Sunday, March 23, 2014




  1. hahaha! Naw, they'd *NEVER* admit to more than, "Well, I MAY have made a FEW MISTAKES-BUT (insert prolific whining) how could he/she DO THIS to MEEEEE!!!!" (collapse in a snotting, sobbing pile of pathetic Methodic CB Acting.)
    Conversely, ramp up the Slime and Malign Campaign, liberally sprinkle words like "Mental Health," "ALWAYS a PROBLEM!" "I TRIED!" (to kill the kid) and petition the court for a cut of the AC's income stating you're "Entitled" since you are the genesis of the material contained in the publication.

  2. I think your lipedema comment went to the ether but thanks for it too. Yeah, I already have heard and read that whining in emails from her. "WEEEEEEEEEEE DIDDDDDDD everything we COULD FOR YOUUUUUU"! What more do you want. Mine isn't the type to do the crying though she will sigh and act hurt, and I found out from other relative that she feigned sadness I had not called and said Fivehundredpound peep must not have my number. She will leave out I have not talked to her except for the recent letter in 8 months. Mine always screamed at me in person and in emails, "get therapy" which is funny because I even volunteer and am involved in a self-help mental health group for depression, and I have had lots of counseling even with ones familiar with Aspergers. Yes the slime and malign gets ramped up too. She has told all of them I was crazy for years so really can't hurt me anymore with that one, though GC sister believed it and ran with it. LOL they all talk the same don't they?

  3. This picture makes me laugh too because I have imagined them finding this blog by accident. There's not many 500lb people in the world. LOL and having their eyes bug out. :p :D I obviously do not post this place publically on any social websites only private messages.