Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Joy Division-Atmosphere

By Joy Division
Walk in silence,
Don't walk away, in silence.
See the danger,
Always danger,
Endless talking,
Life rebuilding,
Don't walk away.
Walk in silence,
Don't turn away, in silence.
Your confusion,
My illusion,
Worn like a mask of self-hate,
Confronts and then dies.
Don't walk away.
People like you find it easy,
Naked to see,
Walking on air.
Hunting by the rivers,
Through the streets,
Every corner abandoned too soon,
Set down with due care.
Don't walk away in silence,
Don't walk away


  1. Hi Peep,

    I grew up listening to New Order, the band formed after Joy Division split due to lead singer's suicide. This band was before their time. Their music is still relevant today as it was back then, a true mark of superior music. Now juxtapose this song/band with Brittney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time. It doesn't hold up during the test of time.

    My husband and I went to the U2 concert at Madison Square Garden two Sunday's ago. It was never more apparent of our age (40-41) as we saw so many older fans there, very few teens. Bono aged so much in the last year. It could be due to his serious bike accident in Central Park. Concert was INCREDIBLE!!!

    Loved your post on Kate Busch song a few months ago.

    You're pretty righteous Peep.

  2. I like New Order too. I grew up listening to both. I saw Bono and U2 in concert in the 90s years ago. I am surprised Bono is still going at it at this late date. Thanks regarding Kate Busch, I liked her a lot too. :)