Monday, February 10, 2020

1000lb Sisters on TLC

Some of you may be familiar with the Slaton sisters from Youtube. They got their own show called the 1000lb Sisters on TLC. There is a bit of the sideshow happening here, as they are poor and uneducated to the max and extreme in appearance. Tammy is over 600lbs, while Amy is around 400lbs.

Amy who is the smaller of the two got married, wants a baby [she should consider what kind of life the child will have] and was able to get weight loss surgery and lose 100lbs. Tammy didn't lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery and remains superobese.

I always wonder about these two especially with Tammy if there is some sort of "overgrowth" genetic disorder like Momo's Syndrome. Tammy's extreme forehead ["frontal bossing]" and eye problems actually go with description's of Momo's syndrome I have seen on television and elsewhere. Were they ever diagnosed?  This could cause metabolic problems or even satiety issues to the extreme. I don't say this to insult them, it just bothers me how fat people go untreated or undiagnosed and people mock them for their appearance all over youtube and other boards, and the signs of some kind of genetic disorder are extreme in my opinion. The rampant ableism is terrible. I always wanted to see a genetic counselor myself to figure out why I have so many problems, that go beyond being fat like becoming almost deaf.

Momo Syndrome

Momo Syndrome and frontal bossing.

Update: I watched these shows and the sister's claim a lot of their medical problems including Amy's eye problems are from toxoplasmosis. This is a parasitic infection that can be caught from cat feces.

Supposedly their mother had it and didn't know it. I don't know how she managed to have it twice for two pregnancies and not know it.

The family was extremely poor. It can cause brain and eye problems in an infected fetus. I wouldn't doubt there could be a variety of genetic problems included with this. I don't think Tammy and Amy's bodies operate the same way as others though obviously there were food problems displayed.

It is interesting to me that there is a major tie to obesity with toxoplasmosis.

"Toxoplasmosis, a global disease, and in excess of billion people are expected to have Toxoplasma infection. Toxoplasma is associated with anorexia or obesity as organisms alter and reside in inflamed adipose tissues (Carter, 2013). Excessive weight gain is reported in infected pregnant women compared with uninfected individuals (Kankova et al., 2010; Flegr, 2013), as well as in a feto-maternal toxoplasmosis model (Oz and Tobin, 2012; Oz, 2014). Toxoplasma infected animals had increased weight gain and atrophy of myenteric neurons of the jejunum (Hermes-Uliana et al., 2011). Obesity has become a cosmopolitan syndrome and poorly understood pathogenesis with a potential link to toxoplasmosis. Other toxoplasmosis complications are gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, diabetes, retinochoroiditis, and encephalitis."

So the scientists think this could be wide spread? Maybe an answer about the obesity epidemic. I grew up with cats always have to change cat litter as a kid, but am allergic now and avoid them like the plague.

My opinion of watching this show, is it is like a major carnival side show. America laughs at the "slow" fat people who are put on display for the average joe or jane to feel better about themselves. The sisters are shown pigging out on very high sugar and fat food. They live in Kentucky. This show is basically the marriage of 600lb life with Honey Boo Boo.
Have you ever noticed you never see an intellectual fat person on TV? They are all portrayed as slow. You will never see an adult fat book worm on TV except maybe a kid on a movie who gets bullied by other kids.

Obesity in the USA often is tied to low income. This is a reality for the Slaton sister's. It is for me. Had my usual visit to the store, where I had to put too many fruits and vegetables back due to the cost though I managed to end up with some tomatoes, banana and peppers. The sisters are probably more economically secure now, and live in a very small town where their disability checks probably go a lot further, but you can see the edges of poverty all through out their story.

Tammy does seem to have a very low IQ, and her sister is smarter, and more motivated. The sisters do watch out for each other and have each other's back and it is commendable how much Amy has helped Tammy thought Tammy often is abrasive and angry. Amy is married, while Tammy seems to have involved herself with a married man who is using her.

Amy loses around 100lbs from her weight loss surgery at the end of the season and goes from 406lbs to 306. Tammy is around 608lbs and loses down to around 560 or so. I am not a supporter of weight loss surgery. I have seen too many die from it, and regain all the weight and more. The success rate is around 5 percent. Lipedema and other endocrine problems seem to complicate having it work in people. I don't know if Amy will be one of the 5 percent who can maintain it for long term or if she will lose more weight. Tammy did not qualify or lose weight fast enough to get weight loss surgery though she could later.

Their mother seems extremely critical and the family as a whole seems to have bad weight and other health problems. Some parents do a disservice to their children breeding at all. I would include my own in that equation. Some bullies have said things to me online making fun of my bad genetics. They aren't wrong about that point. The DNA roulette came up snake eyes for me, and did for Amy and Tammy as well, with the added parasitic disease and poverty adding to their problems.

My father had hypogonadism which means he wasn't supposed to have children at all. Nature tried to steer that choice but medical science intervened. Amy should not have a child, she keeps talking about. I know some may say to me, don't act like the eugenics people and yeah you may have a point. However obesity brings such terrible suffering. I was mostly infertile but I had thoughts about this issue, knowing I never wanted to have a child suffer severe obesity. Maybe Amy's future child will inherit Michael's weight and be more fortunate. One hopes.

 The sister's were motivated enough to have their youtube channel for years, and I saw it years ago. They would do cooking and eating and make up tips. Tammy almost died of severe health problems several times and ended up in a nursing home for one short duration. They did achieve some fame. Sadly from what I could tell online, this was more a notorious brand of fame, where Tammy's forehead became the object of many jokes, and both sisters were seen as extreme, and to be laughed at though they videos also showed their close relationship and sense of humor and you can see those things in the show as well.

