Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Walker Got Stolen

It pours when it rains does it not? You know you are in a bad neighborhood when your old walker gets stolen.  We went to buy cheaper food at a local market next to the ghetto. My husband accidentally leaves my walker standing by the car when I rolled it to the back of the van and we drove away. I thought he had put inside the car! Maybe we are both going senile from stress!

Anyhow we went back to get it and it was gone! Some people stole it within 5 minutes of it being left! Talk about those without a conscience! What next stealing someone's crutches or motorized wheelchair? Robert Putnam of the book "Bowling Alone" would call this a failed community with lack of social cohesion. I learned my lesson, no more going to the "bad" part of town for cheaper groceries. We may get mugged down there next.

There is a sense of violation when getting robbed that is hard to describe, it brings burning anger inside. This is not the first time I have gotten robbed, one of my boarding houses was broken into the one day the house dog was away at the vet, that guy stole everything he could get his hands on. That included my bead collection and jewelry I made in college. Others in another city tried to rob me but failed. There are many times I escaped with my wits and sheer luck, but here losing situational awareness due to the combination of stress, and overtaxed lungs due to growing heat where I bordered on being housebound, was a bad combination.

 The wheel is ready to break too so they may get theirs when it breaks off and they tumble over. I was thinking of retiring it but wanted to get the most complete use out of the walker because my insurance only pays for one every 5 years. I had a new one waiting to be used Thank God. I actually taped a sign on our dashboard, "Did you remember to put the walker in the car"? so this does not happen again. The Diet Pepsi is my husband's, I can't even drink that stuff without getting acid reflux.


  1. Probably an unregenerate person took your walker Peeps. Unsaved people are a pain in the you-know-where. We spend so much time energy and resources having to lock and unlock and fumble for keys, and make sure the old statements and such are shredded. Oh and soaking labels off of medicine bottles that are empty. Can't just toss stuff in the can, because there's too much of a chance that some unGodly person will steal data and otherwise be a narkish pain. And then these snakes cry poverty as if they are the only ones having money issues - these creeps have no regard for anyone else in the neighborhood. My dad's mom went through real rough times, as a boy my dad was sometimes hungry, but back then one didn't need to worry about thieving low-lifes. Neighbors helped the family whose head decided Godly manhood was too much like responsibility. So dad went to work at 16, after school to buy food for mom and sis. But that was then, when people actually went to Gospel churches and enjoyed Godly learning and fellowship - and people shared. Praying for you, Peeps.

    1. I am sure it was an unregenerate. What is sad is they had a super duper new car. Imagine that they steal a poor woman's walker and have a SUV I never could afford in a million years. Yes all the work not to be robbed or abused. Watching one's back gets exhausting. A lot of them have money and are busy with rip-offs while crying poverty. I am glad your Dad helped his family. In the old days churches and families would share with one another. There was none of this rich-show-offs allowing other family members to live in the gutter. My mother even had the connections to easily get my husband a middle class job as he looked and struggled, but I suppose watching us fall into the ditch was more amusing to her. With the church, you know when you do not fit into a place too. My old church others were poor too, it wasn't a point of shame and embarrassment. We even had an in church food pantry.