Wednesday, February 24, 2021


I'm exploring vegetarianism. I have made at least half my meals vegetarian meals now. I don't see me giving up all meat, I will want to eat some chicken and turkey especially given my issues with anemia and lack of B vitamins. Veganism is too severe, I do better with eggs and some dairy. 

 Years ago I had to give up red meat to keep the kidney stones away. One Arby's roast beef sandwich or hamburger will make mean kidney stones, extreme back pain and throwing up. That's how bad beef reacts with my body. I've eaten one pork chop in a year, even my Thanksgiving turkey, I had to be careful with. The vegetarian days seem to be dropping the blood sugar by 20 points, this is unexpected. This morning's blood sugar was even on the low side at 84. For years especially with PCOS I was indoctrinated on the high protein/low carb model. Keto would kill me. So much meat and Paleo looked like a kidney stone nightmare to me years ago. More cooking is required, that part is not always easy to get used to. I did have more money for food via Covid Stimulus money, so that helped the vegetarian train along.


  1. Cool, Peeps! I was on a vegetarian diet from age 14 - 38, with absolutely no junk food, no alcohol, until I became anemic. The cholesterol stays way down (a lot less risk of heart attacks and clogged arteries) and I actually felt I had a lot more energy.

    1. Hi Lise, glad you were able to be a vegetarian. I can't do it complete due to my recurring anemia, hope you are better from that. My doctor warned me that he thinks some of my vegetarian meals are sending me into lows, so he wants me to be cautious with proteins. [I show him a month long worth of diabetic scores] Still I think having a multitude of meals be vegetarian will help my health. My cholesterol did seem to be better this go around. I still eat a lot of eggs though. :p

    2. Yea, anemia is what got me in the end. :-)