I do have uncomfortable feelings about these shows as fat people are always presented in a certain way. We have the perky narcissism of Whitney and we have the "side-show" Honey Boo Boo, mocking the poor and fat for fun and profit aspect of this show.


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  2. Please email me but don't print this comment with my email I have been through everything you went through with a narcissistic cult family and I would like to talk about it. I don't understand how you can write without the emotion attached. I also do not understand how you could possibly be married and trust people after what you went through. I modelled and so they attacked me for being the best looking and the smartest and what they did was even worse they paid when I was 20 and attending an Ivy league university to keep me in a mental hospital when I spoke about the abuse and I was tortured there because as flyingmonkeysdeniedsite discusses the narcissistic family feeds lies to psychiatrists so I think my distrust of people is more because I had so called doctors listening to the abusers instead of my abuse descriptions. I was shot up with drugs to keep me quiet at the place because I saw people laying in urine and said I was going to the press. I never met anybody who went through what I did until I found your blog and I have read and watched videos of narc abuse but none so severe as my own and yours. Please reach out I don't have much faith in people. I know there are some good people out there but they are hard to find. I have a Master's magna cum laude and a B.A> cum laude but after being locked in that place for two months my mother the covert narc told me to go on disability as I was recovering form the shock of needing a judge to threaten the disreputable place that if they ever drugged this intelligent young girl he would have their licensees. I was 21 and I needed a lawyer to get me out of there and a judge because the family that scapegoated me as severely as you put me there for telling people I was abused at 20. I started a book in 2013 but have been dealing with perimenopause symptoms so bad that I have not self published it yet. It would help if I could connect with someone this happened to. I feel like I was the only one and then I read your story. The only good thing is that I Love myself and I am very pretty and I know that Nature Loves Me and Imy love comes form Nature and especially dogs. I don't trust people they have hurt me too badly I was scapegoated by everyone else after what they did to me narcissists hunted me but now I can smell a narc in under 30 seconds. I am finally free of narcs but perimenopause has me brain fogged and I just want to write my book get it out there. In 2012 I posted everything they did in a cathartic release it was not eloquent it was just a terrified release I was petrified after what happened to me at 21 a doctor said I was systemically tortured in that so called hospital but I wrote a facebook post that told of the abuse and I let in three childhood friends who know about it.:) that makes me happy. bye You can post the comment if you delete my email. And only if you respond.. Take Care I am just not feeling very well right now the depression from estrogen/serotonin drop is affecting me. whatever. I don't care if you don't respond but I know we went through the same thing.

    1. Hi Anon, I have put your comment back up and removing your email etc. It sounds terrible what you have gone through. ACONs do need each other for support. Maybe you find my writing non-emotional because of my Aspergers. I do keep the blog on a certain keel too especially if it is found by the abusive family. I had to be cautious writing about such personal things. The emotion is there. I don't trust people, not the majority anyway. If you read enough of this blog, you will see the deep betrayals including by so called friends. I do believe that I am probably am going to have some problems trusting people probably for the rest of my life. With marriage, I just got very lucky meeting someone I did connect to and fell in love with.

      It's great you were able to model, definitely means you are good looking then, but it sounds like your family put a stop to it, to sabotage you.

      It's hard for me to think that someone who was good looking by societal standards could be scapegoated but enough people have told me, thin, rich, etc people get scapegoated too, and I believe them.
      Some ACONs have talked about being under forced commitments into psych wards. See the youtube website "Scapegoated Daughter", she talks about a forced commitment in the psych ward. I have read several websites where ACONs have talked about this. I had the threats but they never carried through, though I saw others put into psych wards...see this post.

      yes counselors, psychiatrists etc often believe the narcissists. Some are narcissists themselves. one giant danger of someone going to counseling with a narc, is that the narc will fool them and the counselor will believe all their lies. This is one of the worse things that can happen to a young person where cruel sociopath/malignant narc parents can divert their entire life through lies and getting them put away. In the old days this was more of a problem, because people did get permanently "put away". Another factor is sadly often the abuse does cause depression and anxiety they can use and mental health problems. I had severe anxiety for much of my life, and panic disorder, diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. In my case, I would hide what I could from parents.

      I was in a depression group that had multiple people who had been in the psych ward. I know the horror stories and believe you. ACONS who get put in under a narcs lies suffer the worse. I never was in one, but knew the dangers. I also had a MIL who was in psych wards for schizophrenia and experienced horrific things that impacted her life and life span. People told me what they witnessed. As America goes into fascism, mental health care is either absent or going into abusive, and of course they are denying people help more and more. I want to be cautious in writing this as I don't want anyone with severe mental health problems to forgo care, but there's definitely some improvements that need done when it comes to our mental health system.


    2. I am glad a lawyer and judge got you out of the psych ward. It is good you stood up for yourself.
      I will write you at your email later. I understand no trust in people. After one is betrayed enough times or can't even trust their own family or goes no contact and discovers the depths of lies, it can be very difficult. If anything higher boundaries are not a bad thing for people like us. I have been happier removing all narcissists from my life, and know that the me of today does not get as close to people as I once did. This probably is the natural part of doing business. Thankfully I have my husband and friends I can honestly talk to, though I do not have what many would consider a normal social life or the normal social connections like a family that many take for granted.

      I am glad you love yourself, that is a good step. I love nature too, and it can give happiness to a life, and you have dogs to give you joy.
      I hope you can get your book out there. You could be facing PTSD and other problems from such a horrific event in your life. I hope your perimenopause problems will get better.

    3. Troll pretending to be an ACON.

      I was wary because of statements like "I am pretty" and weird obsession with perimenopause.