Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some things in life cannot be fixed


  1. Having serious health problem is tough. Is not easy on narcs' ears because they love to hear stories about people who were able to leave poverty and their abusers by working, saving money and getting out. Not having a husband and good support system is hard. You are a vulnerable adult. Some states have a system or laws in place that protect vulnerable. I know laws does not always work. Hope legal systems laws that could work for you when you become a vulnerable adult in the future. You don't want to be abused in a nursing home or by your narc relatives. I will continue to pray in the future.

    1. Yes the narcs all want to hear "success" stories and positive strokes. If you complain too much they discard you and tell you to go away. They all want to hear Horatio Alger stories and miraculous cures regarding every health problems. They all believe in the fat person becoming a thin person miracles. Even though I lost up to 250lbs down from 700lbs at one point and kept 180 off, because I am still fat it does not count. They all want perfection and their constant expectations have worn me down. I was supposed to become a rich lawyer living in a 500,000-700,000 house like my classmates. Even being a working class woman married to a assistant newspaper editor who even had some articles published in music magazines in my past was not enough. Yes I am a vulnerable adult. I am very disabled and did not need people abusing and judging me by their criterias. Hope legal system will look out for those in my boat. I have had friends abused in nursing homes, one I still am troubled about, I almost was ready to go on a rescue mission but was too far away and she could not walk and I don't live in wheelchair acessible place. I am tired of people telling me what to feel and who to be and what to do. I am an old woman now and if they don't like it they can lump it.

  2. I loved that quote!Going to write it down. It was the truth!