Saturday, September 4, 2021

Will the USA Turn Ultra Right Wing? The Utter Betrayal of the "Left"

The USA could turn ultra-right wing from all this....

That's my prediction, maybe I'm wrong but I still see the Handmaid's Tale coming down the pike in the distance.

Let's look at you think your average Joe Six-Pack is happy with the way things are going? Do you think he liked his small business being destroyed? Do you think he is happy that he is being told to give his children an experimental clot shot?

I believe both of our corporate owned parties are leading us to hell. Those who have read this blog know I have not been happy with the DNC for a long time. Sadly I gave in to the "lesser evil" BS and was more than disappointed this time.

It scares me that now my only allies outside of very few in the holistic/vegan community are right wingers and Christians. Those are the ONLY people refusing this COVID BS and the vaxx. Hey at this point whoever supports freedom is my pal. 

Most of my friends know I am apolitical right now, disappointed in the whole mess: well the friends I have told. I find myself wondering about bible prophecy and more that seems to be coming true now.  I don't want to return to the spiritual abuses and authoritarianism of Christian fundamentalism or the evangelical world. There's no going back in that cage.  Cruel gods who want to send me to hell just give me nightmares. Religion is a soft target of the elites as well. Maybe the "prison planet" people got it the most correct. Who knows?  It's hard to be a religious liberal when most of the liberal world wants to poison me with a gene-therapy shot. 

But personal stuff aside, the "heartland" is growing pissed, they are sick of the masks, sick of the crack downs, sick of the worry. Sure maybe the professional class and some liberal affluent retired boomers and others love all this BS, with being able to work at home in their huge suburban house. However the majority are tired of it all. I live in a more rural/small town area, and I think most here outside of town have decided the epidemic is basically over and just threw the masks in the trashcan and are done. I still wear masks due to high risk, but understand why they made that decision. I've asked my husband how long are we supposed to live like this? He wants me to remain careful given my health problems. I don't want anything to happen to him either.

People are going to vote RED this go around, there's no way Biden will get a second term, and this is going to ensure that even more social safety nets are destroyed, and that uber elite will gain more power and money. The average person will find life to be more cold, cruel and meaner. The Dems are going to be destroyed in the mid-terms, and we will have a Republican president in 2024 if there is any country standing still.

Just imagine if there is a Covid-vax massive die-off, "brain encephalitis"--referring here to the SPARS report, kids die, or sterilization from the Covid vaxx. Which way do you think people will vote? Will it be for the Qs/Trumpsters/right wingers who tended to be more vaxx hesitant, or will it be for the liberals who stopped all reasoning, and bowed before Big Pharm? I'm in a strange position, pissed that it was allowed to spread by Trump and pals and he instigated Operation Warp Speed, and pissed off at the fascist neo-liberals with their vaxx passports and wanting to take everyone's jobs away.

It's obvious that the billionaires ultra wealthy do not want a cooperative society of progress and betterment for all, they want a slave technocracy and are using "both sides" to pull it off. They can use authoritarian religion, for control. Turning the country to the extreme right will make their "dream" even more possible. As for the "left" since they have suspended all human rights for their Covid BS, they are hypocrites of the highest order.

The "FAKE SCIENCE" fueling all this is going to bring a backlash. How do you think real science and progress will fare, as all this develops into a nightmare? Why are there so few free thinkers on the left? Even Noam Chomsky came out in favor of the vaxx. He favors isolation of the unvaxxed too. Do they buy off all these people or something or tell them what to say and not say? It's crazy.  Is this what all the Trump protesting wrought, that just to prove party loyalty one was to stop questioning anything? 

 I support women's issues, lgbt, and safety nets too, but do I want all this with a dose of fascism and being destroyed? Do you all realize how many former Democrats are now horribly disgusted? The DNC has lost those votes forever.  The ADA is gone, and the disability community doesn't even realize it yet.  It's hard to look around at my previous allies, some I even protested Trump with, yes I feel like a sucker now. Some can't wait to send me my unvaxxed "dissenting" self to the Fema camp or bar me from all public life. I've been keeping my mouth shut in many places even for SAFETY.

