Friday, July 12, 2013

Mexico is now the Fattest Nation

I wonder how much of corporate food took over down there. They mention Coca-Cola and fast food in the first video. I'm sorry obesity is far more complex then "bad behavior" if a third of the population or more is becoming fat. The second video mentions poverty and cheap food working together to increase obesity. Probably the GMOs especially in corn aren't doing them any favors either.


  1. Read this, it's pretty terrifying. Coca-Cola are a colonial power now.

  2. That is SCARY!

    The powers that be aren't just applying their evils to Western Culture or Americans, things happening in the third world or even mid-level nations like Mexico, are horrifying and not widely publicized and range from drone warfare that takes out innocent civilians, to Monsanto's terminator seeds and oppression of farmers. The globalists want to control everything.

    I was literally FRIGHTENED reading this saying they are replacing WATER with COCA-COLA, their health WILL BE IN DANGER< and I could see KIDNEY FAILURE coming for many FAST. Some may ask why that? Sodas don't flush the system the same way water does. I know if I drink nothing but soda, I would get dehydrated and sick

    and then think about the chemicals and high fructose corn syrup, it is literally frightening.

    Population control WORLD WIDE via Obesity? Sure I think that is what they have planned, back door oppression and destruction of people's health and well-being.

    This is absolutely frightening. I should do a post on this later this week.

    "Many schools, not only in Chiapas or Yucatan where the problem is more apparent, but also in the metropolitan area of the Mexican capital, haven´t got drinkable water and the children hydrate with soft drinks. This is a horrible problem”, points out Dr. Abelardo Avila. “I have even seen mothers who fill their baby bottles with Coca-Cola”, he adds. Also, schools have been converted into “junk-food paradises” even though their sale has"