Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Is Gilead Coming? Theocracy in America


When I was a fundamentalist Christian, I had a blog for that world too, and wrote a bible prophecy/conspiracy blog. It is shut down and is not open to public view. I have a lot of embarrassment about my previous religious beliefs. However I was not your usual fundamentalist Christian. I still hated the Republican party, openly protested war, and believed in help for poor people. 

I never fit in and was in the wrong place. Later, I would realize the insanity of the small town I and my husband used to live in, and how that place influenced me.  They have become a bastion of extremism with their present-day anti-masker rallies.  My eyes would be opened to the backwards attitudes and extreme religiosity and right wing dominance even of the mid-sized town my parents moved me into for high school after leaving an urban suburb of a giant metropolis. Even now, at least 95 percent of my old classmates outside a few gay kids who escaped, are all Republicans and evangelicals or fundamentalists.

On my religion blog, being Aspie, I got interested in a certain topic, which was encroaching Dominionism and theocracy. I was an strange one-off Christian and AGAINST it. My old blog had endless posts about Seven Mountains theology, Vision Forum, The Council for National Policy, and many other groups that believed Christians were supposed to seize political power in America. Many of the things I warned about got worse. Free of the Christian baggage, my view of things is far different today.  I learned about the plans for theocratic take-over and well it's happening.

Let me show you a few quotes from that blog. One thing I notice reading some of my old posts on there, is my cognitive dissonance is thicker than cement, I am trying to adhere to a religious system that does not work when one believes in freedom and cares about the poor. I no longer believe in Christianity but still think the majority of evangelical and conservative Christians now fit every criteria of what their own book calls "antichrist". Click to enlarge:

I can see all the seeds of my own deconversion all over my old blog. If you think most preachers are all thugs, and most religious leaders liars and hypocrites out for cash and governmental power, how are you going to stay in a religion that advances all this stuff? I was done with all their bullshit and happy to be free.  That said, my knowledge of the goals, motives and agenda of the religious theocrats is probably higher than the average person. By the way too, it's not just the fundies out for full control, many other religious organizations are part of the Dominionist pantheon, including the Roman Catholic church.

Iran was a modern nation over taken by fundamentalists in Islam, think it can't happen here? Think again. Just read the comic Persepolis. The Christo-fascists have made their agendas clear if you know where to look. 

It's scary that now Republicans may force their own version of Serena Joy from Handmaid's Tale on our Supreme Court, a woman who believes all married women should obey their husband's and who belongs to a parachurch organization that preaches obedience to spiritual directors. Why is this acceptable? She goes to law school, rises up the ranks, and then wants to pull up the ladder up and away from other women. Maybe like Serena, she could one day have her regrets.

Most liberals are in deep denial about the risk of Dominionism and theocracy coming to America. They assume that reason will prevail. I don't. They already have advanced plague on us all with their magical thinking and denials of science.

 Maybe I've studied too much history to know how things can go down. Yesterday, I was in a small neighboring town, and saw a police car pulled in front of us, and they had a giant Proud Boy flag covering a back window. I live in a place where the majority of people are very religious. I know people around me would have no problem with religion ruling the show, and all freedoms being closed down.

My fears about the religious right taking over completely are there, and well it is tied to my religious trauma, both from childhood and later. I've been punished for not having the "right beliefs" and know now what it means to be ostracized.  I've been screamed at and even hit for "not believing". I have gotten a cold shoulder even from mainliners in my community who are pro-Trump.  We do know the cruelty from inside: the false promises, the lofty words, the religious oppression, the shame and the blame.  They would bring hell on earth, and the end times dystopia, for their Savior to come save the day. I recall that on the Handmaid's Tale show, that plague allowed the "sons of Jacob" to take over. When people name their political organizations after biblical figures, watch out!

A blustering orange sociopath, with his hookers and strip clubs they see as God's anointed helps is only diverting attention at what is being done. Most people wrongly see Trump as areligious, denying the true desires of the majority of his followers. I've tried to talk about Dominionism with a few people. Most don't understand, they think I am nuts or exaggerating. Maybe I served a purpose on that blog, I do not regret warning the Christians of what they were pursuing. Most didn't care. Their lust for power and hatred for others who don't belong or believe what they do, is fueling possible destruction of America and all it's freedoms. 


  1. You are not exaggerating in the least. The USA is going into full Fascism.

    1. Thanks, yes it is. I am voting for Biden to buy time, but believe Trump is going to win. He's already basically announced his plans to cheat. [I could be wrong] but the fascism is coming nonetheless. I am considering leaving the country, I may have a loophole out.

    2. You are correct & spot on. I have a somewhat similar background as you & Dominionism is the most discounted threat. Americans don't see religion being powerful or a threat to Democracy. As a whole most Americans have been brainwashed & blinded by our society, by TV, talk radio, and especially MSM who both sides everything. I think this is why Americans aren't alarmed & are passively waiting to vote. They don't see the threat of Dictatorship, Dominionism or Nazi takeover in the US. "It just doesn't happen here" is what I hear the most. RE: Leaving the country, do it now, we are in danger, especially if you've been outspoken. It's easier than you think.

