Sunday, July 4, 2010

This New [well really old] Diet Worries Me

I have two friends who personally have gone on this diet. The HCG protoccol, which was discovered by a Dr. Simeons, but now being sold in "new" homeopathic form. I nodded and smiled and when they discussed the 500 calories a day plan, knew I wouldn't be joining them. At least my doctor understands why if I eat too little my vision goes wonky and hands all tingly. They have seen me in a anxious meltdown due to it being 3pm with no lunch.

What scares me is this diet seems to be messing with some really weird stuff. HcG is human chorionic gonadotropin, which is basically made from pregnant horse pee. Supposely the theory is one can reset one's metabolism by eating lots of food, then going on what is basically a starvation diet of under 500 calories for 26 days while taking drops of this hormones, or for the ones with a lot of money: actual shots and then returning to more normal eating. What concerns me is the people I know are on the homeopathic HcG. Many people do not understand what homeopathy entails, it is based on dilution of substances and not scientific but based on alternative medicine beliefs. In other words, this is far from REAL HcG. The use of the real HcG too is worrisome. I wonder if the legal protoccols are easier to pass by using the homeopathic version rather then the real thing, which is controversial as well. Is it safe for people to play endocrine roulette if they are using the real thing, or being fooled by thinking homeopathic HcG is equal to the real thing?

All I know is at least one friend is paying 300 bucks a month, for someone to put drops of the "homeopathic" stuff under his tongue, and to starve himself.

I just hate seeing people ripped off and lied to. Trust me I understand the desperation, that leads people to these decisions. This one bugs me. Yes if you want to disagree with me about this diet, go ahead.

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