 I wear the masks due to bad lungs, so I "pass" as a Covid narrative supporter, but I am not. There's no damn way Biden or Kamala is getting a vote from me ever again. I probably won't vote in my case or for other third party, but it's harder to figure out. How do I vote libertarian given they support no social safety nets and disabled people are to be relegated to the gutter? How do I vote Green when THEY too support the medical dictatorship? 

The fact too that the "left" in America has teamed up with Big Tech for all the censorship too, is an assault on all our rights. When I first heard about cancel culture, I thought, "here we go....The elites are definitely making use of "divide and conquer".

Also if the Fake science goes bad, and it could...go check out my twitter [search for fivehundredpoundpeep on there]. See for yourself what some researchers are warning about. It's nightmare fuel with the prion theories, so the ADE where illness increases is the least of it. Religion has it's pitfalls. I think organized religion is so joined with the system, personal faith and religious practices definitely are something different. Most of the Christian churches here are pro-vaxx, but then my UU ran to get their clot shots too, I didn't even have time to warn or talk to anyone. That's a very lonely feeling.

This new "healthism" with doctors as priests never to be question where heretics are the ones who ask question, is a new religion. It's based in the very American focus on beautiful bodies and health proving one's "worthiness". Once this system shows it's failures, there will be a retreat. We have had those are "the most healthy" deemed to be the "most holy" for years.  Sacrifice is taking the "death shot" to the point they don't even care kids are dying of heart inflammation. This society has arrived at a very sick place.

How do you think "the left" is going to fare as the poverty explodes? How is life now for the poor where there's no one going to bat for lower income people? Even the temporary help they gave with Covid is ending this week. The eviction moratoriums are over, the unemployment is ending this week. Most businesses did not reopen. How's that going to go? 

They destroyed the economy with all the lockdowns with businesses going under, in my personal life, I know a few people who have divorced under these economic pressures. As one commenter wrote "Taking someone's livelihood and replacing it with temporary pay that covers a fraction of the loss, is not justice. Safety nets are there to cushion the blow to the unavoidable, not scraps to be handed out after state governments initiate a catastrophe." My husband won't be having some of his freelance work ever come back. We have my disability income and he still has a little income coming in. Many now will have NONE. How's the left going to do when the mid terms roll around? Society has gone down to the level where everything is in service to the uber elite getting more power and money and they are now drunk on it. 

What use is a left that doesn't care about freedom anymore and is ready to drag half the populace to the boxcars? Even the hatred of people on the right with sneering comments about everyone being a Qtard that questions any of this is messed up. I got suckered too, doing the Trump protests, outraged with the right as well, but woke up, because I realized the evil coming from the other side. I still remember when Hillary Clinton, complained about the "deplorables". This classism and hatred for the working class still continues on the left. That is a huge number of the population. Sadly, many of them will probably vote more right wing. The left has nothing to offer them. The right really doesn't either. There may be a few libertarians with integrity who really believe in civil liberties, but sadly, the formula whatever side the pendulum swings too, is that the billionaires get more power and money. Society is now for their enrichment, not the enrichment of the average person. We aren't even allowed to have real lives anymore because of their crimes. 

They have programming for every side. Will we get a left flavor of tyranny, where we are at now? or later a right wing one? The government said "Two weeks to flatten the curve" and now that's just a carrot on the stick. Too many on the left haven't woken up to the fact the vaxxes didn't give them all their freedoms back. 

The unvaccinated will serve as a handy scapegoat to why the leaky weak vaxxes have failed. They are taking society down the chute, using trauma programming. The conspiracy theorists were right, I was right when I was in it and used to say things like right and left wing were poisonous wings of the same bird. The USA technically doesn't even really have a left, but honestly they know how to control and influence every demographic now. All the fair news laws were thrown out years ago allowing Americans to be propagandized and we see the results today. 

 I was right about the "new world order" when a Christian fundamentalist, I used to call the elite "luciferians" then. The more secular can call them evil, rich, power hungry assholes and sociopaths. Some may call them like the gnostics, archon "controllers"--a la David Icke, whatever they are, they are horrible and have no conscience. The digital prison they are building for humanity using body and health is beyond the pale. Usurping the human immune system so one is even more dependent on the system is beyond evil.

