Monday, October 20, 2014

Obama Does Not Care About Americans

The only thing that makes sense is he wants to ACTIVELY DESTROY this country for the global elites. Remember Ebola has a 70% death rate. All the people who warned about this guy were called "conspiracy theorists". I want to vomit at all the graveyard whistlers on my Facebook, all funnily Kool-Aid drinking Democrats not independent thinking ones, who tell me how HARD Ebola is to get. Funny, so hard to get, but your doctor and nurses have to dress like they are going to the moon! Yeah right!

Just so you know AFRICAN countries have instituted a TRAVEL BAN and CARIBBEAN ISLAND NATIONS. 

No one will be helped letting EBOLA SPREAD MORE. 

Update: At least Obama did something, I was reading too much right wing crap when I was a fundamentalist even though I hated the Republican party. Imagine if Trump had been president during Ebola?


  1. This whole travesty in Dallas could have been prevented but wasn't. I am a liberal with a bit of knowledge about the ebola virus and in order to contain it because of its long incubation period all passenger travel from west Africa should be stopped. I don't care how this sounds that man who calls himself our leader is dead wrong and needs to be impeached and congress must take control of the situation. I did not say stop the needed aid I said all passenger travel must stop. Obama does not have our best interest at heart, especially when our health care system is not ready.

  2. I agree. I think the incubation period makes it much more dangerous. I am glad you understand this is serious business and how these leaders have betrayed us, all of them. I think Obama is actively destroying America and Republicans are even serving as enablers. I think all of ite should stop too. The health system and nurses are already protesting even with a few cases. A few thousand, and most nurses will have quit and we are looking at very altered life here.