Thursday, October 17, 2013

Superman Gets Fat ?

In the other comic, Lois Lane gained weight, both Superman and Lana do in this one.
 I'm not that keen on the getting stuck in the phone booth thing.


  1. yeah, i know,bi went on acrecent diet, got sick from eating too little-hungry all the cold,sijnus infection,cancel diet temporarily;; terrible diets!0

  2. Diets make me sick. I get hungry all the time and COLD! Always freezing, Lose more hair. I wanted to puke while on Weight Watchers and I know when I was on Weight Watchers is when my digestive problems worsened. All that cabbage soup, I can throw up just thinking about it. Gluten free diet even though all the pundits tell you no carbs, no carbs, jacked up my sugars two fold.