Monday, November 6, 2017

Poor and Sick in America

Poor and Sick in America

Cancer as a young millennial? That's got to be the worse! Chemo is insanely priced.

I learned the other day my insurance company and many others, are trying to switch people over to cheaper synthetic insulin, with my hormonal problems, my doctor immediately agreed with filling out over-ride papers to keep getting the regular. I told him if that fails, I have paperwork already for a program to get medicine from the company. I am doing this as early as possible, without insurance, I can't buy my insulin, it costs almost as much as my rent. Oh that's not my most expensive drug, the most expensive lung drug costs 30% more then my monthly rent and hits 5 figures. Chemo can be tens of thousands of dollars, even for one dose.

Going on 1950s insulin from Wal-mart, is Plan C, but I doubt it will come to that. That insulin doesn't work the same by the way.

This poor woman with cancer, I can't even imagine the bills. Cancer is so expensive, even if you are fully insured that is one that can crush you to the wall. I know so many young people who have died of cancer too. The treatments don't seem to work. Imagine being so sick and financial concerns are crushing you. I have lived this before and detailed my own experiences with no diagnosis, no insurance and using the emergency room as my doctor for when ever I was acutely in danger of dying. This poor woman fears death, and her money problems and having to sit on a floor at a low-cost clinic sounds depressing.

When you are poor, you don't go to the ER unless you are dying. It could mean a 500 dollar bill in my earlier days and yes they'd come after you in collections. All those asthma attacks I had while uninsured, were scary. One reason we stayed living in a town that is so socially weird, is there is a FREE CLINIC, and a giant big one, that my husband uses.  They build a new center costing in the millions. In our old small town, there was this country doctor who would go to one little room in a church, and all the poor people had to line up outside, in the cold snow or rain, sometimes for hours. I was insured by then and on Social Security so avoided this, but I had my days navigating the Chicago free clinic system.

Republicans hate things like free clinics, and insurance for the poor. I agree with her about Republicans who are trying to make her life harder and mine and many others. I heard they are trying to push Trump care again. I still don't get all these Christians who love Trump and just want everyone to go and die whose disabled or chronically ill.

 It's like they will never let up in trying to destroy everyone's life. I had my days going without medicine, and treatment that remain with me. I almost didn't out live it. Medical bills have been a part of my life for a long time.  Even with insurance they can pile up. Payments are made on many of mine.  Financial decisions do affect some of my own medical choices, though at least now I am stable. Many people in this country however are suffering like this woman, and it is a horror. It is not right, and we have people in charge who want to increase their suffering.

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