Friday, July 17, 2015

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books are the latest fad. Years ago, I made a coloring book once for my niece and nephew using an altered form of my cartoon character. I wish I had taken pictures of it. The other day I bought a coloring book where one is to color in famous art works, but never got around to it, more busy with my own art projects. That mid-century art one looks cool.

This is the one on my counter, ready to go.

"Color Your Own Modern Masterpieces"

Shrink4men who I saw the first video on his website, doesn't like the idea. I consider coloring a relaxing form of art therapy.


  1. Dear Peeps, had the title of this post been on an unfamiliar blog, i would have assumed the "Adult" would have meant something skanky. What a shame how the word, "adult" has been so maligned. Anyway, they look like neat books.

  2. I wouldn't judge someone for it. I admire those who can relax in any way. Its hard for me, I need things that are so complicated that it makes me tear my hair out.

  3. As someone who is among the emotionally molested, I have had to try different things to find myself, and I still do. I don't understand why Shrink4men had taken such a strong stance in this, to belittle anyone who wants to color in a coloring book. Everyone's needs are different, and if someone had told me this is wrong, I would not even try it. We have had enough of the shaming, enough is enough. I'm lucky I'm not in the nuthouse. Coloring requires focus, and that is a good thing. Good for anxiety and fear, I think.

    I may be sorry for writing this but this is just another example of a therapist lacking any presence. Sorry, I'm ticked.

    1. I loved coloring as a kid, so why not do it as adult? I guess I didn't understand the strong stance either? I would play with Legos if I had money to go buy some. I have played with clay too. I agree there is too much shaming. People need to relax and have fun again.