    3. Thanks. Yeah those of us with a background either as adults or children in fundamentalism, [I had the extreme Catholicism when young too but they are teamed up on the right wing with the fundies] know what the goals and plans were and they are making it happen. I see most liberals as naive about what's going down. I know many good and kind liberals but some think I am exaggerating when I talk about this stuff. They aren't alarmed. Trump is even announcing his plans right out in the open of cheating....and how more obvious can it be? I will vote for Biden but to be frank, if the plans are already being broadcast, why wouldn't he taking that route. They take for granted the 200 years of a representative republic and ignore the endless lessons of history. Even Iran, was taken over, it was not the majority who wanted the fundamentalists in charge. 30 percent of a populace is enough to tip a country into totalitarianism. We are basically having a full blown fascist take over now. I think about when I used to post against NDAA on this board and how the black box prisons, and Patriot Act trash could be abused by a future dictator, well those days are here now and could worsen. Yeah I heard the "It can't happen here". Leaving is a long shot, I am in research mode, have to find out if one loophole is possible but I am doing what I can. If the door is open, that will change things.

      I do think liberals are going to be in danger. I am even in that place asking is it safe to protest here anymore. Because of Covid I have only been to one protest in last months, and there felt unsafe with unmasked people, I was 25 feet away from the crowd. I have since learned Republicans unmasked of course, are intimidating and cussing people out and trying to shut down even local small town protests. Trump would have no problem rounding up all the dissents, and watching these Trumpsters in actions, who don't even care about their friends, I can see them helping without any reservations.

  2. Trump is using the Hitler playbook. His book of Hitler's speeches is probably the only book he read after getting done with that military school and college if he went.

    Hitler's followers were not just organized and determined, they were *scared*. The white nationalists actually believe they're in danger of the "white" race being exterminated. It sounds crazy but this is really what they believe.

    To be frank, to be white where I grew up in Hawaii is to be a hated minority. So I was all in on the belief that whites are in danger, long ago. But once I moved to the mainland I realized there are plenty of white people and the white "race" isn't in danger at all. It's just not a problem.

    But Trump's followers have not gone through the process I went through growing up in Hawaii, realizing that there are a lot of different groups and that I am nothing special. So it's really jarring to them.

    I am looking at getting out of the US but it's a long process. I just turned 58 and am hoping things can hold together until I'm 62 because then wherever I go, I should have that thin lifeline of Social Security, it won't be much, $800 or $900 a month but it will be something. And if Social Security is gone by then, I should be better off where I plan to go, because things will be really fucked here in the Turd Reich.

    1. Oh definitely Trump is following in Hitler's footsteps, even the usual calls for law and order follow the same track while labeling the socialists and communists enemies. At least murdering psychopath Hitler made the trains run on time and built some stuff with Speer and got jobs for his people, what the hell does Trump bring to the table, a whole lot of nothing and a plague. I've read enough history books to know how this stuff plays out. It's not going to be good. Even if Biden gets in, that may be just a breather for the final collapse of the USA, as everything is set up for a smarter and craftier Trump to take over next.

      Yeah I think Hitler's book is probably the only one he read after being forced to leave school and maybe the Art of the Deal.

      Trump is pretty senile, he appears stupid as a box of rocks, but it's really dementia, I watched videos of him in the 1980s, still a sociopath, and narcissist but at least with some brain cells left.
      Sure Hitler used fear same as Trump, we just have different groups being scapegoated instead of the Jews. I was into conspiracy theory enough I read enough alt right websites, to learn what they think and how. I wrote against the growing racism on the old blog too. Be very afraid. They are nuts, and it's getting worse and has infected at least 40 percent of the people in my neck of the woods. I'm unfriending people right and left because I can't deal with the religious fascists.

      Trump's followers love having scapegoats and putting people down and feeling powerful. They follow this:



  3. Oh with the Jews correction, Trump is anti-semite too and just utter something recently putting them on the hate list as well.

    I think things here are really going to be fucked. People are scaring me on Facebook, and the extremism especially with Covid has exposed some really ugly stuff. If fascism comes in say goodbye to free press, free speech, etc. Even the insanity with Covid is worsening where I live. I have never seen so many horrible people who support such evil things.

  4. As for leaving the country, I hope you can get out. Maybe Eastern Europe is a cheaper option. Research where you can take Social Security. I won't be able to survive here if Trump destroys it. I've struggled enough of my adulthood to think why stay? I've moved a few times to SURVIVE already and not be homeless. My husband would rather stay in America but we both know enough history to know how things will go down here. Biden may be a breather, but Trump will be fascism. I already having friends telling me not to protest, etc because I could "get rounded up" I've only been once since Covid due to high risk...anyhow. We will find out the details and research the options but I am looking for a way out too. if I can't leave the country, I may try and find a more liberal area to go to. This one is beyond the pale.