Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shopping in the grocery store getting worse

I avoid Wal-mart like the plague but I have noticed the grocery stores are getting harder to deal with prices like $8.99 for a pound of turkey lunch meat?You got to be kidding me. Sure I want higher quality stuff rather then what they make from mechanically separated stuff, but that is insane. I have noticed this certain grocery store is stripping down all the organic brands, all the "off brands" for the mega-corporate favorites that are all full of MSG and other bad things. I am wondering if my normal weekly shopping will have to be more transferred to the health food store 15 miles away. Since husband does majority of shopping, I am not sure if he wants to go on that long of a haul but he is noticing more of my needs are met there such as being able to buy almond yogurt and health food things in bulk. It being fall I have had more access to good produce and pears from veggie and fruit stands which will take me into mid-November. A good friend also has brought me tomatoes, pears and fruit from her family's farm which has made eating a more enjoyable experience. It is strange to go to a grocery store and know that most of the food contained within will make one sick, finding the good stuff can get harder and harder, though this grocery store still has a good produce section and that is where 60% of the food is now being brought supplemented with meat and other items. I even try to get a hold of some seaweed for idoine, the health food store sells some smoked seaweed snacks which a couple people asked me "How can you eat that? but I want to get some more because I swear when I ate that stuff I felt far better. It seems to me the grocery stores are stripping down a bit, at least locally, I hope this is not a nation-wide trend but when you see preservative free independent brands being taken off the shelves everywhere you look that is not a good trend.

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