Monday, May 20, 2013

Thin People Eat Too

Oh my goodness she is eating a cup of ramen, but only fat and lazy people eat those!!!!


What about the myth that thin people eat nothing but broccoli spears and eat everything in "moderation"?

I sure don't see it. My husband goes to a hamburger and ice cream stand where I sometimes get a grilled chicken sandwich and I see these stick-thin people eating giant ice cream cones. I haven't had one in ten years, I'm lactose intolerant.

I've been to church and other buffets where lithe like folks  have eaten seconds and thirds. At the grocery store I decided to watch grocery carts, wish I could have taken pictures but that is a bit in your face, and thin people often times had just as much crappy food as the fat ones, a few thin girls looked ready to go on sugar-freak out fests. Why do single women eat so much sugary yogurt and cookies?

This includes soda, processed foods, ice cream, candy, and many other "bad" foods. Some may say oh those thin people that ice cream cone was their food for the entire day or if they go to a buffet they don't eat for three more days.

Sorry don't buy it.

I have lived with thin people and sure I encountered a few bulimic girls who barfed every time they ate and this one weird male roommate who would go two days without eating while he slept and then who would binge on family sized boxes of macaroni and cheese but as far as I know never purged.

I lived with other thin people who seemed to get hungry at about the same intervals as I did, and who ate about the same amount of food. If I eat one turkey sandwich with a slice of vegan soy cheese on it does that make me a huge fat lazy pig? Well thin people can eat a sandwich and they are not called pigs.

Lets look at Anthony Bourdain, skinny guy though he has put a few pounds in last few years, but you ever watch this guy eat for one of his shows? Why isn't he fat? Is he barfing up all that pork he says he loves? You can follow the time where he is eating a LOT of FOOD for every meal, and snacks included. That pork chop bun has to be 800-900 calories EASY.


Are they all purging? Doubtful.

So prove to me that thin people eat "so much better" then me. PROVE IT. I don't buy it. Yeah some of them can burn it off better, go for a run with working lungs and heart. But the idea that all thin people are paragons of food virtue is total nonsense.  


  1. yer right, their metabolism is different, way different; Audrey Hepburn had to eat huge bowls of pasta, every day,or she got even thinner.she couldn't keep the weight on. POOR GIRL!!Well, when food shortages hit, we people who can live on thin water and sand, will survive,and the big eaters will DIE. probablly

  2. I have watched thin people eat and they can eat what they want. Most don't go crazy, but someone is buying all those pies, cookies and muffins at the store and it's not just super fat people. LOL Poor Girl, wish i was like that. I have wondered how long a super fat person would live if they avoided the diabetic comas in the beginning. Would they be 200lbs among all the skeletons who hate their guts? I often have wondered that what becomes of the fat people in famines, does the health problems from the fat kill them off? I could see that with people in my size range, but what about the 300lbers who can walk? Do they live while everyone collapses of hunger in the famine? I have gone hungry, but it wasn't like famine, one meal a day, but the body sucked up every few of those calories like a beast. I bet I would get very cold if the food disappeared.