Monday, February 8, 2016

Gladiator Fest

No watching the "gladiator fest" for me. Football is as boring as watching paint dry.


  1. Yeah, I find sports boring too. But the effect of sports craziness on dysfunctional families is interesting. It's like putting dysfunctional families on steroids. I have never seen anything written, posted or videod on this subject though.

    In my family in various branches the golden children were those good at sports. They ended up thinking the laws of man and nature did not apply to them, literally. My cousin's kid was a soccer player at professional level and ended up in a career destroying car crash. My sister is much the same, only in a slower sort of crash. These ultra, super, over the top golden children end up destroying themselves through their own arrogance and needless to say, causing immense suffering to their forgotten relatives.

  2. If they fed the losing team to the Lions I would watch!

    1. LOL don't give them any ideas...they may go more the way of Rome as history progresses with a touch of the Hunger Games movie junk thrown in.

  3. Hi, Peep. I am having some problems posting comments. I just posted re sports craziness and dysfunctional families but I am an Tenacious whoever that is. I wanted to post an Anonymous but my comment was grabbed and posted without going through the choice stage.

  4. Hey Tenacious, your post made it. I moderate the post so they will be posted always later on. I think sports craziness is high in dysfunctional family world. Uncle Narcissist and his children are all sports fanatics. In fact one has a baseball scholarship living his father's dream majoring in sports management. It's golden child land, I'm not sure who the SG is, they are all thin and good at sports, maybe they are being spared scapegoating. The son seems less arrogant but I fear him changing especially as he has only grown in his father's eyes. If he has any failures or set-backs though, I am sure that story will change. yes they cause a lot of pain to others. The sports definitely is a vehicle for endless narc competition