Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm AGAINST assisted suicide and euthansia: Not Dead Yet

Today I was unfriended on Facebook over this issue today. They did not like that I disagreed with assisted suicide and euthanasia.  We disagreed on so much politically and otherwise, she is an avid Obama supporter, I knew trouble loomed ahead. The mutual parting of ways did not shock me.

This stuff is dangerous for disabled people where they present the "death with dignity" nonsense to try and fool  disabled, old, and sick people into embracing suicide. I pointed out to her, to no avail that in a system where MONEY comes first, the presenting of your choosing to die, will one day cease to become a CHOICE but a duty. Not Dead Yet is one disability rights organization that stands against the lies about assisted suicide. I told her about this group and was unfriended post haste.

I believe human beings can refuse treatments from surgeries to chemo to radiation but when the line of actively causing someone's death [even your own] is crossed, this is going into a new area. I have had people tell me they would not have stayed alive if they were me! They couldn't take the pain, the suffering, the immobility! A few told me this right to my face which is kind of scary when I think about it. One brought me to tears that day.

 Already in American society, disabled people have to fear being called non-productive and are told in other ways their lives are not as valuable. Already in this society we know money is floating the boat on so much. Are we going to trust the people who let Ebola into America with real answers about life and death? No way! Are we going to trust people to make these decisions who may lose some profits? That's crazy!

When I saw this article I wanted to puke

Terminally Ill 29-Year-Old Woman: Why I'm Choosing to Die on My Own Terms

I find it sad that someone that young is being told to just go kill herself and take poison instead of fighting for her life. Lest someone thinks I am being uncompassionate here. I was told at the age of 28, I would be dead very soon. Nearly 700lb people don't live very long. I could barely walk. I could not breathe. I was very, very sick.

Why is there no going to find experimental doctors in her case? No exploring alternative remedies for cancer like sour sop and a multitude of others? It's scary too in a propaganda type way that the poster girl for self-suicide for the ill, is so well, HEALTHY looking. She looks like she is in far better shape then me. I know appearances can be deceiving, but it seems even when it comes to the ill and our media, looks still matter. Notice she is how pretty she is and model looking.

The propaganda mill for assisted suicide is whipped up. Just a few weeks ago, the guy who headed Obamacare wrote about how he hoped he would die at 75.

Why I Hope to Die at 75

Hey, they have to sell the death panel stuff somehow. Here they will tell you that the "quality of your life" will be too low and it is better you go die and save your family and your state money. I guess evil does pay in this society given his position. He openly supports health care rationing. This is a guy who has had a very spoiled life full of international jaunts, and physical prowess, that has cancelled out any compassion.

Like any good Social Darwinist, he goes on about how life only means something if a citizen is productive even with a yellow chart proving his case.

Absolutely sickening. Just wait til they make it official that any treatments are cancelled at the age of 75 beyond palliative care to save money.

And they will sell this all as a choice, and put "pretty words" on what they are doing to hide it. They will tell people, "We don't want you to suffer" as they tell you that your main option is to end your life instead of offering care and pain medicine.

I have been told twice I would die by doctors. The first time of weight and failing lungs. The second time from cardiomyopathy in 2008.  I choose not to believe the doctors who gave me a doom and gloom sentence. I've had to bear a lot of suffering in my life but know these slippery wannabe "Hemlock Society" types are not to be listened to.

I believed my lifespan would be determined by God and was in His hands. God is the reason I abhor the would be soft-murderers who want to play God over the lives of the disabled, sick and old as well. We are in scary times for the disabled. I am feeling it. The winds have changed, the wicked are promoting death as the answer to everything. They make me sick.


  1. A couple of years ago I was told I had two years to live. If there had been a way to off myself I would have taken it. I'm still here and am feeling a bit better every day. I have had experiences in the past two years I wouldn't trade for any amount of money. Science is why I am alive today. Science that didn't exist when I first got sick.

  2. Sorry you went through that too Q. Doctors told me I would die in 1998 [I had to fight for the endocrine diagnoses for 5 years and the lipedema diagnosis for 17] and in 2008. 2008 I was told I would definitely be dead within 2 years. I think it is a mistake to always believe all doctors. There is good science and medical care that does help, and there can be advances in medicine too that keep us alive.

  3. I bet the woman who unfriended you has never had to look death in the eye and not blink. It's humbling and in a weird way liberating. At least for me. I would imagine everyone approaches end of life issues differently.

