One's heavy body then is source of untold suffering. When I hurt my leg some months ago, my immobility frightened me, after being fat this long, I've learned to take pain dragging myself along. Who would choose being chained to a scooter just to make it across a store? Most places too, are NOT scooter accessible either. The fat people stuck on the scooters, most wish they could walk like the thin people. I walked for fun for miles before my weight gain. I miss it.

Anyhow sad to say TV land just added to the burden of us all.


  1. how much do you have to eat to stay 500 pounds? It must be a full time job.

  2. Hey if you are brainwashed about weight you think everyone who is 500lbs is doing nothing but eating.

    What did you eat yesterday?


  3. Sometimes I think thin people who eat 'normally' scale up in their head what it would take them to be my size about 400. It seems to take even well meaning friends a long time of knowing me to get beyond this notion. Most people aren't worth that effort and vulnerability on my part. It gets so very wearying to never be seen for who you actually are, when stereotypes and suppositions are all anyone ever wants to see and believe.

  4. I can understand what your saying. Not every person who has weight issues out there is lazy where in I do entirely agree. Some people who are overweight are even in top physical condition, could run marathons without breaking sweats. I seen em, I have met em. Wish I could say I was one of em. I also agree with this statement that obese people are always at fast food restaurants. I probably eat at McDonalds once a year. KFC maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I am not big on fast food, nor do I think that some of them are that tasty. I gained 2 stone from starting a new job alone as the work entailed me being sat in a reach truck 8 hours a day, then an hour drive home (not forgetting the drive to work) which had me ten hours on my arse from day to day. This in any case I reckon may stem to the problem. When I was 19 I dislocated my leg, couldn't walk on it for 8 weeks and lost lots of muscle. So much that I needed physio therapy to get back on it. Coming back to the point, when people are starting to rely more on these scooters as a convenience to get around they use less of the muscle they use normally to get around, thus make themselves weaker. I will agree this doesn't stem out to all people who have weight problems. Some people will have gained weight just from the general fact that they cant walk. There are many things that factor into this. One thing I will point out though. If some there are people on these scooters "just" because they are overweight and struggling to walk "just" because of that reason, I have never ever seen one of them on these scooters, scoot themselves down to a gym. One reason why it may be getting more attention is the rising threat in obesity. Then again when you look at obesity, about 10 years or more ago what we call over obese now was just obese. They keep changing it more and more to less and less. In the 18th Century and the centuries before that, a large person was considered wealthy, well looked after. It was a sign of health! We cant say that now in modern society because its made so that everyone has an equal chance and being well fed. I dont even know where I am going with this anymore lol. I guess I will say Im staying on the fence. I understand why there is a big focus on it, yet I dont agree thats its fair on the people who do seriously have a reason to depend on these machines.

  5. Thanks MadSpike, yes I am tired of the lazy canard. One of these people can live in this body where one leg swells up the twice as another and where the lungs stopped working right at age 20 and see how great it feels. Yes there are those overweight people in better condition. LOL wish I was one too. I am allergic MSG and noticing I have to be careful of dextrose etc even in some foods from grocery store. When I am more broke seems harder to avoid. Fast food has grown more tasteless. It's scary. I considereding writing a letter to McDonalds, your food is tasteless, that's why I quit eating it years ago. It tastes like sawdust, they even manage to ruin a chicken sandwich!
    Yes on the road jobs make it harder to control ones weight. I believe the MSG alone makes people fat believe it or not. Be careful of KFC, that is MSG-city. I can eat fried chicken only on EXTREMELY rare occasions, my body seems to react to it like it is poison, even just 2 pieces of it but KFC for me is instant illness there is so much MSG in it. So much for those secret herbs spices eh? [google MSG and KFC seriously] I think they changed that food too, and Colonel Sanders would be spinning in his grave.

    Yes if you've had a injury you understand why the scooters are so important. Hope youa re doing better.
    I get scared when I get leg infections like now and have to lay down more, that I will gain weight. So many things can play into it. Restricted mobility means a harder ability to control weight. With gyms, those with mobility concerns are better seeking a physical therapist but then affording and obtaining that is a different manner. I am facing the problems that if I exercise a lot, and try to be more active, that is when infection comes. That is what happened this week as the housebound doors opened because its spring, well at least until it gets too hot.

    Agree they changed the overall level of obesity to less and less too. I wish they would remember the people OUT on the scooters are at least getting some activity and not squirreled away at home unable to be involved in life. I mean it's a big deal to me that I can at least go shopping at some large places.

  6. Thin people eat fast food because they don't all ready weigh 500 pounds genius if we did, we wouldn't eat that shit. How about ten minutes on the exercise bike.

