Monday, June 11, 2018

Why Don't Some People Believe Lipedema is a Real Disease?

 Troll online: "You're making it sound like you have some unfortunate disease. You made yourself morbidly obese. I can't find much sympathy to give here..."

I have faced this online and not in life. In life, I think they can tell something is "different" with me. Oh how do I explain this, my body is shaped like the MICHELIN MAN though bigger on the bottom and one leg is twice the size of the other already swollen leg, so most people BELIEVE me who see me who I have told, that something else is different and wrong.

I have attempted to go semi-Keto, and bought a tons of vegetables last week. I can't do a full Keto diet but need to cut more carbs. Today probably ate too many carbs, but most days this week I did better, got diabetes a bit under control again, 130s and 140s, instead of horrible sugars I had around time of the ear infection. We are still going to the gym, I'll be there tomorrow. We are making it over there twice a week, but maybe I should go on the bus if I can pull it off to get over there more. Last week, I made cabbage soup twice, cooked cauliflower, plated salads with cut up vegetables and meat, chicken stir frys with a multitude of vegetables and other dishes. I've had to cut down red meat, it's just making me feel like crud.

Online I have noticed when telling people about Lipedema, because it is a rare fat disease some people have been complete assholes. They have said things to me like you are so fat, you are five hundred pounds, you are crazy to blame it on Lipedema. What the hell do they know?  Our society is so fat phobic, that even if you are found to have a severe rare medical disorder in its most advanced form, you don't get a break. The same thing used to happen when I talked about having PCOS and endocrine problems, so why should I expect anything different.

Maybe these are just trolls online, they seem to populate money advice and economic boards. One I went to on reddit seemed to have some regular poorer people seeking advice and then you had the smug trolls.  I like to write and talk about economics, but because I am disabled and fat and seen as the Lowly of the low, some really go to town.

 I am not going to post in some places where I used a certain user name and my weight is evident, I kind of erred there. Same as fat people are silenced and told their issues and medical conditions aren't real, I noticed the trolls do that with the financial and economic end of things. It's weird when people tell me the economy is doing great. All I got to do is drive three or four miles and I see the closed buildings and rotting store fronts. The inner city looks worse and worse, and out in the country looks bad too. So strange like they are not in reality but then when it comes to obesity and related matters most don't want to deal with reality they just believe everything they are told.

Sometimes I wonder if multiple message boards are astroturfed where people make sure to "manage" them to keep the status quo. They don't want poor people talking about how the economy really is. They will say things like the economy is doing great, or all the things that have happened in your life are under your control. Some jerk wrote to people who had been laid off, "A Job is Not a Charity". Same with obesity, the diet industrial complex, doesn't want people talking about medical disorders and things that affect especially severe obesity.

One can see the open lack of empathy, understanding and education that is now advanced among certain circles.


  1. Lack of empathy is an epidemic. Empathy is seen as a Socialistic emotion!

    1. I agree. Yeah that "snowflake programming" is about getting people to limit empathy, in many alt right circles "empathy" has been connected to "weakness" [or socialists etc]