Monday, August 31, 2020

The Social Engineering of Covid19

Some may see this post as me going back to too much conspiracy. I see myself as a "recovering conspiracy theorist" but I believe a lot of bad stuff still happens. Humans are still greedy and plot and plan.

 Critical thinking doesn't mean reverting back to the false idea that the powers that be are all cuddly creatures who only want the best for us, realizing the true aims of power is one thing I learned while I was in conspiracy. America has gone crazy, with propaganda. I support BLM and it's aims and goals, but there's part of me knowing Trump could win, with the conservative brain dead idiots in the suburbs, all responding like Pavlovian dogs to Trump's assertions about "law and order" and the media's focus on looters instead of peaceful protesters.

 Covid is real and I know some people who almost died of it and others who lost loved ones. Some bad actors don't mind culling the population and some genocide on the side of the working class, people of color, disabled and elderly people. I think people who believe everything is crisis acting are absurd, like the billionaires of the world with their lust of war, care how many people die. I had that belief even when I was in conspiracy when Alex Jones and pals were blathering on about "crisis actors".

America is a land of lies and the propaganda machine is whipped up to the hilt. Don't think here, I see the Democratic party as innocent. I am doing my barf bag vote for Biden, to buy time and safety. I have written how I believe Biden could have been chosen to lose, [on purpose?] Michael Moore by the way says we could be having another Trump victory as the power that be repeat the same techniques of 2016. The DNC seems married to it's enabler role, so much it undermines itself.

 I noticed insidious things with Covid19. In my own life as my own PTSD reactions burned out with time, I and husband went into shut-down mode and formed our own cocoon. We supported each other, he read to me, we went on walks, and I cooked a lot of meals from scratch. We have had discussions of leaving the country. He can claim citizenship elsewhere. Yes I do think things could get that bad here. One positive thing about our marriage, is being tested by so many troubles, we do have each other to depend on. He has said he will always fight for me, that is true love.

For months due to my high risk, I have not seen anyone. I went into one thrift store with 5 masked people the other day and and that's probably the most people I've been around in months. These things have been discussed with him. We mocked the "alone together" commercials. [see video above] There's part of me that bothers me, that I adapted to them wiping whatever social life I had, which was pretty limited outside of my online friends and UU and all the fun, but what choice was there? Help from my husband made it possible for a nervous breakdown to be averted. I still worry for anyone who lives alone now.

My interior life, had already been formed with escapes into art work, blogging, and books long ago from the housebound challenges. Covid19, I think was "not accident" but I have that put in the "I do not know", "show me the evidence" category.

One thing I am noticing is it seems to be serving a lot of social engineering and other agendas that are disturbing. The commercials with their cloying "alone together" messages are just the tip of this ice berg.

Among these things are:

Profit--- The pandemic has allowed some to profit off a collapse economy. There's been multiple articles about the increased money to many billionaires. Here too, the pandemic can be used to cover up big money clean outs and the rot inside. Naomi Klein wrote a book called The Shock Doctrine that exposed "disaster capitalism", I read this book years ago. All those things have been happening.

Collapse of the Economy----
The economy is collapsing. This was in full swing prior to Covid, but now they can blame pandemic for the great money clean-out and failing economic system and escape responsibility. They knew the American dollar is losing reserve status, what better to than a pandemic to give cover to clean out the tills, and evade responsibility? The perfect "black swan" event then keeps the heat off. This would silent any well-meaning politicians, aka Bernie, who may propose new economic deals to change things.

Destruction of Public Education----
A cluster you know what is only weeks away as public schools will spread the disease far and wide. Go read the teacher's reddit, to see how bad things are getting, school opens for most districts this week. Teachers just doing in services with no students in the building are catching Covid and dying. Some schools are still virtual but many are not. You think Covid is bad now, just wait......

Betsy DeVos and pals are pining for the days where they can profit off more charters. Republicans want public education done away with. Uneducated plebes are easier to control. Does anyone find it ironic that so many have been forced to "home-school" by the Republican wannabe theocrats?

Shut down Social Change/Economic Equality and Progress-----
Before Covid, protests were increasing world wide. France to Hong Kong had protests where people were fed up with the uber 1 percent, and calling for things to be changed. Even in America there was the Bernie Revolution which I supported and was shut down for more neo-liberals to be put into place. Watch "Bernie Blackout" above to fully understand how our own media, subverted Bernie's campaign. Propaganda runs America and they got every demographic being influenced. We are now stuck with Biden. BLM did create more protests, and I am glad to see people stand up against racism and police brutality but fear what could happen to them. Occupy Wall Street suffered the same shut-down too.

