Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are Fat People Hungrier?

While I do believe that fat has its genetic and endocrine causes, with the food intake thing, while there are thin people filling up their carts with endless sugary and bad food, and I watch someone who weighs 200lbs less then me gobble up a pint of vanilla ice cream every night, I mull over my weight loss failures, and the growling stomach that never leaves me alone. Is it all laziness, low will power or something more? One friend is on that diet, I describe here. The other night she sent me what she is allowed to eat on the 500 calorie diet, it includes raw veggies and strips of meat no bigger then an index finger. With guilt, I ponder the realities, I'd be crawling the walls, and my vision probably would be going in and out by the end of the day.

Lack of willpower, shame, physical hunger, boredom, migraine headaches, stomach pain, almost every fat person in the world knows what the diet is like. My own experiences include severe spells of hypoglycemia, once ironically ending up on floor of a grocery store, after eating carbohydrate free on the Atkin's diet, the bowl of Brussels sprouts for lunch didn't quite do it, and learning that if I went 6 hours without food or certain types of food, my vision would start doing funny things, hands would go numb, panic attacks and total physical melt-downs would be the result. Unlike most fat people I never have succeeded in losing any weight on a diet. Yes I say that as someone that has lost more then what some people weigh. It seems with me, happiness, medical treatment, less stress, better food, activity, and maybe now treating my celiac problems has been the best way of it coming off, rather then playing Russian Roulette with my blood sugar. That said, I'm still far too huge, but am not interested in another starve myself diet, where I get too hungry, fall off, and get filled with self-loathing, guilt and more stress.

But I've come to this theory that fat people have more hunger, whatever physical processes are happening in the body, while I know the average thin person can skip breakfast, eat an apple at lunch and then call it a day getting a decent dinner with minor discomfort, by 11:30 am, I'm bowled over with growling stomach pain, feelings of unwellness, and thoughts of food. Is this addiction or just a body crying out? During the days, before I was diagnosed with diabetes and severe insulin resistance [related to endocrine disorders already discussed], I would try to discuss these problems with doctors, "Doctor I feel unwell when you want me to eat 900 calories a day" but would only get the rolling eyes, with the attitude, that I, the fat person spoke out of irresponsibility, laziness and a desire to stay fat. Have any considered that fat people are hungrier and this is one of the core components of weight loss failure?

This is one of the ignored, suppressed, questions out there. A few scientists dabble in studies regarding satiety and the use of leptin, with the theory that overweight people are resistant to it. But more answers are needed. Even the scientific studies shimmer with the same fat hating, assumptions of chosen gluttony. The endless failures of weight loss are related to this piece of the puzzle definitely.


  1. your right fat people are hungrier, they suffer hypoglycemia (well within so called normal ranges) symptoms when the blood glucose levels go below glucose setpoints.

    I have suffered this myself wondering why I have to eat all day long and why I crave much of the wrong stuff like chips or ice cream, not that ice cream is bad in itself but the fact I am craving high gi/glucose loads foods so often and having fasting hypoglycemia, which I recognize as real while the medical community does not.

    but if you get the shakes, nervousness can't sleep at 3 am and get incredibly hungry then I am thinking hypoglycemia because once I eat all those horrible symptoms stop and I can sleep again. but my blood work numbers are considered in the normal range. so much for accuracy or helpfulness of doctors in this case.

    just goes to show the medical community still has not acquired much knowledge yet of how the body really works and diseases of metabolism, eating, weight issues etc really work. they fall back on what is profitable for the drug companise (who no doubt own the american medical association).

    unless there is a drug there is no disease.or they have a drug looking for a disease. it works that way too lol.


  2. I know I get full blown hunger pain, growling stomach, numb hands, vision problems, and they treat me like I am crazy, and should be able to go without eating all day or on so such small amounts-like eating a single apple for lunch, that supposedly I'm supposed to be able to do this with no pain. Today I ate breakfast at 9:00 am and then lunch around 2:00pm. They do not believe the fat people when they tell them, look I can't take the hours and hours of hunger pain or go to bed with my stomach growling all night, water doesnt kill it either or any of the other suggestions. Yeah I think the numbers work different in fat people too...wouldnt larger bodies need more sugar to keep going? I got so sick throughout my youth due to hypoglycemia, I grew up in a household where no free snacking was allowed and then in college was busy and working to eat, and then later too poor to have constant food, even now the fridge is a bit on empty side though I am eating oranges as snacks. They do not believe us when we describe the hunger either. You are right about the doctor associations being "owned" [well let's say influenced] by the drug companies.

  3. This could be the problem of some, even many very fat people.

    1. Sure sleep apnea can put on hundreds of pounds in suspectible people. Doctors believe that had something to do with my immense weight gain beyond Lipedema and other stuff. I lost the 250lbs from near 700 with the CPAP being part of that medical treatment. It changed my life. They do say sleep apnea still affects me but it is as treated as much as they can do. I never and cannot sleep without being on my CPAP.