Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rebel Without A Cause

Jim's new friend Plato says this:

"What's he like?

I don't know.

You have to get to know him.

He doesn't say much.

But when he does, you know he means it.

He's sincere.

Well, that's the main thing. "

and Jim's new girlfriend says this later in the film:

"I'm sorry that I treated you mean today.

Don't believe what I say when I'm with the rest of the kids.

Nobody acts sincere. "

Believe it or not I had never seen "Rebel Without a Cause" before, so I watched it today for the first time. It was a good movie and I can see why it is a classic. In the past two years, I have been watching every old movie I missed.

These two bits of dialogue stand out to me.  You can tell the character Jim despite his faults and fights is seeking after integrity and some sincerity in life. Those around him don't like the sincerity and I found myself thinking about the character and his history of fights and bullying and how that plays out today where people who refuse to "save face" and are sincere and mean what they say, often get in more trouble in society. In other words the "fake" people rule, and get angry at those who want to be real or sincere.  I found the character Plato fascinating too, as he was very troubled from being abandoned by both parents.

The movie definitely seems to portray an emasculated father who is an enabler to a narcissistic mother but at least stands up for his son in the end. The earlier scene where Jim begs his father to stand up for him is especially poignant. I had confrontations like that with my father. "Why won't you ever stand up for me?" I remember even once telling my father in my mid teens, "My mother does not love me at all!" and getting in a huge argument with him over it . He repeated "Oh your mother loves you" over and over as if he had to convince himself.  He didn't want to admit the truth.

Yes I consider my mother worse then my father which some may be shocked by here. He had the rage but she had the cunning. Unlike my mother, my father would show a human side every once in a while. Often times it confused me, I may write about this soon.  I often wonder who he would have been without the influence of my mother or what our relationship would have been.  Definitely this is one scene where a young man is begging his father to stand up for him for once.

"When you can't face yourself you blame me!

That is not true!

You say it's because of me or the neighborhood!

You use every other phony excuse!

Mom, I just... Once, I want to do something right!

And I don't want you to run away from me again!

- This is all going too fast. - You better give me something.

You better give me something fast.

Jimmy, you're very young.

A foolish decision now could wreck your whole life!

- In ten years you won't know it happened. - Dad, answer her.

Tell her.

Ten years.

Dad, let me hear you answer her.

Dad, stand up for me.

Stand up!"

Here is the script to "Rebel Without A Cause"


  1. Hi Peep. I like to collect quotes and I ran across this very enlightenging one from a high level Illuminati elite (occult Satanist/dark arts) book. I wasn't searching it out just stumbled across it in my neverending search for truth. It makes the command of God to "pray for your enemies" a whole lot easier for me. Remember. this is from a HIGH level Satanic Illuminist book (the camp of the enemy) : There are some forms of love which are as deadly as hatred, and the bewitchments of goodwill are the torment of the wicked. The prayers offered to God for the conversion of a man bring misfortune to that man if he will not repent.---Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Ritual and Dogma of High Magic, Eliphas Levi)

    I'm praying for the Narcs repententance and salvation every night now.........and forgive us our we forgive others (aka narcs) their trespasses against us........

    Basiclly, when the narcs curse us like Satanists and witches do, and when we obey God and "pray for those who curse us and spitefully use us, then God letsTHEM have it. !! PRAY FOR THE NARCS EVERY DAY

    1. Hi FreeSpirit. Religiously I wonder are we supposed to pray for the seared or reprobate? It is a question that has come up to my mind. Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit lets one know at times but it is not something I have a firm decision on. Some are totally given over to evil.

      God Himself would know who is seared or not. Also remember forgiveness has been remarked on by Luke 17:3 Ministries, we do not have to forgive those who have refused to repent but even there, it's more a departing too, you walk away and leave such sorts to God. There is this verse though that has something to do with what you bring up here:

      Romans 12:20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

      Here is Luke 17:3 article on forgiveness tell me what you think..

  2. I can't tell you why, but I lean towards giving my mother the forgiveness she never gave us. It comes from the same place that would make me feel empathy for a child that pulled a pan of boiling water on them selves. As malicious as my mother was towards us I don't think she had the capacity to understand how horrible her actions were and she might reap what she has sown. And for me to wish the tortures of the damned on her is to make me no better than she. I am sure in the end I will be asking for a break for some of my actions. Just because I pale in comparison to her doesn't mean I won't be hoping for a little leniency at the end.

    1. I understand where you are coming from Q. It is hard to know what they understood or didn't I figure God only knows that one. Their brains are so foreign to my own. With mine, it seems there are no feelings in there. Like even her eternal fate doesn't matter to her whatsoever and outsiders may care more about it.

