Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Anna Should Have Left Josh Duggar

Five Hundred Pound Peep: Will Anna Leave Josh Duggar? She Should. (fivehundredpoundpeeps.blogspot.com)

Josh's sociopathic smirk in the mug shot is horrible. It was obvious Ma and Pa Duggar minimized Josh's problems and swept them under the carpet years ago and now you see the results today.

Josh has been arrested for possession of child pornography or CSA. It's possible Anna has faced abuse from Josh as well, in addition to the obvious emotional abuse. There is one Duggar episode, where she is pregnant, and instead of getting up from the table, Josh has her crawl under the table while guests are over for dinner.

If she stays with him after all this, that shows some serious problems. Self protection and self love are gone.  It will be worse that not even the natural instincts of most mothers to protect their children won't come to bear. 

Religious cults definitely have an issue with sex abuse in general. The authoritarian structure, the conformity and blind obedience all work together to help predators do their thing. In the ACON community, we have discussed for years how the willing bystanders to abuse are just as evil and responsible as the main abusers.

 Unless Anna now is working to get her kids to safety and in changing things, she is betraying her kids.  I saw some people on message boards questioning if CPS was going to come in and do investigations of the M kids and the other kids on the Duggar compound. Josh definitely could have abused them too, I hope an investigation is forthcoming. Sadly the cult tells her to stay married no matter what. Religious cults are all about preserving the power for the status quo, and obviously show no care for women and children who belong to them.


  1. Dear Peeps, has anyone else noticed that moms in the Bible, for the most part, had about three kids - not 10 or 12! And yeah, i get it, perhaps daughters weren't mentioned all the time, but sometimes the girls were mentioned.
    As for pee-wee expecting his wife to craw under the table...asshats like him are precisely why people are ditching the Faith in droves. And yeah, i get the part about the "falling away." And also know enough about Scripture ... ya know, the part where the Word says something like "woe unto those" jerks who run the people off.

    1. Yeah the Quiverfuls even outdo the biblical people, probably during those times lack of food, work and the rest kept the sexy times down. I often thought of the Duggars with no hobbies and books and or TV, they must have sex constantly, like they never gave the bedroom a rest. The women all are told they have to be "joyfully available". The women in that cult basically are concubines and breeding factories for the men. They don't even seem to have pregnancy naturally reduced via breast feeding. It's sick.

      Josh is a unique case with his would be extreme sociopathy or whatever is wrong with him but the cult also made him what he was to view women as objects for his "use". Well people especially women are leaving conservative Christianity tired of being deemed second class citizens.

      I don't want anything to do with a religion that promotes power or the status quo. As a UU at least I can be free of religions that tell me to obey men and that women are to be slaves and concubines to the "pee wees" of the world.

      Even if Jesus had some good messages, I do not believe he intended to build the Christian empire we see today. I hope if anyone remains Christian, that they get into churches that don't treat women like garbage. The evangelical world is very anti-woman.