Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Love This Dress.....

I had a friend gift me with this wonderful spring dress and a great jumper too. :) it pairs up with the beads nicely. This is my celebration of spring dress after a long winter!


  1. It is so "springy" looking! I'm still looking out on a black and white landscape so color rocks my world right about now!

  2. Yes it is very springy. we did a cold day here today but at least snow missed us yeah! :)

  3. It's kind of bohemian-looking, which is a compliment. I'm a big fan of beaded jewelry too. You rock this Peep. Your friend loves and appreciates you. Being a painter, and lover of the arts, I can see why your friend was drawn to this dress for you. Perfect for Easter, and the anticipated return of Spring.

  4. I do dress bohemian, wear clogs and sandals year round. I wear tons of beads too. Thanks Anon, I appreciate it. It does fit in with my love of color and arts. :)