Monday, February 2, 2015

What if Obesity Has Nothing to Do with Overeating?

"Peter Attia, MD, once judged patients who were overweight or obese until, despite exercising three or four hours a day and following the food pyramid to the letter, he gained a significant amount of weight and developed metabolic syndrome. As he explains in this recently posted TEDMED talk, the experience motivated him to radically change his diet, helped him lose 40 pounds, and greatly shifted his perspective on the conventional wisdom of nutrition. And he became almost maniacally obsessed in trying to understand the real relationship between obesity and insulin resistance.
Watch Attia’s talk to find out how he’s working with a team of researchers with competing hypotheses on the cause of the nation’s obesity epidemic to understand how the various foods we consume affect our bodies – and how use this information can be used to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes."

He basically questions the paradigm. "What if obesity is a coping mechanism for a far more sinister problem undergoing the cell?"

I think INSULIN RESISTANCE causes obesity. I was tested as having very high insulin resistance. It actually is a diagnosis that went along with my severe PCOS. [Hair-An syndrome]. In my case, I just do not have the Lipedema messing me up weight wise but OTHER illnesses.

"Is it possible that insulin resistance causes obesity?"

He questions the paradigm of how this is switched around and he asks:

"What if being obese means we are blaming the victims"?

Maybe it's not just the grains but toxicity in this world? Maybe another process is creating severe insulin resistance in people leading to obesity? I think they should look outside the "diets". I wish I could write him an email and may do so.

I believe outside factors are impacting metabolisms. Look for something in the environment. No one chooses to be diabetic. Many of us are scared because our bodies are beyond control. Our bodies laugh at us while conventional wisdoms fails us.

He seems like a sincere man and I am glad someone is thinking outside the box.


  1. I hate how doctors automatically make assumptions about people who gain weight. I was in a hospital getting ECT a couple of years ago. The doctors also changed my medication. I was severely anotexic at that point in time (somewhere around 99 pounds at 5'9"). I put on 20 pounds in two weeks because of the medication. I told the doctors again and again that something was horrible wrong- and I was told "it's just your eating disorder talking". (Note the similarities between being underweight and obese. I had a friend who was a self-proclaimed fat activist tell me again and again and again about how I would never begin to understand her struggles with the medical community which I found to be wrong, wrong, and wrong). Thankfully, when I got out of that "prison" and back to my regular doctor, she took one look at me and said something was horribly wrong and pulled me off of that drug.

    It is shocking that we have so many people in our society who are obese. I think it is easy to blame personal control (and I do believe that is a component for all of us) like that is the sum total.

    What about this generation of kids being brought up on medications? What about all of the drugs in the meat and animal products people eat? What else is there? If you take a hamburger from yesteryear and a hamburger from our modern factory farms, which will cause more weight gain? Even people who are eating chicken breast or fish thinking it is healthy are most likely eating a pills worth of growth hormone.

    It will benefit us all when scientists and doctors start thinking outside of the box. I absolutely agree there is more to this issue and finger -pointing isn't doing anything to help. If people are eating on the food pyramid, what is it in our food that is messing up the natural
    Order of things- and our bodies?

    I always enjoy your comments. I am a relatively new reader- but I hope You keep up the good work! -Kate

  2. I believe you about the med, prednisone gave me 75lbs once in a month and I was on it constantly to save my life from asthma attacks. Ever notice how more drugs cause weight gain then weight loss? Part of me thinks that is planned out too especially with the antidepressants. I have food intake removed from weight in my mind. I had food insecure months and still lost nothing. We need more independent minded scientists and doctors who think outside the mainstream. That will be the people who chip through the BS and get some real answers. I am even worried about Lipedema and believe focus on the fat and looks is keeping us from a real cure.

  3. Thanks for your compliments too regarding the blog. :)