 Trump is maligning protesters to frighten the white Christian/evangelical conservative Karens and Kens of the world into supporting him ["they will burn your cities"] with a giant dose of racism added to it as well. Open murder is now being committed with the likes of Rittenhouse and Trump and his fascist supporters are pushing for more violence. Read your history books, about how dictators subvert protests to get people to support crack-downs for law and order.

 I went to a protest last month, being very high risk from Covid, small town, around 10-12 people lined up. I remained 15-20 feet back. It was a mistake, I did not catch Covid but some unmasked Republicans showed up yelling and intimidating people. One as he shouted and cussed this woman out, we could see the spittle fly. I managed to stay far enough away but the worry was there, that if he jumped her, we'd all have to jump in the fight to defend her. As Covid worsens expect protests [even BLM ones] to be sidelined. I felt my safety was at risk, so protesting feels a lot different. [If I get Covid in my case it is an automatic death sentence]

 You know things are scary when you are getting your signs ready to go to a protest, and discuss possible violence, and other things happening. Trump was busy shoving people into vans with his goons. Our town is small so the risk seemed low but maybe not so much now. I even told husband, with a county full of Proud Boys, protesting for us may bring real dangers. Add in the danger of Covid.

How many protests would there be now, if people didn't feel restricted with the virus? Protesters did not spread the virus, most were masked. The world was joining together to demand economic equality and progress and well outside of BLM, that was shut down wasn't it? I fear for the future of BLM now too, as the danger has been ramped up for protests and Trump scapegoats them and uses his goons, to get the twittering conservative masses, to blame them for social unrest. All I have to do is read local newspaper articles that support BLM causes, to see the resident Republican racists go on about BLM "marxists" and with other racist language that writes off entire groups of people. I read these posts on Facebook to know who to avoid in my future. They defend police brutality too, the system and other cruelties. The hatred is so intense, it makes one ask how people have gone so insane.

 Racism in America is out of control. The divide I talk about and am losing friends over, does include racism. Years ago even your moderate Republican wanted to be seen as caring about those of other races, now they aren't bothering. The white supremacy and pointy hoods are out of the closet and don't care. I think of the 1960s and 1970s where many social movements, like the Black Panthers and other demands for liberty and justice were shut down. People forget even how the Civil Rights movement faced so many hardships.

  Social Distancing....

 This means more control. I hate that term though I believe Covid is real and am practicing it. The separation between people gives more power to the top of the pyramid. We already lived in a country where social disconnection has become the name of the game. One book I want to read soon is called "Lost Connections"

 Covid destroyed the few organizations and groups I did have to go visit people. It's every person for themselves. I believe organizations could fail, as no money comes in and people have to focus on their own survival. Zoom is not the same as in person meeting, and 6 months into this while a few extroverts blossom on Zoom, many people are becoming more withdrawn. Zoom means no more private in person conversations anymore outside of the group.  I use Zoom as it is better then nothing, but it is not the same as in person relationships.

 My life was far too isolated outside of my marriage and online friends even before this happened. With my husband I have discussed a life of loss, where I have been ripped apart from so many I cared about. Some of course I had to make the decision to leave, like abusers and others, but remember there's always been an empty hole where a loving family should sit. Maybe I have a tinge of jealousy for those who are so popular they can have parties during Covid with plenty of like-minded friends to show up to them. Even if you question the lock-downs, what kind of friends don't mind putting other friends at the risk of catching Covid and dying? I don't understand people.

Covid cut closed down social disconnections even further. People with families hunker down, in their own little oasis of people, but what about those without families or even a spouse to take refuge with? Many political bad actors want so much control. Snowden and others warned about this. They tried to pass some law where they could read all our encrypted emails.

When people cannot personally meet, and talk about what is going on, information is more controlled, there's no spontaneity. Zoom means the whole crowd sees everything you say and do. Even the chat probably has the room operator able to read everything you type. Here they benefited too.

I feel disconnected from the real world, outside of my husband, all my information is coming in through the TV or internet, hmmm.

