Monday, May 18, 2015

Did God Choose My Parents?

Smakintosh is right about the Buddhists teach that you are choose to be born to your parents. I also have seen this in the New Age movement. This has to do with "karma" where a soul will suffer for the misdeeds of an "earlier" life in reincarnation. When he speaks of what is born of the physical, I had the thought this is a FALLEN WORLD. I have struggled even thinking about the body I have been born into but our body is not completely "us", there is also all the spirit. I agree the parents had nothing to do with the "spirit you". DNA and biological processes on this planet just create the "flesh". "They give you the body you live in but not the spirit." 

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  1. He looks like I feel. He expresses very well, regardless.

    This feeling that God is responsible for my parents having me is actually gone away. We read at a bible study that everyone is born with different circumstances, some harder than others. We don't get to judge our circumstances, that we are to trust God regardless. Somehow that actually did sink in my thick skull. Finally.

    Smakintosh did a wonderful job helping me understand things too. Its just a physical body.