Monday, May 18, 2015

False Expectations

Sometimes that can be a picture handed to us by narcissistic families who tell us that we have to be rich, look a certain way, or have a certain house. The world lies too and gives us false pictures about how life is supposed to be when REALITY is a whole other number. Consumerist society that sells things via false expectations also set people up for depression and disappointment. I think one reason those of us who are chronically ill, especially those from an early age struggle with such deep depression is the picture we are given of what a life is supposed to be and some of us feel the oppression of not having "measured up" for years to years. Stir in a narcissistic family with mean judgments and it's even worse. We can grieve what we wanted so badly to be true. We have to move to the place of "acceptance" somehow. We can pray to God for whatever it is His will to answer, but yes false expectations set one up for disappointment and depression. I worry for young people in our world today they are not told how life really is. Reality hidden under endless illusions, makes for more disappointed and depressed people.

I think my way out of my sadness is throwing off these expectations. It's not my fault I got sick either.

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