Locked Down lives----- Some of us essentially have been living like we have been serving county time because of this. Apartments as prison cells. I consider the uber religious and others who are meeting in their crowded churches and revivals to be like Stalin's useful idiots, they merely helped spread the virus to even the extreme rural enclaves of America, so there's no escaping it anywhere. The back woods of Maine and the UP of Michigan got cases too. There's nowhere safe in other words. It's scary how the religious people who believe the virus is a hoax go on about their "freedom" to get it, while not caring about the advancing fascism. There's times I think with this level of propaganda, and people who are so easily duped, that America doesn't have a chance at all.

 Christian preachers like Fuecht, are pushing for huge maskless gatherings to push the virus even further. So the people who are going around saying, "it's just a cold" are basically pawns too. They basically HELPED spread it  and are making it last. Why isn't Covid ending? I hold those people responsible.

Locked Down Emotions------- It has not escaped my notice, that the be positive crowd is still telling people to make lemonade out of absurdity, be productive, and telling us great things are coming as the bottom falls out. I have felt very alone in this. Some people mean well, but I have had the kind of life where I am a realist,  The religious and other magical thinking died for me long ago. While I think one should enjoy what they can, I do not see things getting better, I see utter collapse coming.

Here we were given absurd commercials like the above of all the happy peasants working out in their large homes or well appointed apartments and pablum like "Happy to Be Alone Together". Everyone in these fancy worlds had good computers to go on Zoom on, exercise programs, plenty of food and paid bills. Here they managed to make what would have been unacceptable acceptable. Turn the country into a petri dish and put everyone into their own little box. What a boon for utter control and shutting down of any political action, changes to society or even local support for change?

Being Lied To------
I don't buy Trump's "WHOOPS MY BAD" when it comes to Covid. Some may call me a conspiracy theorist for this one, I don't care, but former presidents have put a stop to former pandemics, Trump's dismantling of pandemic councils, silencing of scientists and more has had a willful purpose behind it. Paying back Russian Oligarchs and Putin by destroying America? Wanting to help the religious fools who helped him rise to power by putting in a theocracy via crisis? Who knows? Trump is an idiot but all his actions add up to being a traitor. Global pandemic isn't enough to wake up the cult members either.

Putting a Stop to Feminism?---- The kids are home and schools probably will be shut down again. Women will have to be at home. Homeschooling has now been made mainstreamed via necessity. Guess where this could go over the long haul?

 Destruction of Small Business------ Whose going to want to go out when doing so can get one sick? Restaurants are already closing in our area, including one favorite of ours. The restaurants that thrived on take-out have a better chance but many large sit-down restaurants are going bankrupt.  Its giving greater profit to megacorporations. They want a kleptocracy. I am someone who never used Amazon but very rarely but with this was forced to. Finding things in normal stores had already gotten harder and harder.  One thing people are not paying attention to, is that the supply chains are fraying.

Think about it this way as all the small businesses are destroyed and collapse, and I do not think most of the jobs are coming back, who gets the future business? The corporate chains, Amazon, etc. There's profit to be had. Say goodbye to the last vestiges of the middle class with small business shut down. There will be the uber rich and the very poor.

Culling what Conservatives consider the "Surplus" Population---- Conservatives don't hide the fact that they consider some people more worthy then others. I consider Covid19 defacto genocide against people of color, the disabled--chosen first for the triaging and poor people in general. One writer called it "mass death via public policy". 

The Descent Into Fascism---All students of history know that America is falling into fascism fast. Even Biden will not stop this ball rolling down the hill, he will merely slow things down. America toxic "think positive" culture has silenced all people who dare to talk about reality.  This means that people who warn of where things are going are essentially shamed and silenced. Plague means using emergencies to pass "new rules". On The Handmaid's Tale, the sons of Jacob, took over after a huge pandemic to establish their theocracy. The parallels here speak for themselves. I and my husband are "public" enough liberals that if the powers that be go after small potato liberals, we are screwed. He's written things that contain political opinions, we both have protested in a small conservative town. I've read enough history books to know how endless dictators and fascist regimes did their thing, and well America is following the typical gameplan. I think most fellow liberals even are going to be caught unaware.

I try to talk to people about these things, but very few respond. I get looked at like I am nuts. Is it too much to question such rapid changes to our lives or how this crisis is being used?


