Thursday, February 19, 2015

The System Sucks

Ah that 1990s jadedness. I wore nothing but black for much of the 1990s. It's almost cute now compared to how crazy society has grown. I fear the new systems they may have in store for us with Soylent Green possibilities and having everyone move into teeny houses but hey remember I was an art student once upon a time, I always had that questioning stance towards the system. I did the outsider art thing, and had my own DIY art shows.

I think Generation X knew what was coming. A more intuitive generation? I am not sure. But some of us knew.....


  1. yes the system is really broken. In fact the system is so broken the federal government no longer functions except for president Obama regularly breaking all the laws and making up new ones that only he can use.(I need to make a remark about that on my blog, because he's actually doing it again!)

    To show you how bad the system is broken, president Obama now has decided that he can make all the rules about immigration, he can ignore the Congress and the Senate and the voters, and even the federal LAW, and go ahead and make legal all those hundreds and hundreds of illegal children tthat leaked over the border recently.

    Yeah he's going to enact his own laws! That's what he's doing! This is called legally "taking over the government, breaking all the rules and making new ones." In other words, president Obama has put a POLITICAL COUP on the United States government and taken it over. Does anybody realize this? (Maybe I need to play on that other blog that you know of)

    More of the population of the United States have become conservative and anti-Obama and are going to vote Republican next time just to get rid of Obama, Clinton, and the monster Obama care. All the people I know were working, especially lower income people, I talked to all the time and meet new ones, ALL THERE TAXES have been DOUBLED and TRIPLED! THAT is where Obama care is getting its money!

    If you are a senior, you're not going to have much less Medicare left; $700 billion is being taken out of Medicare over 10 years, and shuffled right into Obama care.

    I know this, it is a law and a fact.I've read it. I think a lot of you should more carefully read the whole bill of the affordable care act, just to see what monsters are hidden in their, along with huge tax increases.thank you!

  2. Hey Tara have you kept track of what Pres Narcissius is trying to do to the internet. I can't even bear to read that news. I agree about breaking their own laws. I read about this gulag place today where people disappear in Chicago. Many people warned about NDAA but very few listened. I'm going to post about that now. It is horrendous. I think both parties are evil, the Republicans are throwing open the borders too. Poor people pay more taxes as [a percentage]. There's some scary stuff happening. I'm praying.