Monday, June 17, 2013

Tie Dye and Other Art Projects

I made this Tie Dye the other day to cut up and put the pieces up for card making. It is a relaxing hobby. I have done batik before, and hope to figure out a set up where I could do more batik for myself at home, though I would like to do more projects at the community art center I am involved with.

This week, I am working on an article on art therapy for them, I am going back 20 years, for some of the memories but why not? I would like to write on outsider artists next and street artists too. If only I could have up with a snappy artist related title for columns, anyone got any ideas, I am open to it being fat-supersized related, they know what I look like. 

Here are some pictures of cards I made over the last year or so too. I use old calendars, recycled materials and more. This week, I am even chopping up some magazines from the 1950s for collage and other work. These are done for various community projects and also for personal friends. 

A quick painting from a few months ago done for a friend.

I am working on a graphic novel too with a cartoon character as well.

Oh and a butterfly picture I forgot to post that turned out really good...

So I keep pretty busy in terms of art projects. One thing though, if I ever want to do an art show, I did give all my latest paintings away--sold one or two, and need to do some more work for an art show on purpose and with a theme.

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