  1. In the UK we are largely insulated from guns , protest is currently linked to £10000 pound fines due to Covid regs , the fines are being used against protest organisers currently. But protest isnt even mentioned except when it takes place in London in front of the news crews. Civil rights have been eroded by Covid regs on all sides and we quite expect that they will use these regs to ram Brexit problems down our throats come January , living in the rural back end of nowhere we are quietly prepping for Brexit , the total neglect of all rural areas at Covid onset has made everyone aware we are on our own. We currently have Local doctors who havent seen a patient since March , nobody is receiving any checks on medication etc partner has heart problems that require regular ECG to adjust medication added to all his other disabilities its pretty obvious that the disabled have been told go away and die by the State ...lifes such fun these days

    1. Wow that's sad things are so bad in UK, and us Americans see Europe as being better. Even as we discuss the possibility of leaving the USA [as things disintegrate] husband has been to Europe and has said there's tons of problems there. One thing I said to him, was I worried, about the lack of ADA access in some European countries. So you are being FINED for protesting? That's sad, I know the freedom of speech is not the same there or in Canada for that matter. I know the Covid regs definitely are being used in places to shut people down. Well plagues are convienient for them aren't they. The populace gets a big uppity, release one out of the multitudes of "virology" labs, and the shut down is easy then. This is just a theory, don't know if it was accidental release or purposeful, but do believe it is being USED.

      It scares me that the UK is going the same right wing fascist way with Brexit, I have been researching the rise of the right wing in other countries, Brazil is a hell hole now with their Trump copy. Who in the hell elected all these people? I tend to think they just are cooking voting systems worldwide, there's only so many wealthy conservative religious boomers who want endless crackdowns on the populace. Even the immigration debates don't seem enough to put forward the reight wing garbage. I hope you can prepare for Brexit, it may be better you are in a more rural place. It will be safer. I think cities are going to burn in USA, already doing so in some places. I may live in too big of a place here though we are small enough not to face the really heavy stuff. Wow our doctors while there has been some early shut downs, our specialists returned back to work in May, and I have seen two specialists since then with more appointments for the fall. We all have to be masked up. So looks like USA is operating better at least in my state with medical care. Yeah that is basically telling the disabled to go die. I worry about the virus spreading more, I am trying to get all the medical care I can before things are shut down, there's things I need every year, glad I was able to get rheum tests and kidney scan done. I feel for you. yeah they really messed up so many lives.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I argue every day with people who call me a conspiracy theorist because I see exactly what's going on with this mass social engineering. I honestly think I'm going to lose my mind from this covid shit, which shows no sign of ending. If anything, people seem even more lockstep as time continues.

    1. I have tried to talk about some of this stuff. I believe the virus is real and the fundamentalists and evangelicals refusing to use masks are just part of the game plan, to HELP SPREAD IT, but they are doing a lot of bad agendas with this garbage like 9-11 dialed up 100 times. I know I scared some people talking about how the elite were going to crash the economy and America even 5-10 years ago. I was considering fleeing the country but now worried they have fucked up the country, my husband could make a citzenship claim for, but I am still doing research. Being this poor and disabled well its a LONG SHOT anyhow. I am worried I am going to lose my mind too with this Covid shit, being Aspie I was dependent on my activities and organizations outside of my husband to have any in real life, social life. I don't have a family--obviously read this blog, they weren't around even when I was IN CONTACT, and no close local friends, so no hanging out with pals to get through this shit. Thank goodness for my husband, but the isolation, worries and effects on my PTSD have been hell. I live in this fundie conservative area too, where the stiff upper lippers and self contained drive me crazy, their mantra here is never complain. They drive me fucking crazy. Wish I lived in a place where people had emotions.

  3. "America toxic 'think positive'culture has silenced all people who dare to talk about reality. This means that people who warn of where things are going are essentially shamed and silenced."
    Sounds like what happens to domestic violence victims and child abuse victims. Just shut them up, gaslight them, frighten them out of talking ... Well now the whole 99 percent plus the elderly are being treated this way.
    Anyway, good posts as always. I have been reading what you have to say - it does not go unheard even if I don't comment all of the time.

    1. Hi Lise, thanks, yeah the whole country is an abusive household with silence ruling and gaslighting too. They shut up all the members they see as the 'weaker' ones. Thanks for your kind comments about my posts. My patience with Covid is ebbing. I don't know why any of this is acceptable.

  4. Mostly agree with you except - the protests are just the Trojan Horses for the violence & destruction after dark- also question your need to cry racism- blacks are 13% of the population yet commit 90% of the crimes in our country

    1. Why shouldn't people protests? I think murder by the cops is worse then some broken windows. Read "The New Jim Crow" and educate yourself about the school to prison pipelines instead of accepting racist trash about black people committing most of the crimes.