Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Do People Hate Fat People?

It looks like he agrees with me about HAES, I think some of it's health denials are helping to cause some of the backlash. I am sick too, though in my case severe lipedema and endocrine problems affected my weight problems. Of course most of you will remember my two sides of the coin theories in how in a society where so much money is made off the misery of fat people, they don't want real answers or honesty or the fact people don't have as much control as they think over weight to be known. He is right to that it helps to love yourself. All the fat hatred is not helping anyone to lose weight or be healthier. I agree the fat hatred is growing worse. "You know you're not helping anybody". No, they are not. We will stay in the dark ages of obesity until this crap is over with. I do not agree with him that most obese people are addicted to food, I believe definitely SOME are, but this is more complicated, I will admit that my extreme experiences do influence my thinking on this, but I have seen too many even smaller fat people who eat the same amounts as thin ones. He is right about us deserving respect and learning to love yourself.

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  1. We live in a society that reward narcissism so most of the standards on what is healthy or fat has been changing in the past three years. I remember being suspicious when I heard that the AMA declared obesity as a disease and they ordered doctor to use BMI measures to declare people fat, when in reality some people who have a BMI that is greater than 31 has been healthier than anorexic people, aye right food and exercised.

    The chorus of protests against AMAs new standards was scary that I was afraid that many fat people will avoid visiting doctors. I read somewhere that doctors will write fat patients off if they refuse to get on the diet or get counseling so they could lose weight.

    I also noticed that those who supported AMA new standards tend to be very young and too immature for marriage, narcs, sociopaths,or superficial people. There are fat people who got married and stayed married. John Goodman is an example.