Monday, February 8, 2016

Fluoride Stares?


  1. So that's what that stare is!!! Fluoride Stare! Lol.
    Scary, because that's what they actually look like, blank, empty, biological shells, posing as human beings!

    1. Yes they sure do. There are real people out there but there's lots of the pods. That movie Pod Snatchers, definitely had some warnings built in didn't it?

    2. I remember that film, the thing I remember most, was the dog with a man's face!!! And it spoke, to Donald Sutherland's character (I think) - terrified me for life! I think the film "They Live" could also offer up some warnings too.

    3. Yeah that was creepy! I have seen the older one from the 50s and the 1970s one. Hmm should check out "They Live", I believe the "zombie" genre has a deeper warning there. Soul-less people driven to feed on brains they lack.