Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Zine Fest Was Fun

In the 1990s, I collected and read zines and that hobby continued. I believe the only
real future for anything good to read lies within independent publishing. As everything grows more over-conformist and squelched via the corporations and their ilk, our only hope for new exciting ideas and writing is within the independent world.

 Big publishing has grown more formulaic with the years. Normal mainstream magazines bore the stuffing out of me, the only ones that seem to have any redeeming qualities are the local foodie ones, Smithsonian and Mental Floss. The best things to read in my opinion are things written by real people not corporate hacks.

 I'm surprised those boring women's magazines stay viable, since they write on the same looks-based stuff over and over. Anyhow seeing the endless array's of independent publishing was enjoyable. I plan to go again. It was tough with heat almost keeping me home--it's hard for me to travel any distance from home but a kind friend took us both.  Even turning this blog into a zine would be easy enough, printing out some of the best of articles--I could do fat based ones and an ACON based one. Anyhow zines are fun with a collection of self-written poetry, personal life stories, comics and photography. This was one of the most fun things I did all year.



  1. Really sounds like fun! I love zines, too! I really hope you will make this blog into one sometime. I enjoy so much everything you write!