  7. So how are they thin then genius eating that crap?

    Exercise, wow as if it is the miracle to solve all ills? Stop believing everything the TV feeds you like a dumb sheep. I still got fat even walking miles and other exercise.

  8. The reason thin people can eat fast food without becoming obese is because they know how to eat in moderation. Guess what, thin people don't order half a dozen quarter pounders or go out to fast food restaurant 7+ times a week. They also don't eat 2000 calories in one sitting. In addition, they often travel by foot (sometimes by choice!) instead of throwing their hands to their air and using mobility scooters. Remember, they're called WALKways and sideWALKS for a reason!

    Remember, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins (and unlike most of the others, it really can kill you). Obesity is an unnecessary blight on society, not to mention a national embarrassment that has harmed our reputation abroad. Most obese Americans have the ability to lose weight, they just don't have the will. Watch the Biggest Loser sometime; you'd be amazed how much weight you can lose if you set a strict limit on your calorie intake, make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a daily, and adhere to this lifestyle for a month. Don't surrender to your own excuses; I wish you luck.

  9. I never have ordered a half a dozen quarter pounders when I used to eat fast food and always ate ONE SANDWICH, so how do you explain that? Talk about stupid stereotypes. Anyhow fast food is crap. Yeah yeah I've heard it all before, since you think the traditional crap works, keep at it, you know the answers that have failed for everyone for 40 years. What is the definition of insanity doing what doesn't work over and over. Keep watching that mass-media TV so you can get yourself good and brainwashed.

  10. Oh I haven't eaten at a fast food restaurant in at least 5 years.

  11. This is nothing but entitlement and laziness. "I'm fat cater to me." If you are that fat you could use the little exercise walking provides. Its worst when fat people under 40 take up scooters when 70 year old people who can barely walk then have to. We get it, not all fat people are fat slobs who eat all day, but that being said, this is America and its 99% likely most do. Of course the 99% of this fat group then claim to be the 1% who suffer from an actual "medical" condition that requires them to visit doctor McDonalds. This whole fat acceptance is just horrible. Not saying we all should be runway models and skinny, but damn we are not supposed to be so fat we cant walk.

  12. Anon

    Why is everyone getting so fat they can't walk?

    You think people choose this crap like they are all at fault.

    This country is fattening up and you can blame everyone instead of getting to the nitty gritty.

    Even the 1% {HA that number is far higher} of the endocrine cases, still get abused too by the brainwashed.

    How about the fat bodies being an outcome of a toxic environment?

    Instead of claiming every fat person is a fat slob.

    You think this is fun?

    I hate being so fat I can't walk. It sucks but telling people they deserve it, is a lie too.

  13. They are at fault, they did bring this on themselves, just like you did. Brainwashed by the mass-media? LOL you're kidding right? You're the one who got yourself to that point, you should work to get yourself out. Using a scooter is just entitlement to laziness. Gastric bypass surgery and weight loss assistance exist, much like the biggest loser TV show. It CAN be done, you're just saying stuff like that doesn't work and choose not to do something about it instead of actually trying it yourself to PROVE it doesn't work, and that people who believe otherwise are "brainwashed". You obviously aren't trying to lose the weight, you're just allowing yourself excuses to stay at that weight, especially considering your blog is called "five hundred pound peeps"... it implies that you intend to stay at that weight and aren't doing anything to lose some of that 500 pounds to actually make a difference in your physical well being. You're right about the country fattening up, but that statistic isn't about being morbidly obese, it's talking about being 20-70 pounds overweight and the possibility of GETTING morbidly obese in the future. I'm slightly overweight, but at least I walk and bike my ass all over the place instead of being lazy sitting on a chair bitching about South Park making fun of extremely obese people (Even though Matt Stone and Trey Parker make fun of EVERYTHING on their show; name a social issue and they've made fun of it. The point being that usually their humor actually makes a realistic point about the societal issues they're making fun of, and almost always pisses off or hurts a large number of peoples feelings because of what they are saying) Nothing but gluttony makes someone gain THAT much weight, even if you take into account any injuries one has had or medications one is taking that could increase the chance of weight gain. I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss, but judging by the excuses you make and complaints about a comedy show written by two of the most successful comedians on the planet, you probably won't get there.

  14. Where did you pull this from.

    I never wanted to be 500lbs and don't want to be 500lbs now.

    Did you even READ the rest of the blog?

    Yes brainwashed by the mass-media

    Someone in my household watches South Park from time to time, I still remember the show where they mocked those who questioned 9-11. Ignore those controlled demo videos kids, nothing to see here!


    Same with the obesity. We are being fattened up and they pouring stuff into the food.

    Why on earth would anyone WANT TO BE THIS FAT?

