Saturday, February 14, 2015

In England....

Obese could be ordered to 'lose weight or lose benefits' if Conservatives win General Election

More sickening fat hatred and dupes that think weight loss and diets work long term.


  1. Hi Peep. Just like every other benefits program these days in the so-called developed world. Counting the peas on less fortunate people's plates while shoveling money out the backdoor in subsidies for their rich friends' "farms", paying big banks to reconcile "mistakes", etc... They pick on one group at a time; people who don't meet 'typical' standards in other people's minds; media happy to have another easy to write story with a scapegoat. It's sick, the way politicians get bureaucrats and a reactive society to do their dirty work. So much hate in people, they'll never look around to see they've been manipulated into bullying a convenient target, another group of people who they've been convinced to believe don't even deserve to live on the basics. Not enough people will fight for one small group at a time. Makes my blood boil. I can only imagine how this kind of headline affects you, Peep.

    About your living arrangements and moving to a less expensive place, I wonder if there aren't elderly people in your area who live alone and might like having you and your husband live with them, cooking meals and some light duties you two could handle. I don't know how you'd get connected, but there must be people who could mutually benefit from an arrangement like that. Just an idea. -- Lora

  2. Yes its horrible. They won't cut any the money for the wars or bank bail-outs etc. I think there is a plan even with the attack on the fat. Maybe that will mean controlled starvation and rations in the future. They love a scapegoat and there's plenty of sell outs like that Kate Kathy? Hopkins to help it. They get plenty on board to do their dirty work. It's narcdom on the big picture level, pick a scapegoat and project, and hide their own evils and sins.

    I don't know many elderly folks here, that would have been a possibility in my old town, because I knew many there. I know I am thinking of different options. When almost every penny you make is poured into rent it's hard. The only thing in my case I am in as bad shape as some of the elderly, though I can still cook. I have suggested that for poor single friends in other areas too myself. I know of a town that pairs young people {I am considered too old and disabled} with elderly people who want a companion, I think that is a good idea.

  3. Yeah, I figured you weren't leaving any stones unturned; I guess I just keep wanting there to be more options for your housing dilemma. I read your description of the housing so I'm glad you at least feel this option you're leaning toward would be safe. Still, I won't stop complaining to others about the few options for those squeezed by diminishing opportunities and benefits for people who can't do a 9-5. People at least need to be bothered about this situation; enter me, to bother them. :) I hope you can get into a unit soon. -- Lora

    1. Thanks Lora, there definitely needs to be more options out there.