Tuesday, February 25, 2020


I had this troll befriend me on email. I thought they were a little strange so I was wary. I decided to be friendly and see where things went. Maybe that was a mistake. Need to train my intuition more. Their identity seemed "fake".

They pretended to be a fellow ACON. I was friendly and had a few discussions but my suspicions only grew.  They went from hot to cold in a milli-second and claimed I was this other blogger. They claimed "You aren't a fat shut-in!" and that I am the author of another blog that is not my blog. They told me they reported me for phishing. Someone out to destroy my blog. I've never phished anyone. Someone was sending me tons of spam, like they were writing it themselves, for months. It wasn't "true spam" I guess they didn't get the memo that spammers usually are trying to sell something. They did change it somewhat after I complained. I believe it is the same person.

It's strange that someone will hold a grudge and bother me even years later but that's narcissists online.  They told me my writing and art sucked. That smacks of desperation.This person may be just a crazy Cluster B, or an anti-ACON astroturfer. I do believe that there are those who want any discussion of politics or narcissism shut down. One can see those types on every political board online. They invade and divert conversations. They excuse narcissists.

I did GUESS who they were. Using their first name, and they went immediately silent. There's history with some trolls, where their personality stands out no matter how many fake identities they come up with. I stood up for myself too. Some people are totally pathetic.

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