    Oh so I'm just saying stuff that it doesn't work....

    Ok, got that genius.

    So I am just a liar.

    Can any of you jerks come up with anything better to tell fat people then YOU LIARS YOU LIARS~!

    Did you have to lose 200lbs to stay alive?

    Didn't think so.

    I never wanted to stay this fat. I hate that I am this fat now.

    The numbers of those with severe obesity is rising. Not just the slightly overweight crowd.

    Hmm so you FAIL to deal with 20-30lbs, weight I could pee off in 2 days, and you berate me for failing to lose 200-300 more?

    Hmmm interesting.

    You can't even get that 20-30 off with all that bike riding and supposed non-laziness but you are going to judge me?

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker, what are they your heroes?

    The same guys, that still laugh at fart jokes?

    If anything South Park brainwashes on a variety of issues not just obesity.

    Want a list?

    defense for corporation greed
    mocking economic collapse
    mocking those who question open borders and illegal immigration. [even though the USA economy is collapsing]

    Also disgusting humor and sick jokes--including endless sexual perversions that I can't even name here, and you are going to tell me this show is so witty, and truth filled?

    Ever hear the term "predictive programming"?

    Google it, you may learn something.

    Also you have been brainwashed by this society to believe that all fat people are OVEREATING and its GLUTTONY.

    Ok 40% of the populace have no restraint or "will power" or can't hold back the gluttony?

    If you supposedly have TOTAL CONTROL over your weight, what's your excuse for being SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT, all that exercise you should not be. Hmmm

    Yes I know in American society supposedly everything is a CHOICE, and WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN DESTINIES AD NAUSEAUM.....

    So they tell me...

    What a load of garbage.

    I walked a bunch last Friday,[you know with that endeavor NOT to be lazy and to get weight off, blah blah blah, and swelled up so much, I almost ended up in the hospital.

    So thanks for nothing...

  15. Let me get this straight, Anon: you're unwilling to believe someone who's endured a nightmarish bodily experience, but you're more than happy to take whatever comes off the media conveyor belt at face value? No wonder this nation is in so much trouble!

    Let's be realistic: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are successful, but to call them rebels is a stretch. They're pretty well-established in life, and -- as time passes, their money and real estate holdings will take them farther away from The Street, that hallowed place of mythology that all bad boys want to inhabit, even as feistiness gives way to fustiness (hence, the ritualistic media utterances, repeated for the faithful's consumption: "I may be richer than Croesus, baby, but don't worry, I'm still one of the people, maaaan...").

    Is this dilemma new? Hardly. Does that mean Parker and Stone to be bad people? No. Does that entitle them to claim Certified Messiah Status? No, because their essential job description hasn't changed: it's called, doing whatever it takes to get you watching their latest show. In that light, making fun of fat people isn't some rebellious stance, as your befuddled cerebral cortex would have you believe.

    In reality, The Fat Comedian is a signature building block of the so-called "dream factory." Talent alone doesn't get you a break, as charter members of that club like Fatty Arbuckle, Chris Farley and Fred "Rerun" Berry can attest, unless it's to exist mainly as a buffoonish prop for the Fat Jokes being dished out by the Good-Lucking Guy With The Granite Jaw.

    What's so daring and dangerous about that? Nothing.

    I'd have a bit more respect for Messrs. Parker and Stone if they'd take on some other unmentionables -- such as the insurance industry, which is (by nature) a predatory, for-profit business. Like many questionable end products associated with the industry (thalidomide, anyone?), the gastric bypass option mainly exists because it's backed up by the backroom boys with the bucks to spread around.

    The reality is far different, and the track record is rather mixed, to put it politely (do your own research, Anon, if you can be bothered, that is). In this particular exchange, I'm more inclined to side with someone like Peep over the underwriters.

    I'd also be remiss if I didn't note that -- "South Park" and "Book Of Mormon" aside -- Messrs. Parker and Stone's track record elsewhere isn't as stellar, although it might make a nice conversation topic opener some day to admit that you've sat through such cinematic masterpieces as "BASEKetball," "Orgazmo" and "Team America: World Police."

    In short, Anon, what that suggests -- at least to Your Humble Narrator -- is that not everyone has partaken of the Kool-Aid. Judging from your comments, and your own not so-hidden bigotry, you've reached for that glistening pitcher next to your easy chair a bit too often...so drink up, baby, drink up! Don't let me slow you down.

  16. To my commenter who keeps telling me I am lazy and a liar. You weight 153lbs and are a small man! Your body does not work like mine and if you can simply cut calories and SEE RESULTS then you are living in a different world. Anyhow why even argue, your mind is made up, and you are just so brainwashed, you refuse to even hear or listen to my story.