I was retracting my conspiracy stuff, trying to be rational and "reasonable". I laugh now about people that tell me I am to trust in the system, and that all these actors have our best interests at heart. Are you kidding me? While a lot of conspiracy stuff is lies, and delusions, I know when I am being gaslighted and what it means when the news constantly contradicts itself or when people make promises they don't keep. When they scream "misinformation" to any questions to shut down discussion, that's based on silencing people. I didn't spend 40 years around sociopaths and malignant narcissists without realizing some of their tricks. 

I wrote some time ago...."I believe this brief period of  "freedumb" is going to end, they will do another lock down." I was right, new lockdowns are beginning where I live. I bet by winter, when flu season comes back, we will all be back on Zoom if the internet is still up. People very likely will be getting sick from the vaxxes with their altered immune systems not up to the job either of fighting regular flus or colds, and sadly they will blame the unvaxxed for the new variants and diseases. 

I get the feeling Trump was like Goldstein in the book 1984, and I was guilty too. :( all of us protesting and yelling about him and focusing on him. It's weird because I posted some stuff about the social engineering of Covid prior to Biden coming in, so my brain was working on a few things before I woke up but look how they got the left to scream TRUMP TRUMP and now they bring in worse evil on the left and no one cares. The French are literally fighting for their right to assemble and live their lives. People forget how much more social a country is like France and when you are barred from the neighborhood cafe, that means being cut off from your friends. It is evil to tell people they can't go into stores even to buy things they need. 

Just notice how many things were conspiracy theories, like vaccine passports that they are doing outright. The powers that be have wanted to tear down the social safety net for a long time. Do you think they will get their wish now after the trillions of dollar clean out from Covid? If we had sane people running the show what could have been done with all the money used on Covid?  Society could have been made better. It's like the trillions wasted in the middle east, proven to be a waste after 20 years in Afghanistan. Why do people trust in these leaders. They've done nothing to earn our trust, especially now with our own bodies and health!

They have changed the left, Occupy used to stand against the corporations, they supported freedom, and now the "left" in America supports full totalitarianism and a biosecurity prison for all. Most got suckered and went with it. So now we got two authoritarian sides and if the pendulum later swings to the right, it will be more of the same. They have desired privatization for decades. Public school was one of our last standing enduring institutions and now even it is devastated. I wrote this myself in early 2020:

"Destruction of Public Education---- A cluster you know what is only weeks away as public schools will spread the disease far and wide. Go read the teacher's reddit, to see how bad things are getting, school opens for most districts this week. Teachers just doing in services with no students in the building are catching Covid and dying. Some schools are still virtual but many are not. You think Covid is bad now, just wait......

Betsy DeVos and pals are pining for the days where they can profit off more charters. Republicans want public education done away with. Uneducated plebes are easier to control. Does anyone find it ironic that so many have been forced to "home-school" by the Republican wannabe theocrats?"

What's going to happen to the health care system as they fire all the health professionals who don't want the clot shot? Hospitals and health clinics are losing tons of business outside of Covid. They probably plan to cash out on the growing misery, and illness, but they will change health care for the worse. The old left used to push for universal health care. Did you notice no one cared about the people who ended up bankrupt from medical bills either due to Covid itself, or due to adverse reactions to the vaxx?  In the early days of Covid when people were happy to get a breather and or a rest, there was talk of changing to society to a better place, where people weren't overworked and where they could have a living wage. All that's been erased. 

They keep changing the goal posts, like this will never be over. The population is already beaten down and depressed. They feel there is nothing to look forward to. The DNC's "good cop" stint will soon be over, for the "bad cops" to come in.  We have been set up for worse. I was fooled by the Covid narrative at the start, I believed them. I am not perfect. Remember my posts outraged with all the people who wouldn't wear masks?  I hope more can wake up. Our real lives are being ruined and threatened here.  My mind changed when I saw the censorship in front of my face. Why were they silencing people who got sick from the vaxx? Didn't they want an honest study? 

I researched the Covid vaxx and was HORRIFIED the FIRST DAY I read the pharm websites. Now I am done with the left too, I am in a very hard place. Most people around me have bought into the narrative. Two weeks to flatten the curve have become almost two years of bullshit, and the biggest power grab ever. 

