Friday, July 26, 2019


My blog is being attacked by tons of spam. I can block out all their spam using blogger tools. It's weird, I can tell these are not real spammers, as most of the messages don't have something to sell or a website listed in them. There's a nut out there, who hates my blog, or it's messages and keeps sending upwards of 25 spams a day. Many of them are just dumb things with trite fake compliments, you can tell are not done by any real commenters. There's also word salad too. I don't know if the spammer is another blogger, I suspect but someone I won't name or this one admin from an ACON message board I got banned from. She had made a rule that no one was allowed to use the term narcissistic or narcissism. Anyhow people are odd, stop wasting my time and yours. It's dumb.

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