Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Should Most People Even Be Parents?

Quote seen on reddit:

Side complaint:
Stuff like this is why it pisses me off that marriage + children is seen as the golden standard. I firmly believe that the vast majority of people on this earth have NO business being parents.
Rape and beatings are certainly on the extreme end of the spectrum, but I remember in high school every. single. one. of my friends had issues, like feeling like they don’t matter, like they’re in their parents’ way... a lot of us also just had parents that got angry so damn fast over nothing and took it out verbally on us — not to a degree that’s considered abusive by most people, but it certainly caused us all some emotional damage in adulthood. Even now as an adult it seems like everyone I know had some sort of rough childhood that they’re having to come to terms with as grown ups.

There are good parents out there who love and nurture their children, but we are in a society now where parenting has gotten far harder. Even economically the nuclear family expectations are failing, there simply isn't enough money to make it viable for a lot of people as I wrote about yesterday on the "Was the Nuclear Family a Mistake?" I do find myself hoping that the child-free movement will in a way lessen the chances for abuse in homes, as more people question the idea that one is "supposed" to have children. Maybe more people will examine what they have to offer as parents, and analyze if they have the mental and physical resources to do it.  Sadly the economic pressures are making happier family lives more and more impossible for many even the well intended.

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