When I am having midnight conversations with my husband about preparing to flee, if they make the death causing vaxx mandatory, then society has entered a new fucked up point where there may be no coming back from it. I am allied now with the outliners of the right wing [the affluent moderate Republicans here all buy into it] and born again Christians, etc in refusing this garbage. Whoever supports freedom now is my pal. The fascist left, that wants to basically kill me, scares the hell out of me.  I still hate the right wing too, but worry people will simply embrace whatever right wing monster that will outdo Trump on the next go around. These are times where people will retreat into political extremism.

The "left" frankly has lost it.

Even with my UU, with the vegans, pagans, holistic people and nature people taking the clot shot, I was in shock. How could they sign up to have Moderna install an "Operationing System" for their immune systems. Maybe some are scared and silent/lying and there are secret allies but I don't know--everyone talked about getting the vaxx a lot. Since they've all had to mask up again though, I don't see as much happy excited talk about it anymore and have not heard about the boosters.  I know a few vegans and natural health people who have not fallen for it but they are rare.

The "left" is being used right now to get the virtue signaling liberal "professional class" signed on. When the bottom falls out, they will be "useful idiots" via Stalin. They will remove the social freedoms the left allowed them for a short time.

 Think of 9-11 here, they went after "foreign terrorists" on that go around and now it's focusing on "domestic terrorists" basically now anyone who dissents against the government. I warned for years what the NDAA meant for the future when they took trials away from US citizens and named them would be "enemy combatants" for the "homeland". No one cared, and now see where we are. There are right wingers who value freedom too same as left, but I am talking about mainstream right. I believe free speech is going to be gone. They are attempting to criminalize questioning the Covid narrative.

The present day authoritarianism on the left will bring in a far worse authoritarian right, and they definitely will strip out any social services or safety net, or any ideas of freedom. Free speech has already been lost with the censorship. The elite dream of neo-feudalism with extreme technology. What will we lose next?


  1. Hi Peeps,

    I apologize for not commenting on your posts about vaccines. You seem to have a lot of good points and have done a lot of research. It is more that my attention is elsewhere: more on climate change (fires in the west and so much rain/flooding in the east), a corrupt government that can be bought and sold (and this is where our interests overlap quite a bit), growing narcissism and keeping the "bread-crumbing" going in most municipalities in the country (also where they overlap), and the bend towards totalitarianism even at the family level (creating family estrangement, PTSD for victims, criminality for perpetrators, wiping out freedom of speech, and so on - our biggest bond).

    Other things I relate to:
    - "The elite dream of neo-feudalism with extreme technology. What will we lose next?"
    - "These are times where people will retreat into political extremism."
    - "With spirituality, sociopaths hate any yearning for the better, they want to to control that too. They don't even ask if we even want their vision of society. I don't want to live in a hell version of AI where there's no such thing as a private conversation anymore or any real art."
    - "Sometimes I think Americans had it too good, and it's made them easily taken in. They forgot the march of totalitarianism never ceases." It always takes vigilance.
    - "I never realized people were so obedient to authority."

    In terms of climate change, things are getting scary. I know very few people who aren't being effected by it. In the northeast there was a day where the smoke was so thick (from fires way out west) that there was an air quality warning to stay indoors. I went out anyway and saw these extremely low black clouds with swirls in them (tunnels). I had never seen that before, ever. It was like an apocalypse and a giant wake-up call. The very planet we live on is becoming uninhabitable for many of us. AI is not really where the future can go, no matter how much useless investment goes into it, and it is foolish for elites to put that much stock in it. We will run out of oil (the stuff that powers all of this alienation and air conditioning). And humans are unadaptable to much higher temperatures than we are enduring now, making AI obsolete there too.

    In other words, if we don't have a planet, the dreams of the elite are rendered useless, something that was always said about conservationists who stood in the way of "progress". The progress was about alienating or protecting ourselves from one another, when the new future will demand we co-operate if we want our own species to survive. And when co-operation is needed, and is required, narcissism will finally be unpopular.

