Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Perceive, Perceive, Perceive

Were they there?

One wonders if it's just a troll or a narc relative finding the blog?


Definition of perceive:

  1. 1.
    become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.
    "his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth"
    synonyms:discernrecognize, become aware of, seedistinguishrealizegrasp,understand, take in, make out, findidentify, hit on, comprehend,apprehendappreciatesensedivineMore

  2. 2.
    interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way; regard as.
    "if Guy does not perceive himself as disabled, nobody else should"
    synonyms:regard, look on, viewconsider, think of, judgedeemadjudge
    "she was perceived as too negative"


  1. Wow. Peep, I hope your vile MN mother found your blog. She's clearly one of the most heinous MNs out there. Whoever it is, they are desperately trying to gaslight you. They deserve to be strapped in a straight jacket.... Maybe they already are, and they are writing with their feet. Hence the short message. Please come back psycho troll so we can "perceive" things about you. Ooooh! Scary little troll!

    1. She may very well have. I agree. Here the gaslighting continues. The message above is to say that everything I perceive is "wrong". Even though I was there, I must have "imagined" it all. That was one of her favorite brush-offs, and yes the word perceived was used in all those sentences too. Such an interesting word choice for someone who doesn't "grasp" or "understand" anything. LOL about the straight jacket!

  2. Why does this kind of mocking comment still surprise me? Maybe I'm not as shocked that someone would send such a creepy note, but sad and anxious that someone would send it to you, Peep. Well, whoever sent it, may "need serious help" if they think their little taunt here demonstrates what it is to "grow as a person" and "perceive" the way you view your childhood as any of their business. That comment was obnoxious; I hope you don't get many of these types of troll-y comments, Peep. I find your sharing of the way you "perceive, discern, recognize, become aware of, see, distinguish, realize, grasp, understand, take in, make out, find, identify, hit on, comprehend, apprehend, appreciate, sense, divine" to be very refreshing, consistent and helpful. -- Lora

    1. Thank you Lora. Why post such an empty statement for a troll even? Thanks for your encouragement and support, I appreciate it so much :)

  3. I can kinda imagine the first note to be from a really dumb, but sincere, well-wisher of the sort who thinks that 'help' from a doctor can magically make weight loss occur, or magically alleviate the pain of years of abuse. Those people ultimately sympathise with narcissists.

    Trying to think of how a family member could have possibly found your blog. Do you use this name on any sites that your family have seen? It's not impossible to be coincidentally found by a search term. I know you've talked about certain issues you write about with your family, including lipedema and narcissism - have you checked what search terms people have used to discover your blog? Some trackers might be able to tell you where people are logging in from, which could help solve the mystery. But at the same time, I'm sure a lot of medical and information sites have a higher search ranking for those terms than this blog does. So that makes me think it's just a narc-sympathising rando.

    1. It's possible since there are things about me that are so specific, they could google and find them. I do run across this blog on occasion while googling OTHER things. So it is possible. It could be a random troll but she overused that word PERCEIVE to the max and more then the example shown above.

    2. I totally disagree with "anonymous" that there is any "sincere" "well-wishing" in that comment. They told Peep she needs serious help and also wrote that her perception is wrong. The commenter is judging from a position of above. Get real anonymous. How would you like it if someone told you you need serious help? The comment is devious. It is double speak. And it's people like you who see this form of abuse as harmless and defend it that are the true narc sympathisers. I don't see anything in that comment that mentions Peep's weight. As far as I'm concerned, your are just as smug as the troll. But hey, you hide behind "anonymous" so that says a lot about you. It's not surprising you go out of your way to find excuses for nasty behavior.

    3. "You need serious help to grow as a person..."

      No mention of a "doctor". That's just something anonymous made up to defend an abuser and fit her own "perceptions". See how that works? See how narc sympathisers scrounge for something, anything, to defend abusers? In the case of anonymous she/he/it just concocted an imaginary doctor - a doctor who is supposed to give peep serious help to grow as a person. I've been blogging long enough to spot trolls and the intellectually devious. Congrats anonymous you are both.

    4. And often this advice from people who never would step foot in a therapist's office in a million years. I would BE IN therapy and have my mother screaming "Get Help", she has never seen a therapist in her life. Yes this was intellectually devious. Who would that doctor be?

    5. I disagree that there is any sincere wellwishing there too. I know from my experiences as an ACON not to trust anyone who tells me my perceptions are off or that I am paranoid. That is the very definition of gaslighting. It is double speak. What is scary is why would someone tell me "get serious help", when I have written I am seeing a therapist at least 4 times on this blog? This is phony "advice".

  4. I don't think it is an advice from a real psychologist, therapist or psychotherapist, unless if they are abusive. Years ago when I came to a safehouse program for victims of domestic violence and poor women, several social workers who worked there told me and several other ladies that psychologists, social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists don't write comments like that online. It's unethical. Only abusive people would write comments like that.

    The social workers advised me and other women to print a copy of their comments if you are a victim of domestic violence or abuses, if you suspect that your narc mother or people in your real life posted this comment. Somebody mentioned that we could check IP address of a person who posted comments. If you could recognize the city of where the troll who posted comments on your blog, you will be able to determine if it was an abusive person you met online, your narc mother or relatives, or abusive people you met in real life. I am unsure of how it goes.

    I'm sorry you received a gaslighting comment several days ago. :(