Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ted Nugent and Anthony Bourdain: Fat Haters

I am of the opinion you will never see a celebrity that is known or famous question the system, because they are part of the system and that system profits off fat people and the diet industry that hypes extreme personal responsibility as the sole cause of the obesity epidemic instead of our adulterated food and toxic lifestyles imposed from above. So when you see one of these self-avowed celebrity "experts" coming out with their brain-dead politics from either side of the partisan aisle, always question the slop that comes out of their mouths.

Here is the transcript of the video:

Go to the link it gets even worse. Make sure to be careful of your blood pressure. They complain about fat people on airplanes, say fat kids SHOULD be made fun of and say that obesity is a suicide lifestyle freely chosen. That last one alone is beyond offensive and shows their utter loathsome stupidity and their being used as mouthpieces for other interests.  Even Bourdain's nauseating brainwashed politics are enough to make me vomit all over my keyboard along with the hatred of the fat.

Anthony Bourdain is a hypocrite of the highest order, selling his overseas food porn to the American masses. This shows me anyone can insult and judge fat people even past drug addicts. He smokes, drinks like a fish even while "working: on his TV show  and has taken street drugs:

He is also a former user of cocaine, heroin, and LSD. In Kitchen Confidential he writes of his experience in a trendy SoHo restaurant in 1981: "We were high all the time, sneaking off to the walk-in refrigerator at every opportunity to 'conceptualize.' Hardly a decision was made without drugs. Cannabis, methaqualone, cocaine, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms soaked in honey and used to sweeten tea, secobarbital, tuinal, amphetamine, codeine and, increasingly, heroin, which we'd send a Spanish-speaking busboy over to Alphabet City to get."[24] In the same book, Bourdain frankly describes his former addiction, including how he once resorted to selling his record collection on the street in order to raise enough money to purchase drugs.

Ted Nugent who has no room to speak with his involvement in wicked TV shows, and has had multiple children out of wedlock .

We live in a culture where it's no holds barred on fat people. What makes me sick will be those who will listen to these people and learn to hate fat people even more.


  1. If Ted would just shut up and play the guitar and Anthony would just shut up and cook the food they'd be tolerable. As it is they're just showing what a couple of dunces they are.

    1. I can take Nugent, but Bourdain is beyond repulsive..........., a totally arrogant, imperious, holier-than-thou, classic liberal hypocrite........ So stuck up and full of himself that well, what can I say that I have not already? A classic liberal.

    2. I find myself wondering does one have to pass a brain-dead test for liberalism and cultural Marxism and Statism to become famous? I like seeing the other countries and different foods but could do well to go without the liberal politics. One thing that gets me about the guy is he eats like a pig, and then puts down fat people. He is always drinking alcohol too and seems to be a lush.

  2. I agree I wish they both would shut up. I get the feeling both are NOT avid readers and seem to know very little outside of their canned answers that were probably handed to them.

  3. They are right. Obese people are slowly killing themselves with an unhealthy lifestyle. I agree Bourdain has no room to talk as he is a binge drinking, chain smoking, former junkie. They are right though. Just because it's hypocritical doesn't mean it's not true.

  4. The American lifestyle is unhealthy but how much of it is CHOSEN?

    That is my question for you.

    People keep telling me I will be thin if I live healthy, hasn't panned out yet. I mean it's like the impossible dream. I'm kind of upset this week, since its a food insecure week, after a week and half of salads, and endless vegetables.

    I try to exercise as much as I can but the body is always tired, even the willpower to get out of bed, seems impossible.

    You think anyone chooses this? Guess again. I remember in my 20s, WANTING TO JOIN a GYM, and not having the money and being upset. I was going without food to ironically.

    I think they are hypocrites, but then I watch this thin guy Bourdain feed his face like crazy eating more then me, and think how in the heck is he thin, is he barfing it all up?

  5. Replies
    1. I went on to watch more No Reservations shows, I liked some aspects of it, but oh this still pisses me off, their ignorant ideas about fat people. I wonder how Anthony Bourdain could eat so much and stay so skinny even to the last day. With Ted, yeah he is an angry ass, have no respect for that republican bot.