Friday, October 24, 2014

Honor Thy Narcissistic Mother?


  1. No way, Jose! Some "mother" became parents by tricking on a man in order to get pregnant and to get financial support for 18 years. In addition, there are bad adoptive "mothers' around who used their adoptive children for their narc supplies and discarded them. This commandment applies to real mothers, biological and adoptive.

  2. I agree, no way. Yes men need to watch out, some narcs would get pregnant on purpose to snare them. I am sure that has happened. There are adoptive narcs adopting to get supply too. That is a double tragedy as the child has already lost their family of origin and now will be abused by the adoptive parents. I agree about that the command applies to real mothers, biological and adoptive. The commands in the bible to depart from the wicked come first.