  4. I don't think she has had to look death in the eye and blink too. I had more then one instance of doing so. She has ONE of my medical conditions, but has remained active, and mobile. She is also very financially secure. I think her mind could change even as she ages. I doubt once any of these pro-Obama people hit "Carousel Age" they will be tooting the same horn.

  5. I agree it affects everyone differently but I know it influenced me young and changed a lot. I know my view of life is very different. I don't care about many things I am told I SHOULD care about and vice versa. I am glad it liberated you too.

  6. Its easy to treat death as an abstract concept when it IS an abstract concept. Kind of like watching some skirmish on TV and off in a foreign country. But when you are sick enough that you are don't buy green bananas for fear of dying before you can eat them all, it makes things a little different.

    1. Yes I think for many it is an abstract notion. It can't happen to me. Those who support dying at 75 instead of being a burden, I suppose can't even imagine being 75. So sorry you faced death like that knowing there may be not time to finish eating the bananas. I've been there too wondering if I had my last meal before I took ill. I see time even differently from most of this world, as very short in supply.

  7. My one saving grace is that I am 56. That's still a little young to be dying, but I got more life than a lot of people do.

    1. I am glad you have more time. I hope your health has improved and you will have years of a normal life span which could give you 25 plus more years on this earth. I am hoping and praying for things to change for me but I expected to be dead at age 28 and then 33 so making it to 46 was an achievement of sorts.

  8. Yeah, there's a difference between an inoperable, malignant, rapidly-growing brain tumor and just being disabled. I'd thank you to not think you know better than people who choose to end their lives and to not act like they're so weak-willed and stupid they can't make the choice for themselves. The arrogance is breathtaking.

    1. Yes I do know better because people in better shape then me had Kevorkian help kill them. I have cardiomyopathy and less you think I could not even relate to the brain cancer patient, I have neurological problems of no balance and losing more hearing every year and having to prepare one day for stone-deafness. I threw up yesterday from bad breathing problems, and am hunched over in severe pain today. I am partially bed ridden now and have been completely bed ridden before. I still don't think people should kill themselves [yes you can refuse medical care you don't want]. I could have cancer now, [they don't yet] but husband and I are already having discussions about it. I don't want anyone telling me to go take myself out. When one is sick for years and years like I have been, you already struggle with feeling like a burden and a mooch on society, all this assisted suicide crap does is enhance those feelings and put pressure on the very ill to dispatch themselves quickly to save their families money, of course the promoters of it behind the scenes know it's all about the cash. So don't tell me I am arrogant. I know what severe medical suffering is. Read the Netherlands quote below too.

      I think it sucks that people like this will put the pressure on for the rest of us to do away with ourselves. Instead of pain medication, and care, they want you to do away with yourself. Saves money. That is what it comes down to cash. Choice my foot, what a joke. I think it's weird a thin 29 year old won't even FIGHT for HER LIFE. Just gives up and accepts what the doctors say. Every severely sick person on the planet feels like giving up sometime, but it's sick when the life-hating chorus and liberals join in, YES DO GIVE UP, IT WILL SAVE US MONEY AND TAKING CARE OF YOU!


    "The Netherlands: Pandora's Box

    The example of the Netherlands demonstrates clearly that assisted suicide cannot be limited to a small, targeted group once Pandora's box is opened. The Dutch example provides the longest experience with assisted suicide in any country. Although it remained technically illegal until 2002, the Netherlands first began to legally tolerate assisted suicide in the early 70s.[104] Today, active euthanasia—doctors giving lethal injections—has almost completely replaced assisted suicide.[105]

    The Netherlands has become a frightening laboratory experiment because of how far assisted suicide and lethal injections have spread. Herbert Hendin documented how assisted suicide and lethal injections have become not the rare exception, but the rule for people with terminal illness in the Netherlands. Hendin was one of only three foreign observers given the opportunity to study these medical practices in the Netherlands in depth, to discuss specific cases with leading practitioners, and to interview Dutch government-sponsored euthanasia researchers.

