Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Aspie Conversation

Aspies tend to be blunt. Many of us will learn to make sure we don't hurt people's feelings but we prefer when it's all laid out, instead of hemming and hawing and guessing. How often have I had to tell people "I am not a psychic!". I know I break so many neurotypical conversation rules it's not funny. I ignore things like status when conversing with people, and too much of my life had to learn to "filter" so I would get along with people but I have to admit outside of a few close neurotypical friends I am at most at ease in conversation with Aspies, because I don't have to censor every other little thing. I do see the neurotypicals communicating a lot via body language and inferred meanings. These things are far harder for an Aspie.


  1. Same anonymous who just commented on your David and Tiffany Sedaris article. Just wanted to say that one of the things I love about some of my autistic friends is that they're incredibly empathic and easy to relate to precisely because it doesn't come naturally to them. Neurotypicals tend to take stuff like that for granted and fail at it more often. Then again, I'm also pretty socially awkward, so autistic/aspie behavior in other people has never seemed that weird to me. Frankly, I'm more nervous around 100% neurotypical people.

  2. You could have Aspie traits, there are some who are not on the spectrum but test for some Aspie traits. I do meet NTs who are Aspie open and friendly. I am not sure how this works, but I have a few friends in that category. I find fellow Aspies more empathetic then a lot of NTs too. She had another picture about how Aspies like to go deeper in conversation and I have noticed that too, and plan to post it. Tiffany seemed more sensitive type, I am not saying Aspie but could see her being Aspie open, surrounded by a bunch of sharks. Wow I have taken a lot of heat over that article. LOL