Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Covid Vaccines


The mRNA Covid vaccines still scare the hell out of me. I hope if you got it, you had no bad side effects and will be all right. It's still people's personal choice but the side effects being listed are very scary. I am old enough to remember when vaccine side effects were rare, this one they are almost telling people, "Oh you are supposed to be sick for some days". Why is that acceptable?  But then why is it acceptable for young men to have heart attacks from this vaccine when they had very little risk from Covid to begin with? Why even take that gamble?  It makes no sense.

19 year old, 2 days after vaccination https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data/1077643

21 year old, 4 days after vaccination https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data/1074003

22 year old, 30 mins after vaccination https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data/1046636

21 year old, 1 day after vaccination https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data/994376

Seeing this too where a woman was blinded from the Covid vaccines was shocking, I am already deaf. Of course it's messing up some people's hearing too. 

 I don't think even 20-30 years ago such intense side effects, numbers of deaths and injuries would have been accepted in any new medicine or treatment. The pro-corporates can make all the excuses in the world like all these deaths are statistically insignificant, but with all the censorship I've seen, I believe the numbers are far higher. It's not hard to find real people on message boards, telegram, and other venues discussing what is really happening. These people are to be believed. It's still weird to me that to be liberal today means totally trusting in mega-corporations. Yes some companies do make good medicine that works, I am on a lot of it.  I do wish they had given us effective, decent, and safe vaccines like the majority of vaccines we have had before this time. I just don't believe these are. Sorry. 

We all deserved better. American society has grown too corrupt for our achievements of the past. It definitely shows in all this. America should have demanded vaccines equal to the quality of our old ones. I wrote the Covid vaccines were low quality and that got some people's ire up, but it's my opinion take it or leave it. 

It's also worrisome that anyone who questions these Covid vaccines is called an "anti-vaxxer". That's pissing me off, because it's not true. I supported other traditional vaccines and took them. It's these particular vaccines that people are worried about. I went to go hang out on this one pro-covid vaccine doctor's blog, and well when ad hominems rule, and one even reduced themselves to using toilet language, that told me something was really wrong. One guy presented some real arguments, explaining S proteins, while another just shouted "Anti-Vaxxer" at everyone. Give me a break. 

I am noticing that things don't seem to be opening up either and that worries me. The vaccinated around here aren't even hanging out that much together.  I live in a state with a very high rate of vaccination and it has not opened up anything.

A high school friend on FB had her Covid vaccines fail and has Covid pneumonia [officially diagnosed with both] and is in the hospital. She got both required shots and enough time has passed where it was past the time where they would have kicked in. I think people are afraid of the claimed 5% window of "breakthrough" cases. That didn't make me feel better about the Covid vaccines either. 

I read scientific studies all the time. I know most assume people are ignorant who question the vaccines, they've done a good job propagandizing the idea that everyone who questions mRNA vaccines are a bunch of dumb hicks. It's simply not true.

Here's one study you should find of interest.


  1. Dear Peeps, busted out laughing when upon seeing the meme. i don't want the vax either, why fix something that ain't broke!

    1. I think there's some evidence they aren't working as promised especially since a high school friend who was fully vaccinated was in the hospital for Covid pneumonia. Yeah that meme says it all. I am scared for people as you know. Feel like I am in a science fiction dystopian nightmare at times.

  2. Hi; it's me from FL. Thought I'd say hi.I found the comment box; I somehow thought I was on a different page and then landed here. Yep; they've also redefined what is an antivaxxer. Have thought the kids don't catch it because maybe the dozens of vaccines they make them take before attending school may have some cross protection somehow. Some of the scientific studies are very dry and hard to understand. Let's see how long Fao Chi lasts in the spotlight. Am no longer wearing masks for the most part.

    1. Hey glad you found the comment boxes. HI and welcome to the blog. :) Yeah "antivaxxer" is overused term and they changed it. I took all the other vaccines, but not the covid vaxx. I read they changed it in the dictionary, too like if you questiLOon these Covid vaxxs that's crazy. Yeah kids don't have any danger from it, so it's creepy some have parents lining them up even knowing it's exerpimental. Wonder about cross protection too. I read somewhere Fraudi is going to be removed from office soon, but I'll believe it when I see it. Glad you are spared the masks.

  3. Hey am not sure; some pages don't seem to have comment boxes; not sure if it's cuz it's a multipage essay and it's at the end, or some of them are closed to comments.... TTYL! You know who....