Monday, February 9, 2015

It Looks Like Lipedema to Me!

Look at her legs! Who gains weight like that one their legs just from "eating"?  She also has extreme lymphedema. Here we see the doctors insisting on weight loss surgery when she obviously has some kind of severe lymph problem. The doctors are failing young would be lipedemics in the extreme. It sounds like she was healthy and active, both working and going to university so that tells me the weight came on fast. Warning Tomo has the whole "mock the fat Americans" thing going.

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  1. YES, thats not just weight, its a desease

  2. Amber says it herself, she is fat because she overeats, thats why she sought out the gastric bypass. The doctor didn't chase her down and insist. She's very active on fb, she's lost hundreds of pounds and was out catching Pokemon on one recent status update. Her giant legs have shrunk considerably.

    1. Hey I could be wrong, she looks kind of "smooth" and the fat distribution is different, Lipedema goes more like the "Michelin Man" with lots of lipomas. I am glad she has lost hundreds of pounds. If she conquered the eating disorder she may have a more normal life.