  17. also the whole "consuming more calories then burning" thing.


    I barely burn any of the crap off. You want to live hungry night and day? The body still needs nutrition. I can't barely breathe to do anything and everytime I go for a walk, get active, I bloat up, and I did so this weekend knowing I would bloat. So can it! I'm sick of people like you!

  18. So fat people aren't allowed to complain?

    So shut up and get back in line?

    Taking care of one's self is talking about one is facing.

    If I had gotten back in line, i would have died at near 700lbs. Glad I didn't listen to people like you.

    They are fattening America up. The bad food, the stress, but hey I guess once 80% of the population is fat instead of what is it 40-45% and far higher precentages when it comes to the poor, we can see more of the mewling about how it is each and every individual fat person's fault. Sure how's that working for everyone.

    Sure I admit some eating addicts can jump off the wagon and lose weight, actually once they eat NORMAL, they can return their weights to a more reasonable amount.

    So what does a person do who eats normal amounts? I guess they are screwed because everyone assumes they are an overeating pig. Hey it's one reason I almost died earlier.

    You think I haven't heard all your chastisement garbage? Or even put myself through it already almost dying of being fat where my body is an enemy? I mean how can you be so obtuse?

    But even then MR. SCIENCE, ever wonder why someone would even feel the desire to eat like that?

    Why are the hunger rates higher?

    Oops the corporations are putting bliss points in the food don't look behind the curtain!

    I have found maybe 3-4 people out of tens of thousands that have lost from being a supersized person to normal. It's rare, so your assumption that their are scores of 500lb people that became forever thin people is nonsense. Outside of those with normal metabolisms who recover from psychologically based eating disorders, the track record for the severely obese is not that good. The diets are failing, but hey don't let that piece of information sway you from your brainwashed minion thinking.

    But hey part of that brainwashed thinking, goes along with the walking dead mind sets, that ignore so much, how the population as a whole is growing fatter, even though the food intake is actually the same calorically--posted on that acouple months ago and the animals are growing fatter too--they aren't hanging out at the local Burger King. Don't let Fukishima or 9-11 or the eroding freedoms in America trouble you either, smile in your thin glory and go back to sleep.....

    You'd probably cry like a baby in my household being forced to eat veggie patties, tofu and vegetables instead of the greasy burger and fries you can burn off so easily.

    You don't know what I tried or didn't try.

  19. To my detractor... a rascal tipping? That's the best you can come up with? Like to see you try. Hmmm guess you forgot how fat I am, how you going to get it over? Your 150lb weakling arms couldn't even lift one of my legs.

  20. http://www.insideedition.com/entertainment/3736-the-woman-who-lost-500-pounds

    If that's possible for a woman who weighed more than you, it's definitely possible for you to do it yourself.

  21. gastric bypass?

    I wouldn't survive the surgery. I also do not think it works in the long term. If she was a bonifide eating addict, and was able to return to normal eating, those are the ones who succeed at weight loss.

  22. just moooooooooooove fat

  23. move? Do you mean move from place to place, or move like walking around? Oh silly me, moving will solve everything!

  24. As a med professional, I can understand your problem and your issues with pain. However, physiologically you should be able to lose the weight. The difficulty with pain is due to lack of the muscle to maintain your frame weight. A lot of times the issue is more psychological as to thinking it can not be done or they passed the point of no return; however, that is not the case. The more weight you have the harder you have to work through the pain. If you don't think it can be done then you've already defeated yourself. I personally have lost 70 pounds within 4 months on a smaller frame and have maintained a healthy lifestyle since. Of course it was easier for me since I am more movable than you. If you want to see some siccess stories I'd suggest looking up some old Richard Simmons stories. Although I agree about GMOs in the food and that is your chief complaint, I'd suggest eating organic foods.

    1. I have lost 160lbs. At one point it was over down from the peak but the 160 has remained constantly off. I think the medical professionals need to think outside the failing paradigms. I have on this blog I believe weight is caused from other things then calories. I have done physically therapy and everything that is humanly possible. Years after I wrote this, this is an older article, I was diagnosed with Lipedema Stage IV, lipolymphedema, compression therapy gave me the ability to walk. I constantly fight weight all the time. I technically lost 40lbs 2 months ago when I was weighed. I cannot afford all organic though I buy what I can. The eat healthy and exercise formula has massively failed. My body is full of fluids and tumors from Lipedema. I could have Decrums but for now the Lipedema Stage IV is an official diagnosis. Most people my size are wheelchair bound and can't walk at all. I have to work through pain to even function at all. So what works for you won't necessarily work for me. I am glad you lost weight but realize it's more complicated for some of us. I hope you are a med professional that will educate yourself on rare fat disorders and endocrine diseases.