Friday, January 21, 2022

"No Time for Crybabies"

 No Time for Crybabies

"It’s a fact that more-educated folks are most susceptible to mass delusion, and the reason will surprise you. It’s because of status-seeking. Yes, even more than money. We’re hard-wired for it. And status is liable to send money in your direction, anyway. Among the educated managerial class, going along with everybody else is crucial because careerism in a bureaucratic system, public or private, demands it. If you seek to rise in the hierarchy, or are just angling for brownie points, you must appear to subscribe to the reigning beliefs-of-the-moment, no matter how crazy, and the punishments are severe for appearing to not go along— like losing your career and livelihood, and all prospects of a comfortable life.

The main belief-of-the-moment is that battling the invisible menace called Covid-19 requires the most extreme measures, and anyone against that is an enemy, a domestic terrorist! Thus, it is most urgent to “vaccinate” every human being in the nation. Why? Because Dr. Tony Fauci, America’s doctor, says so. Why does he say so? Because the Covid-19 “vaccines” are the crowning achievement in his long vainglorious quest to bring forth a world-saving magic cure for a dread disease. And since Dr. Fauci is The Science incarnate, and The Science must be followed (because…come on… we are modern people in a modern world ruled by Science), we must follow Dr. Fauci!

But it’s obvious now, after a year on-the-scene, that the vaxxes work poorly at best to protect against infection or control the spread, and, at worst, induce terrible long-term damage to organs, blood vessels, and the immune system. The vaxxes can kill you or gravely disable you. The statistics in the CDC’s VAERS registry show this in no uncertain terms: 1,003,992 Covid vaxx adverse event reports including 21,745 deaths linked to them through January 7 — and these figures are said to be deeply understated due to the poor design and difficulty using the VAERS website with its clunky, out-dated code that the CDC refuses to fix.

Dr. Fauci has avoided addressing these adverse reactions and the negative efficacy of the “vaccines.” He simply states that the vaxxes are “safe and effective.” That so many Americans believe him, despite all the evidence, and go along with the crusade to vaxx-up everybody, is proof that they are insane. But now that the whole story is unravelling, they are ever more determined to stick to the script. Covid-19 has been their security blanket for two years. As long as it was in the picture, raging and killing as an invisible demon, it could be the focus of all their free-floating terror.

Terror of what, you might ask? Of the meaninglessness, alienation, and debility induced by the managerial class in its own sick institutions and corporations… in short, the 21st-century America that the managers evolved in and supported — a culture of junk food, junk work, junk art, junk environments, junk government, junk economics, and, lately, junk science… a sickening panorama of systems out-of-control and entering failure mode. Confronting the disaster of its own incapacity to sustain a healthy culture and an economy with a future, the managerial class went nuts. Its insane actions now are killing people while seeking to punish those who refuse to walk sheepishly into America’s version of the gas chamber, the Anthony Fauci “vaccines.”

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  1. Yeah, just more sandpaper as we stand waist-deep in a pile of sawdust!

    1. You got it. I find myself thinking what can be done. just don't know. I hope more are waking up but the damage has been done. So many conversations I had where I was just invalidated told "you are full of misinformation" another way to tell me I have committed a "thoughtcrime"

  2. Agree,
    See "The unbearable lightness of being a Nazi," on YouTube, Journeyman, I believe. ...

    1. Good one, I watched it. Mind blowing stuff. There the Auschwitz female "employees" were pretending to be upset they were out of blueberries, while people were being gassed daily where they worked and they knew it. You know if some of what suspected about the vaxxes is true, we could be watching a genocide now beyond words. I even ask myself "have I spoken out enough?" I tried to warn people I knew. Told people to think about things just hit a brick wall. The monsters are doing their dirty deeds and so few are speaking out. I may have played it too safe in day to day life though even on Facebook enough know I don't buy into the narrative, but can only take on so many battles if that makes sense. It blows my freaking mind that liberals who support the Covid narrative, complain about Maus being banned, maybe they need to reread that comic book, as they praise govt control and people losing jobs and livelihoods and having their lives threatened by clot shots. They missed the point.