    1. Hi Lise,

      Thanks for your posts. I appreciate your kind comments, yeah I did research this one alot. I figure if you are having extreme weather climate change is going to be more of an issue. I live in a northern USA state and even two months ago we had "smoke" in the air. I am realizing our ACQ is higher and hits POOR a lot more then it used to. I could never handle a forest fire but even I have smelled a taint of smoke here and there. They say some areas of the West the area is constantly smoky, this is a level where my very survival and that of others would be in danger. Those clouds you saw with tunnels in them and so black are scary. I know it would scare me. Around here we got these hyper red sunsets and sun rises, and people were saying "Oh how pretty" but I thought they were horrible on the level of what they meant.

      You know when I was a fundamentalist, I used to study Agenda 21, and they told us oh they are lying about the climate, but I read the other side, this planet IS under severe environmental degradation, we can see it plain in front of our faces. I may question the solutions, I don't want block chained or for the elite to take all the air conditioning away or make money making us pay carbon taxes as they jet their way back and forth across every ocean, but yeah, the planet is dying. This place is getting polluted. The weather has changed so drastically in my life, none of it can be ignored. With the elite one reason I am so against some of this Covid crap, is the transhumanism and computer stuff they are pushing like they want to completely pave over the natural world and the functioning of our natural health.

      I haven't written about this much but I think we have hit Peak Oil and the descent is in the fix, and the elite now it. Sometimes I fear they have a huge war planned for us, obviously you know I have read would be theories about depopulation tied to the vaxxes and have mentioned Deagle.

      The West is basically burning down, I sometimes have gone to look at those websites that mark where all the fires are, and it is horrific. NYC and New Jersey just got massively flooded, our government is in deep corruption, and bought off by corporations. Yes we definitely have overlapping of interests here. Agree with you about the bread-crumbing. My husband calls it "kicking the can down the road" too where they ignore present problems, and put it off for tomorrow. I always find your writing about totalitarianism at the family level, I was watching an old Dr. Phil with some irate parents angry at another teenager, and thought, these parents have become all about control and dominance, so wonder their kids rebel. The macro-cosm goes down to the micro-cosm. If work is all about submission, and state is all about submission instead of citizens working together in a democracy, then the families become all about submission to the most powerful and usually most narcissistic.
      We know how freedom of speech is erased in narcissistic families, there's times I think oh I got free only to experience invalidation, being lied to and gaslighted by world leaders before. At least in days past, I could live my life and mostly ignore their garbage--in my case I was politically active, but now they are interfering with all our happiness directly.

      Thanks for listing what you relate to.
      I think the climate and planet is in an active state of collapse. This virus I believe was man-released, but there are dangers of viruses coming naturally too from the strain on the planet.
      My own state hit "wet-bulb" temperatures with extreme humidity and heat, last week, people would have died if there was no power and air conditioning and we were under heat warnings. I didn't leave my apt for three entire weeks. Housebound to the max. Other people watered my garden for me. continuing...


    2. I find myself thinking their AI dreams are going to collapse. I don't know if they will put off a Great "reset" or if this is even another distraction for people. The foolish billionaires investing in space travel and computer toys ignore the fact the very infrastructure is crumbling. Agree with you about oil. Very few people know what it means that they were extracting oil from sand, and what all the fracking business really meant. I tell young people go learn off the land skills. This will be future life. I think the "wet bulb stuff" is dangerous as hell. India and other countries may even become uninhabitable. I live in a northern state BTW.
      I've written this before but humans need to do something about the sociopath, narcissist problem and the focus on power and domination to survive. We need cooperation to survive. I don't think narcissism survived as well in old tribal societies, like it does now in this modern one. Thanks Lise.

    3. Peep, I agree with what you are saying. A lot of insight here.
      I do think the family is a reflection of the culture, and that the culture is a reflection of the family, although it does seem to originate from the family first. You can't just bring up narcissists and sociopaths in the vacuum of the family. It leaks out everywhere: in school, later in jobs, to a spouse, to their kids, etc. If there are too many predatory types around, there is no prey and they turn on each other. That is where war and over-throw of government comes in. We were almost at that brink in January of this year.

      The reason why so many tribal societies were less narcissistic (on the whole) is because everyone knew everyone else's business, and could hear and see how they were raising children. You can't gaslight a tribe that you are this great parent when everyone in the tribe can see that you're not.

      It's a strange time we live in. The disappearance of the tribe and the extended family, half of all marriages ending in divorce, blended families (which statistically have a 1,000 percent more abuse in them), and particularly suburban living is why I think narcissism rates are so high. You can't have all of that going on and have a polite society where respect rules the day.

