Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fake Nice

In my case, not my friends, but neighbors, family friends, etc. She wouldn't be that nice to me either, neutral in front of some which made it less likely for me to be believed. That is one thing with narcissists, if you have parents who CHANGE for company, let that be a red flag!


  1. Yes poison sugar is a good phrase too! I know when my eyes were opened realizing WHO others saw compared to who I did as well. She treated some VERY SWEETLY with appearance respect.

  2. Some people are two faced, so we are dealing with people fake niceness.

  3. I swear this woman looks exactly like my mother. It freaked me out. She has a sardonic smile, and looks like a china doll that would crack if she actually had a real emotion.

    1. Scary, yeah the ones with fake faces like that and smiles meant to fool can be a horror story. Mine looked like that woman in the movie Osage county. [just darken the hair a bit and add a teeny bit of weight.