Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lipedema My Chronic Progressive Fat Disease

Brooke Pearce who has Lipedema shares the challenges about the disease. My Lipedema came on with puberty, and then worsened in my late 20s, but many women with Lipedema will get it, after a pregnancy or even as late as menopause.  The water jet liposuction is very expensive and most insurances do not cover it. I'm in bed today from my Lipedema. If I go out even for a little bit too many days in a row, it's like I get slammed physically. Tomorrow I have to spend in bed too because I went out for a couple hours this morning. As I get older, some of my worries have grown. My bed is seeing too much of me.

When she says "My legs are so heavy", I relate. When she cries about always having this disease, I relate, I have had my own emotional reactions. The struggles with pain, are real. The more you do, the more you hurt.

 In my case, I was going to write about how the judgment after all these years has taken a toll on me It doesn't help for the very few I get a chance to tell, they always suddenly say, "Wow you never know what someone is facing", which tells me what they were thinking in their heads before about me! Well at least it was an opportunity for education I guess. Probably all of us in severe stages wonder what our lives could have been without this disorder too.

I worry for her too. I get tired of being told "to be positive", "to be strong" too. I hope she will be okay.  I am going to write her on her Youtube and tell her, "Yeah it does suck, if you need someone to come talk to, come write me". I definitely have dealt with enough "assholes who have something to say". I live in a polite reticient Midwestern town at least where no one gets in my face,but people judge women with lipedema HARSHLY. That needs to stop. Her sadness is shared by many women with Lipedema. This disease is hard enough on it's own. The stigma needs to stop!

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  1. That seems so painful. 😞 My heart goes out to you.

  2. I'm obese from emotional issues. I just eat way too much. I feel for you as much as I can; but I do not have lipedema so I cannot totally relate. All people are valuable, God made us and He does not make mistakes. Yes, people are cruel. I cannot wait to go home to Heaven; but I will not take my own life. The lipedema is hard, then it becomes almost unbearable because of judgement from humans. Is it possible to feel good about ourself, inspite of what others think about us? Yes,...somewhere out there...with God's help. I only trust God and cats. Bless you sweetheart. Please humans; be kind to each other and ourselves.

    1. Yeah Lipedema is worsened from the stigma and judgment, I had to learn to listen to myself and stop letting others hold court over my life. With God, I'll leave that part unspoken, I deconverted from Christianity a few years ago. i hope you are happy whatever you believe.