    Hendin stated in Congressional testimony, "Over the past two decades, the Netherlands has moved from assisted suicide to euthanasia, from euthanasia for the terminally ill to euthanasia for the chronically ill, from euthanasia for physical illness to euthanasia for psychological distress and from voluntary euthanasia to nonvoluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Once the Dutch accepted assisted suicide it was not possible legally or morally to deny more active medical [assistance to die], i.e. euthanasia, to those who could not effect their own deaths. Nor could they deny assisted suicide or euthanasia to the chronically ill who have longer to suffer than the terminally ill or to those who have psychological pain not associated with physical disease. To do so would be a form of discrimination. Involuntary euthanasia has been justified as necessitated by the need to make decisions for patients not [medically] competent to choose for themselves."[106] "

  10. I remember seeing a movie called 'Children of Men' which was set in the future in England. People were psychologically destroyed because of the way society had changed for the worse and there were billboards advertising a suicide pill that was freely available for the population to take. There had been no births in 18 years for some reason which nobody understood, and all hope had apparently been lost. There as violence in the streets and the world looked like a war zone.

    To me, this was a form of brainwashing. This is how hopeless life is going to be in the future, so just succumb to the despair and give up. The fight to live is the most basic of human motivations. I remember when my father died at 88, that one very young doctor came to me in the hospital and told me to tell my Dad to 'just stop fighting'. I remember thinking...'I'll bet if it was you dying you would not like some cocky young medic to tell you to 'just stop fighting death'. There were actually a number of deeply disgusting incidents which occured when he was in this hospital. There was a pregnant female doctor who did the rounds with two very young interns who used to come into my father's room and stand there informing him what was going to happen to him when his body started shutting down. But she did it with her shark eyes boring holes into him and then staring at me as if to dare me to say anything to her. My jaw was too busy hitting the floor to stand up and order her out. Actually I am pretty sure that woman was a narcissist. Because she tried that trick a couple of times with other members of my family, Fortunately for my father he didn't have his hearing aid in so he had no idea what she was saying.

    The treatment of the aged and ill in our country (Australia) is as deplorable as it is in any western country.

    I fully agree with you about euthenasia and assisted suicide, even though the media and hollywood seem to be pushing this agenda fairly strategically. I am not so keen about pushing newly grieving family members to donate their relative's organs either, but that's another issue.

  11. Dear Butch Country, it is sick that death is seen as the main solution to everything. Obviously you do not believe in God, you think everyone who suffers should suicide themselves out. I hope you did not voice these things as your wife suffered. I did not post your rude post. I am sick of wicked people who think death is the solution to everything.

  12. Yes I do believe in God, but my God is kind caring and compassionate, not vengeful, nor hateful .... I don't think everyone who suffers should suicide themselves out... I love how you twist my words, and I can feel the venom on your tongue, I do however believe suicide should be an option and that no one deserves to suffer an agonizing painful death , have you ever seen death? it is not like in the movies or on television my Dear Peep, it is Horrendous, it is agonizing , why should people be forced by law to suffer? to appease people like you who disagree with suicide as an option? ... in sincere honesty.. give me 3 valid scientific reasons why suicide should not be an option for those dying in great pain? you won't answer or post this comment or question because logically you can not... take your God and your Faith out of the answer ... what scientific reason then is there that a person should not end their suffering ? you can not fundamentally answer that because of your religious convictions... and that is okay, your beliefs are correct... for you and for those that believe in God the same way as you do, but My belief in God and Jesus, does allow me to condone suicide as an option, when and only when the person is suffering so greatly that no medicines or alternative therapies help and that they have no quality of life what so ever, see the main difference here Miss Peep is I have personal experience with the insidious disease of cancer, I have personal experience caring for a loved one dying in agony from it, you how ever do not, and I pray sincerely that you never do have to both witness and experience that , it is horrible it will haunt me all the days of my life, it will haunt my 13 year old son all the days of his life as well... so don't claim that you are an expert in death, you are not, and don't assume people don't believe in God just because their views differ from yours. now I do apologise for my original post, but understand that was Grief talking, my wife passed January 26th 2015, I read your post early February when the pain and grief was still very much raw, I hope you understand that. while I still hurt now, I am able to converse without the needless foul language or venom on my tongue... when you write a powerful post such as you have here, expect people to disagree , ( again I am sorry for my rudeness in the original post) , but please don't accuse those who disagree with you of not believing in God, we do , we have our Faith, it simply differs from yours, your God my God their God in the end they are all one and the same no matter what you call him , it does not make any one religion absolutely right and all others wrong, accept t hat and you will go far in life, Judge not lest ye be judged , remember that peeps.