      I feel only sadness for any lost souls no matter who it is, mother or not. I believe the only reason I am getting into heaven is the righteousness of Christ not my own. I agree no one wants anyone to be damned or glories in it.

  3. Its not only about them being mean, it is being mean over and over till the conscious becomes seared and they just don't care anymore. I keep wondering, when was my mother ever even human. I'm sure she was the same bad kid as she is as an adult. There are just some things I don't understand. One thing I am sure of is that God never made them that way.

    I remember mother changing her behaviour when the situation required it. There was no way she could not have known she was a monster. I've even see her throw fits of rage and that was changed on a dime. If I throw a fit I can't stop it, it just goes, ask my husband. Just kidding. No. And even in a court of law, this in not a defense.

    It sure can be complicated.

    Even though I love science and weirdness, I can't wrap my brain around this. Its like the evil has overrun them and now they are defenseless and powerless over it? And they still know they are that way? So I can relate to what Q is saying.

    Is there a repentant narcissist? Can their soul be restored? My mother in that case would be a stranger to me. Sure she has been kind in the past, but was it a lie? Did she pause from evil at any point in her friggin life? Whether or not she had the capacity to understand, well I just don't care. A few generations will be hurt by this, as my children were raised by a shell, me.

    Also, I know I am a sinner in my own regard. But I also have the ability to be sorry for those sins. Maybe mother doesn't, I just don't know.

    1. This is a very hard issue for me. I got saved in 2002, and "forgave" and got squashed. Forgiveness when it comes to narcissists is very complicated. Some are dealing with severe narcissists who are seared and reprobate. Where is that line? God only knows completely but I suspect with great sadness mine is seared. There was nothing to reach out to, nobody to talk to who wouldn't plot and plan and try to grind me under their heel.

      I am not even sure what to do religiously about this one. There are many false preachers shouting at those who do not forgive are hellbound but in the bible we have to take the whole counsel of God's Word, I just stay away to protect myself. This is such a complicated mess, I have to turn it over to God. If someone came with a sincere apology asking for true forgiveness that is a whole other story, I am not so cold, I would not turn away from them. I don't expect it in this case EVER.

      The seared aren't sorry for their syins. That's the sad thing, they feel no remorse. They are very scary people in that they don't seem to have one regret about life. They can hurt people worse who "forgive" them.

      I wanted to believe there was someone "home" in my mother. Perhaps you felt the same way Joan and came up wanting too. Why didn't either ever pause from the evil?

      I had the sad thought that I can't remember one moment of closeness with my mother EVER. There wasn't one hug, or discussion or any connection. Even with my father he took us to movies, and talked about science and computers. I helped him one day go through his papers and remember that being "fun". In my 20s I had a time where life looked like it was going be okay--I was an art teacher and we shared some times together then, when he was disabled from work. I noticed he was more kinder to me the few times my mother wasn't around or making her demands. However he always stuck to her side of things, I couldn't get him to see and of course he was abusive too.

      How does one forgive someone with no feelings? It's almost like forgiving a wall. The first time I forgave my mother, it meant really nothing. My attempts to grow close were only thwarted. I had wary smile on my face, trying to "do right" and the hurt only grew and grew. So even if you do "forgive" them it's like water rolling off a rock. The rock doesn't care how you feel, forgiveness or not. They may be happier you are more in line, but that's about it.

  4. I think there is something to be said in regards to Free Spirit's post. I do believe we actually show mercy on our abusers when we go no contact with them, as this limits the amount of evil they can mete out against us. Perhaps this prevents further accumulation of the judgment they have stored up for themselves.

  5. I agree Smakintosh. The biblical rules here to depart from the wicked also apply. Christians are to separate themselves and even Jesus himself warned of the division that would come in families. We do put a stop the evils being committed against us and yes it would prevent further accumulation of judgment they have stored up for themselves. We must allow God to take over things.

  6. I don't agree that going no contact limits the abuse the narcissists can inflict on us. What about the lies? The slander? The character assassination? The pathologizing? The gossip? The triangulating? The stalking? The hoovering? The shunning, ostracizing, scapegoating and the disinheriting? The smear campaigns and all the other stuff continues long after we go no contact. Narc abuse never ends. It just takes on different forms. They abuse till their last dying breath. Our decision to save ourselves does not "save" them. They only ramp up the abuse when a hostage flees. They know exactly what they are doing. They sacrifice us on the alter of their self worship. I have no pity for those pieces of sh*t. May they all burn. I will *pray* for them to burn.

    1. I understand Lisette. I wonder myself it will ever end. I mean she showed up at my house only a few weeks ago. I know many smear campaigns continued behind my back. The only thing that will slow them down is ill health but mine runs around like she's 30 instead of almost 70.

