Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Loss of Liberty: It's about Control

 Maybe I am nuts but I posted this meme on my Facebook. Guess someone needs to speak out. Why are they pushing "passports" for a "vaccine" [aka gene therapy] that doesn't really bring immunity or protect anyone from getting Covid and where they can still spread it? Why do they want to push these "vaccines" they don't know the long term effects on kids who are very very low risk from Covid19?

I know too many people who have gotten the vaccines, and the horse was out of the barn, before I knew enough to say anything. Just about everyone reads the word "vaccine" and thinks the mRNA "gene therapy" protects them the same way and it doesn't.

 Hmm during my conspiracy days, we used to warn about some of this crap, guess some conspiracies were true. This even reminds me of a bible prophecy about how one won't be allowed to buy or sell. One thing people may have figured out about me already, I don't follow the crowd. On this one, they are wrong.

This is the destruction of freedom on every layer.  By the way one of my elderly friends got one of "vaccines", and got so sick on the first dose, she ended up calling 911, and fortunately is rethinking the second dose. These stories are becoming personal not just ancedotes online.  Some could say this is letting a crisis never go to waste. 

and see this one too:



  2. I agree. This should be between a person and their doctor.

  3. Please tell me what you're storing in your skull bc it sure isn't brains.

    1. Your blogs are kind of weird, all one sentence, one from 2011, that amounts to one sentence, and you are going to comment on my brains? At least put in the effort to present an argument beyond ad hominens.