      So, we are on the same page.

      Thank you too, Peep

    4. Hi Lise,

      Yes the family is a reflection of our culture and as the culture gets meaner and more narcissistic so do the families. I used to read Victorian books, and while I know times were harder in the very old days, there semblances of connection between relatives that are no longer true now. Even aunt and uncle meant something but doesn't seem to anymore. Of course I think when they focused on nuclear families and cut off the extended families things got a lot worse. The families create the narcissists and sociopaths and the culture reinforces them. We know in American culture at this time and place, these are the types who will attain the wealth, status and power in the families and this is why they are running the show and they are doing so out in society, of course with all the corruption that comes with sociopath, society loses the social contract and teeters on the edge of utter collapse. A narcissist and sociopath run society is near it's end. They can't sustain a true culture or opportunities for children, close ties or what societies need to last. You are right this ties into to collapse, war, overthrow. I think the elites are definitely overstepping their bounds yet again, just before any would be "revolution" in history where they do the "let them eat cake" type of thing, except this time it's personal space ship rockets and utter cluelessness combined.

      Great point about the tribes, they couldn't hide the sins and abuse in little divided far apart houses with thick walls. I think even 20-30 years ago having closer neighborhood ties and extended family ties, kept the narcissists a bit more in check, it definitely gave the kids more people to turn too.

      I think they do turn on each other.

      People don't have the social ties they used to have. All my social ties outside of my marriage are online, there's a few newer friends but visits are being affected by Covid. I at least blame myself a lot less for it, but I think of all the forced moving everyone moving from me, having to get away from the abusive family who were all scattered anyway.

      When social ties break down society breaks down and it's happening. The fact now that all my community ties have been destroyed via the elite's malfeasance, I am at the point of realizing the powerful don't want people to have any social ties, it gives them more power. I think one thing they are missing in the equation is if you take all the fun and social ties out of everyone's life, people are going to ask why should we bother? Makes me wonder what else they plan to cook up for suffering. Had some dark thoughts that even during WWII they could still have a dance for goodness sakes if the place wasn't being actively bombed.

      Narcissists always wanted to spoil everyone's fun and relationships and now it's happening society wide. They are the antithesis of life, and that's one reason things are descending so rapidly. We need people doing what they can to form alternative societies at this point in the game. Wish I was younger and healthier. If a new counterculture was ever needed this is the time.
      Thanks Lise.

  2. Hi Peeps,
    I have been thinking about you and just wanted to check in. It seems like the hits just keep coming and I know you feel each one as I do. I hope you're doing okay. Just wanted you to know that.

    1. Hi Chelle,

      Things are getting insane, that's for sure. I ask everyday where is the insanity going to go? I guess it's like the early days of WWII, you know humanity is headed over the cliff......Thanks for thinking of me. I hope things are going well for you too.

  3. Hi Peeps and Friends, i live in PA and saw those ugly yellowish clouds pass overhead. And i get it, there's always been forest fires, but the recent ones seem so much worse. May be wrong, but i don't recall seeing ugly clouds pass over, like i have this past two or three years. Lived in this area all my life - 60+ years.

    1. The other day some people were oohing and awing over a wonderous reddish orange sunset, and I found myself wondering how much distant smoke in the air affected it. The air wasn't smokey but it gave me pause. This wasn't ugly like the yellow ugly clouds but people need to think about some of their scenic photos.

  4. Hi Sue (and Peeps),
    I consider myself one of the friends here, so thanks for the inclusion in your comment. I have enjoyed hearing what you have to say, and especially admire your ability to keep it brief. -Not one of my strong suits, although I feel helped out with that lately.
    Those clouds do sound ominous! My hubby is from PA, says he doesn't recall those either. We live outside the US by some distance so we haven't seen those in particular, but see signs of others equally as scary! Wishing you and ALL of us the best right now.

    1. Hi anon, thanks for your post. I have read about the smoke clouds from others though this was some past weeks ago. We had a smell of smoke in the air about a month ago. I hope you are spared fires where you are Chelle. I do see our air quality readings when I check the weather and even for a rural place it seems we are hitting "FAIR" and "POOR" far too often. Take care Chelle.