      I think of the people of the future I will even lose, the nieces and nephews she will probably one day successfully turn against me. You are right much of the abuse does not end, maybe we just clipped off a little bit of that which would have been done to us directly. Your narcs are the malignant "terminator" types just like mine.

      I thought mine would "give up" by now, and you know I have that feeling of her "laying in wait" for me. It's not like I didn't give her the opportunity to act like a human being so many times, and actually have remorse and feelings. Silly me.

      Sadly many malignant narcs who have seared consciences will "burn".

  7. Yeah when I went no contact my mother she just aligned herself with my ex and and let the games begin. Today I am having a "hope she burns in hell day". It changes from day to day. She never showed us an ounce of mercy. It's the eternal part that throws me. I would never want someone to fry for eternity. Luckily it's not up to me.

    1. I don't want anyone to fry for eternity even her but sadly I think it is the outcome for many with seared consciences. I vacillate too like you. It changes from day to day. So many have told me I am "evil" for having bad thoughts about my parents, I struggle. I figure let God handle it all but it's tough. Where was the mercy? I don't want to live with hate in my heart. There is some real pain here for so many of us isn't there. I am writing a new article about the forgiveness thing, it is so complicated. Smakintosh did videos helping me with this issue too, but yes it is a tough one. I forgave once and then it went very very badly.

  8. At this point direct abuse wouldn't be so bad. What are they going to do? Shame, blame, lie, deny and belittle me to my face? Big whoop. I know how they operate and why they do what they do so it wouldn't have an effect on me. Going no contact removes us from the crazy making drama but the vicious stunts against us continue behind our back. The narcissist's most deadly weapon is their fork tongue and they seem to develop more muscles in it when we aren't around to defend ourselves. Their serpant tongue will be used to harm us whether we are standing in front of them or living on another continent. And hey, if they know nothing about us they will just make stuff up and use third parties, flying monkeys and the authorities to assist in their slime and malign campaigns. Peep, your mother ambushed you with your niece (her pawn) in tow. Can you imagine what else she's got up her sleeve and the things she says and does that you don't know about? When I did some digging I was horrified to see how egregious and wide spread the narc's lies are. NC enrages them and only fuels their serpant tongue. They need to convince EVERYONE that we are the bad guy to cover up the truth of why we stay the hell away from them. And they surround themselves with fellow abusers that maintain the conspiracy of lies. I think the best punishment for a narcissist would be to cut out their tongue and feed it to them. They could have it with some fava beans and a little Chianti.

    1. I know, the vicious stunts behind our backs continue. It sucks. I know mine talks trash about me but she also has her subtle ways of turning people against me via manipulation. I can just imagine the conversation with my niece on the way to her house after the ambush. "Did you see how messy her apartment was?" "Did you see how old her furniture was and how she has nothing?" [Ive heard all these statements directly. "You don't want to end up like your Aunt Peep!" [I heard the same about Aunt Scapegoat] What gets me is how she seems to get full control of everyone. Yes I do wonder what else she has up her sleeve. It is of concern to me. I even have had the conversations with my friends...if anything suspicious ever happens to me.........

      I am sure she desires revenge even for this blog. The black hearted comments regarding my brother were beyond the pale. Like gazing into a big narc abyss with Satan and demons laughing side by side with her. I did the digging too. I realized the lies told about me and how she turned the most extended relatives against me and it utterly sickened me too. I really don't have anyone to tell me anything. The flying monkeys are all controlled. I am sure yours started with the smearing campaign.

      Her weird visit with the niece seriously creeped me out too. I've been gone two years. I only have contact with my brother and three cousins and it is very very minimal. So this told me she doesn't plan to "give up". She's plotting and planning. Sadly I know she is working intensely on the niece. This niece is the planned scapegoat of the next generation because they complained she was too much like me. I noticed they changed their treatment towards her when I went NC.

      My mother has no interest in "working things out" or "talking things out". I left an opening via email saying at the start if you ever actually want to address anything but that will never be used. I don't have a narc parent who will even fake an apology. She has no feelings. Everything is a plot and plan and dead-faced manipulation.

      LOL about the tongues. Obviously she is still intent on plotting against me instead of allowing me to go in peace. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. She always hated me from the start. That is the sickening thing about these narcs. They love to destroy and hurt. She could have let me go as a child. I wanted to live with the Aunt that Loved Me but even there, why keep a child you hate so much? Even the foster care roulette would have been a lot better. They get off on having a scapegoat to unload all their trash on, thinking they shine by kicking someone else down. I was thinking more about this forgiveness thing and how I have been guilted to death over it, plan to write some about it.