Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Psycho Comments

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I discussed them here

I decided to SHOW them.

Did she?

I don't know 100% for sure but I highly suspect it. It sounds like things she would say, and she always went low for the attack. Having emotions like a normal human being-even though my relationship with my brother is troubled because of my mother, I was severely worried for him and guess what jugular this person went for?

Having this posted the night of my brother's serious surgery, the timing was telling because it was the night before his quadruple bypass. No one else here except me and family members and a few of his friends who don't read this blog knew the timing. I and friends prayed for him that he would come through alright.

He did make it through his surgery okay and is recovering at home, with his girlfriend, her child and a friend helping out. I did talk to him before the surgery and sent him a card.

As you can see this was pretty evil sick stuff. It seems too emotional and too personally direct for an indiscriminate troll but if it was a troll, you suck too.